The search for Kalid tells the story of Leone's search for Kalid. At the start of the story, Leone is acting under the orders of his boss, Ketar, and Leone is totally unaware of the fact that the the Haldus Order is developing a science of telepathic communication. As the reader follows the story of Leone's search for Kalid, Leone's growing understanding of the Haldus Order is shown. In some cases, the reader is shown parts of the lives of other characters and so the reader often becomes aware of facts before Leone does. This allows the reader to enjoy the suspense of wondering if Leone will figure out what is going on in time to influence the struggle between the Haldus Order and Ketar for control of the technology for amplifying telepathic signals.

At the start of the story, Leone is caught up in his own struggle against Set. Only slowly does Leone come to know the fact that Ketar is responsible for the destruction of the space elevators on Sakkara. The reader gets to wonder if Leone will ever recognize that his battle against Set was caused by Ketar. Only slowly does the reader learn why the Spaceship Guild and the Antiquist Party would purposefully destroy space elevators and infest planets with "green goo".

The ultimate question in the story is if it is possible for an important scientific discovery (the existence of a science of telepathic communication) to be kept secret and, if so, how the power of that technology would be used. The story is constructed as a struggle between 1) the Haldus Order, which seeks to use telepathy altruistically and help keep peace in the galaxy and 2) others like Ketar and Set, who want to use telepathy for their own purposes. So, a central mystery of the story is the question: who will win this struggle for control of telepathic science and technology?

For authors of the story, it is important to keep track of which characters know what during the course of the story, in particular, when does Leone find out what other characters know? In order to develop the mystery aspect of the story, it is important to keep track of when mysteries are first introduced to the reader and when the reader is finally able to solve each mystery.

Several mysteries are introduced at the start of the story:

Why is Leone searching for Kalid?Edit

This question is closely related to: Who is Kalid? The first chapter of the story begins by showing Leone in search of Kalid, however, it is also made clear that Sybil is not being very open with Leone about Kalid and she makes it clear that the Haldus Order is trying to protect itself by remaining secretive. Leone does not understand why his boss, Ketar, thinks Sybil can help in the struggle against Set. Leone cannot resolve these mysteries and must proceed in search of Kalid with the hope that Ketar is correct in saying that Sybil's advice is worth following. Leone has been led to believe that Set and the Futurist Party is more powerful and dangerous than it actually is. Out of fear, Leone has tried to get help from the Galactic Antiquist Party to protect Sakkara from Set. Ketar, head of the Galactic Antiquist Party, has advised Leone that he should seek Sybil's help, so Leone is acting on Ketar's advice even while thinking that Sybil is an irrational believer in "mental powers".

The reader learns most of Ketar's motivations in Chapter 3. However, Leone is presented with another mystery: why was he attacked upon his entry into the Akara system? This plants doubts in Leone's mind about Ketar's motivations. In Chapter 7, Leone has an unusual dream about Kalid and begins to explore the idea that telepathy might be possible. During a call to Ketar, Leone and Aristark fail to get a satisfying explanation for the attack on their spaceship in the Akara system. Leone fears that Ketar is just trying to get his hands on secret Haldus Order technology.

Rather than go back to Akara, Leone and Aristark go to the h32 star system and find a Haldus Order Temple that is not trying to hide. Leone finds Sybil at the Temple and they both suddenly realize that h32.3 is Earth. Is this why Kalid has come to the h32 system? Does the Haldus Order make use of green planets as hiding places for their Temples? Leone and Sybil are placed under arrest by Bahney and taken to Earth (see Chapter 10).

Set vs the Haldus OrderEdit

After talking to Sybil (Chapter 1), Leone hypothesizes that Ketar recently became aware of an on-going struggle between Set and the Haldus Order. Leone imagines that it might be possible to make use of
1) what the Haldus Order and Kalid know about Set and
2) support from the Galactic Antiquist Party
to protect Sakkara from Set.

Sybil tells Leone that Set has killed some members of the Haldus Order. Leone has no understanding of what might have brought Set and the Haldus Order into conflict. Leone does not understand why Sybil is being so secretive about how to find Kalid.....only with time is it revealed why Set has been using his telepathic ability to track, hunt and kill members of the Haldus Order. The reader understands this before Leone does.

What is the nature of the conflict between Set and Leone?Edit

This question is closely related to: Who is Set? The first chapter of the story shows Leone calling Set "the evil one", but it is not clear to the reader how Set came into conflict with Leone and the Haldus Order. Much of this mystery is finally answered in Chapter 8.

Mental PowersEdit

Sybil tells Leone that both Kalid and Set have "mental powers", but Leone does not believe in such things. Only slowly does Leone see evidence for telepathic communication and start to realize that Sybil is not deluded.

In Chapter 4 the reader is shown that Sybil grew up believing in "mental powers", but was she simply expressing a faith in such things with no evidence? In Chapter 5, Leone and Ketar both come to believe that the Haldus order has a technology for shielding ships and producing decoys that fool sensors. Chapter 6 returns to Sybil's past encounter with Kalid and her intuition that her odd experience with Kaldid was related to the current crisis with Set. Leone hangs in space, still focused in his thoughts on Haldus Order technology, not "mental powers".

Chapter 7 describes telepathic contact between Leone and Kalid, but Leone is not sure what happened. He tries to get Aristark to help test the hypothesis that he did experience telepathic communication with Kalid.

Chapter 8 shows how Set discovered his telepathic ability and outlines how he came into conflict with Sybil and the Silver Tulipan Order, in general, and its telepaths, in particular. Because of Portia's ability to send telepathic signals to Glen, Set begins to think about the possibility of telepathy technology.

Chapter 10 shows evidence that Leone and Sybil have long had a special telepathic connection, similar to what was shown in Chapter 8 for Set and Katherine.

In Chapter 11, the reader is finally shown Kalid's thinking. Kalid realizes that many years ago Sybil's mind had provided him with a link to the future and pre-knowledge of Set's attack on Flammis. This realization brings Kalid out of his mourning for his lost family members and friends and allows him to think with compassion about Set's own personal loss.

In Chapter 12 Set learns some of the history of the Haldus Order and its attempts to produce better telepaths and develop secret technology related to telepathy.

In Chapter 13 Set learns that the Sun is a source of T-particles and he obtains Salvaje's T-particle detector.

In Chapter 14 Set finds three T-particle emitting beacons on Earth.

In Chapter 15 Set realizes that the beacons are part of a tetrahedral pattern. That leads him to the secret Haldus Order "Temple" on Earth.

By the end of the story, some of the technologies available to the Haldus Order for working with T-particles and telepathy have been revealed, but someissues remain to be developed in a sequel.


Another mystery is introduced in the second chapter: the attack on Leone's ship near the planet Flammis. Leone is left wondering why he was attacked and if he should continue to trust Sybil. Leone wonders if he should abandon the search for Kalid and just try to get new orders from Ketar.

Only later is it revealed that Set was responsible for the attack on Leone's ship and that Set's forces had destroyed the main Haldus Order base on Flammis. This is revealed to Leone by Sybil who learned it from Kalid.

In Chapter 13, the reader learns that there were some Haldus Order survivors on Flammis.

Additional information about events on Flammis come out during Set's trial.


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