These things collideUser:Serprex 16:27, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

There is a time. This time has no walls

That's because you think everything that woman puts out is genius

Couches are hot. Especially when you're picking them out. Sliding the hand along the fabric, tracing the designs. Don't even start on couches rotated on their sides. You know something's going on when that's going on. It's that vertigo on a stick kind of feeling

Man I'm going swinging man I'm going swinging man I'm going swinging man. Swung out

Stay out of trouble. Wait, who am I talking to? Get into some trouble

Suffix star. How slick you are

There're quiet times, and then there're times like this

Some spontaneous collision scatters shattered die. Quite the bang

They're a weird demographic. They're being pulled down by so many, but pulled up at the same time. Rock stars get ripped apart. They're paid millions of dollars to get ripped apart for everyone's entertainment

And what do they do with the money? Buy a couple of motorcycles, a few air conditioners, and four or five couches

-bed=pen+mad. In\5 BUN5. 3in1 Cucumbers. green Pineapples. pack Blueberries

Sell off the assets and sit down. Burn after reading. Everyone wants to know your grocery list. Keep your mouth shut unless you've tastes for other slick things

A couch can cost as much as a whore. Or vice versa. Properly disposed of after use, straight gay couch sex can carry a similar noir afterglow

It doesn't have to be bought. There's free inspirations out there. Couches on curbs are new couches. Busted up and stripped of fabric can still play in on some crude pain plays, puffed black is a perfect basis for getting under under a bridge with maggots to boot

Keep them under your boot. At the feet. Faces tell lies. I was telling the truth, but then I was told that if I kept saying stuff like that everyone was going to hate me

When I'm talking about buying couches, I'm envisioning a bright sunny day at a yard sale. Seeing it outside on the lawn, and wanting to pull whomever on to it and paying for it after. But on second thought, that'd be pretty great in a furniture store too

No comment

They're a weird singularity. All the dimensions of consensual reality cross demographics of occupation, preoccupation, and other ambiguous notions shot from arbitrary data like horoscopes. The distribution of wishes and worries concentrate at such points

"I had this dream that you stood in front of me." So much demand for dreams nowadays that people'll settle for the slightest

Shattered. How that came about isn't something open for discussion in public areas, but it is public knowledge. What a lovely time, but it's best to stay out of the public's eye. So claim it unimportant, and universally agreed to be unimportant

Elsewhen. There is a time. This time has walls. There is no floor, but there is a ceiling. This time is underground. There is a knob buried in this time

Digging into the past, falling all the while. We know our potential, but will we know our darkest hour? They'll find it for you, so there's no need to look. Soli deo gloria, and whomever you are, you're not God, but interesting

We are members of the unruling elite

Places. I'll explain: when anything there is to say about anything can only make things worse, but one wishes to say things all the same, descriptions of places which aren't but will assert to be are a suitable means to talk about nothing. Even with regard to the subliminal metaphors. & yet drained a third of a year later, there was nowhere to land. These places, all so empty, were still able to pick up on the structure of their conjurer. But blame the prose on that too, it's as bleak a way of saying it's alright as any

Leaks. How awful it is to fear every friend a spy. Every flash some poparazzi. Every question an interrogation. Every answer a confession

Saying nothing doesn't say it's alright

Nothing's wrong. Everything's alright. Remain calm. Do not stop shopping I sold the door. People will pay so much for such people's garbage / What did you do with the money? / Got one large floor set to stage white walls and a black chair

Flower blossoms in a red spinning chair

Black with buttons. Broken, but it still eminates power

Orange on wheels. Tells of the past, so it gets ripped apart

Beige with flower patterns. Power socket behind it, where a child might fit

Leather futon with three configurations. Had to break all three

These things are everywhere. Universal props. Chekhov's couch, but where the acts are dates

That'd've been a better title: Chekhov's Couch. Except then I'd have no excuse as to why I'm replicating structures from There is a place. Besides, I've been firing blank shots this whole time. So I'll quote again: I let you load the cartridge

Facing where each other faces. On a couch. Nowhere is more calling. There is no time to label the end

& that's that

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