A wikistory based in an Urban Fantasy. Our world, it is wearing a masquerade, maintained through through the shadowy 3Xs.

Who are the 3Xs? Edit

Since the dawn of civilization, groups of humans have operated outside public consciousness, protecting. They all worked for a common goal, so there was no rivalry when they met up. The only recorded fight was between the main East Asian and main European groups when they first met, but nothing became of it. They have no concept of political barriers such as borders, only geographical. After World War II, the groups decided to become one large entity, 3Xs. They would protect humanity from the extraterrestrial, the extrasensory, the extraordinary. They are the bane of the beasts that lie on the edge of darkness. They keep in check the horros that befall humanity on a daily basis. They are the conspiracy.

The Story Edit

Just Another Day

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