This is a planning page for a sequel to The search for Kalid. The sequel is tentatively called The Polastis Extinction. You can help collaboratively write the story by familiarizing yourself with The search for Kalid and the information on this page.

The Polastis ExtinctionEdit

Growth of an Empire

The spread of humanity from Earth. Times are shown in years "BNE" and "ANE" (Before and After the New Eelections), see Dates.

Humans continue to explore outward into space from Earth. Humanity learns how the alien civilization that once existed on Polastis III was destroyed. Can that knowledge save the human species from the same fate?

What is the story about?Edit

In The search for Kalid, it was revealed that the Galactic Antiquist Party was being used by Ketar to advance his scheme aimed at galactic domination. The continuing existence of the Haldus Order has also been revealed and the human population of the galaxy is now becoming aware of the hidden history of the long bloody struggle between the Spaceship Guild and the Haldus Order.

The Polastis Extinction is the story of what happens immediately after the conclusion of The search for Kalid. Will humanity form a new galactic civilization based on new technologies for telepathy and teleportation or will humans become extinct, like the former inhabitants of Polastis III?

When and where does the story take place?Edit

The events of The Polastis Extinction take place in the year 2472 (108 A.N.E.). Humans are spreading through the galaxy by making use of "Hyperdrive" technology. Humans are just beginning to discover evidence for the existence of other intelligent beings...have they left behind advanced technology that can speed humanity's spread through the galaxy or a kind of Trojan Horse that will destroy the human species?

The struggleEdit

Can the idealism of the Haldus Order lead humanity to a peaceful future among the stars or will human weaknesses soon lead to the extinction of the human species?


Amethyst and Set could go to the Polastis star system. Which other characters from The search for Kalid should be included in the sequel and which new characters need to be introduced?

New charactersEdit

  • Czeny Retfagov - a journalist

The mystery of PolastisEdit

Kalid map

Can Set and Amethyst find other star systems in the galaxy where there are worlds with a teleguide array?

An explosion happened on Polastis III, resulting in the death of Set's parents. Set and Amethyst become involved in the study of ancient artifacts in the Polastis star system.

The spaceship carrying Set and Amethyst to Polastis visits Parsa in order to take on some additional passengers. The passengers are mostly archeologists and scientists, but one is a member of the Anubis Order.

Efforts continue in an attempt to learn how to build and use new teleguide arrays on settled worlds, but without an intact teleguide array to study, progress is slow.

Set and Amethyst realize that there must be many other worlds in the galaxy with a teleguide array. They use information from the Polastis system to figure out how to use the Transport grid in the Haldus star system to reach other worlds that have complete (undamaged) teleguide arrays.

The head of the Anubis Order possesses a secret very important to the existence of the Haldus Order. Only Kalid suspects what it is about.

Sybil does not know about Kalid's plans and wonders if the Haldus Order is becoming a crime cell. She suspects that her own master has abandoned the goals of the Haldus Order. She asks Leone for help and they go to Polastis.

The sequel's titleEdit

Ideas for the title of this novel:

  • The mystery of Polastis.
  • The Polastis Extinction
  • add more...

Chapter 1Edit

Set and Amythest on the Moon...

Set and Salvaje wonder why the Teleguide array on Earth was active when it caused a spaceship to explode.

Amythest and Salvaje decide that it is time to publicize how the Spaceship Guild covered-up the cause of Earth's destruction. They invite Czeny Retfagov to visit the base at Shackleton Crater.

Czeny publishes the story of how the Spaceship Guild used green goo to hide the truth about Earth's destruction. Also, she explains how green goo was used as a weapon on Flamis. The published story also explains how after the galactic wars, the true location of Earth was hidden.

Czeny, Amythest and Set go to Earth. They discover how to access the use logs of the remaining conduits in Earth's teleguide array. They find that the array was being used regularly before the Egypt explosion. They go to Almaz, but the records there show that there had been no use of the Haldus transport grid that might account for activity of Earth's teleguide array.

Czeny, Amythest and Set go to Polastis III.

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