This page helps keep track of key events during the story.

Most of the events during the course of the story take place in the year 108 ANE. There are also some "flash backs" to earlier years. The main timeline for earlier years is at The search for Kalid/Timeline.

In order to build mystery and suspense, even the events of 108 ANE are not presented to the reader in the order they happen.

The year 74 ANEEdit

When Sybil and Kalid first meet, they experience a strange form of telepathic contact. This has important implications for later events in 108 ANE that are shown in the story. Sybil's flashback to 74 ANE starts on the page sections "Worried" and "Destiny in Chapter 4 and is completed in Chapter 6.

The year 78 ANEEdit

In Chapter 7, Leone recalls an old dream he once had about Sybil. Leone begins to interpret this dream according to his new hypothesis that people can achieve telepathic communication in dreams. In Chapter 10 Sybil describes a dream she had near the time when she first met Leone.

The year 107 ANEEdit

Most of Chapter 8 is an account of the destruction of the space elevators on Sakkara. Scenes of the destruction are described from the perspectives several people including Set. Information is given about Set's dream. The dream is relevant to later events on the Moon (the "bald woman" is Amethyst).

The year 108 ANEEdit

Some important events of late 107 ANE and early 108 ANE (from the perspective of Set) are outlined in Chapter 8.

Day 1Edit

Counting "Day 1" as the day of the meeting between Leone and Sybil as shown in the first scene of the story.

The page section "Duties" in Chapter 4 also takes place on Day 1, after Leone's meeting with Sybil. The last paragraph of the first page section in Chapter 6 completes the description of Sybil's thoughts about the events in 74 ANE and their implications for events in 108 ANE. Sybil believes that her odd experience when she first met Kalid has some relevance to the events of 108 ANE.

Day 2Edit

Events for this day are either briefly recalled by Set or simply implied in the story.

Early in the day:

  • Set orders the capture of a technician who installed the Invocator on Leone's spaceship. Set uses his telepathic powers to learn where Leone's ship is programmed to go. Based on what he learns, Set starts his own trip to Flammis. Reasons for Set's watchfulness over Leone's spaceship is described in Chapter 8.

Late in the day:

  • Leone and Aristark leave Sakkara on their way to Flammis.

Day 3Edit

Set's ship attacks Flammis. See Chapter 13.

Day 4Edit

Assuming a day to exit the Memphis star system and another day to reach Flammis after the hyperspatial jump, then the events in Chapter 1 near Flammis are on day 4 (three days after Sybil tells Leone to go to Flammis).

Most of Chapter 2 also takes place on Day 4. Leone's spaceship is attacked.

The first page section of Chapter 3 (showing Ketar anticipating the success of Leone's mission to find Ketar) is on day 4.

Day 5Edit

The hyperspatial jump at the end of Chapter 2 takes place during Day 5.

Most of Chapter 3 is about events on Day 5, after Leone's ship enters the Akara system. The first part of Chapter 4 continues the description of the attack on Leone's spaceship in the Akara system (from Leone's perspective). Chapter 5 shows the battle from both Leone's perspective and from the perspective of Ketar. Leone's escape from the Akara system is shown in Chapter 6.

Kalid takes Sybil off of Sakkara. Just before jumping to the h32 star system, Kalid tries to contact Leone telepathically (using mechanical signal boosting). Set, returning to Sakkara from Flammis, intercepts the telepathic transmission from Kalid; see the last section of Chapter 8 called "Runaround".

Set calls his forces on Sakkara and orders an attempt to break into Sybil's house and learn where she went. Set makes a jump to the h32 star system but cannot track Kalid because Kalid cloaks his spaceship and can hide his own production of T-particles. Set quickly goes back to Sakkara. Set again contacts Sakkara and gets a report on Sybil's stolen computer files and he then decides to go visit Ketar.

After arriving in the h32 system, Kalid and Sybil decide to visit the Haldus Order Temple on Esclagon.

Day 6Edit

Description of the events of Day 6 starts in Chapter 6. Leone and Aristark have jumped a short distance away from the Akara star system and they try to understand why they have been attacked and what to do next.

Ketar learns from Spaceship Guild spies that Kalid has arrived on Esclagon. He departs from Azur to go to the h32 system.

Not explicitly shown in the story, but Kalid continues to try to contact Leone telepathically.

Kaleb kill's Set's two crewmen on Flammis. Kaleb contacts Kalid telepathically to report on events. Kaleb and Megan leave Flammis and head for Earth.

Day 7Edit

Ketar's "meeting" with Set takes place at a hyperspatial communications station not far from the the Akara system. (see the page section of Chapter 8 called " Wolves") After the meeting, Ketar continues to the h32 system. Set returns to Sakkara.

In the early morning, Leone has his telepathic contact with Kalid during a dream (Chapter 7). Leone learns the coordinates of Esclagon. Leone tries to contact Sybil, but only speaks briefly to Portia.

As shown in Chapter 8, Set hears a recording of Leone's conversation with Portia and decides to capture Portia and Glen and return to Akara with the hope that he might now find Sybil and Kalid in that star system.

Before jumping out of the Memphis star system, Aristark speaks to Ketar and decides that rather than return to Azur, he should go to the h32 star system (Ketar is already there).

Day 8Edit

Ketar is at Esclagon monitoring the activity of Sybil and Kalid. Leone's and Set's spaceships arrive in the h32 system.

Upon reaching h32, Set contacts Ketar. Ketar suggests that Set submit murder charges against Kalid on Mars (see the end of Chapter 8).

Implied: When Ketar awakes, he discovers that Kalid is missing. Ketar cannot track Kalid's cloaked ship and he fears that Kalid might be going to Earth, so Ketar goes to Earth. However, Kalid goes to Mars (in an attempt to intercept Set) during the time that Leone goes to Esclagon.

Chapter 9 shows Leone and Aristark at Esclagon. Aristark takes their spaceship and goes to Mars. (Not shown: Ketar contacts Aristark and orders him to go to Mars)

Day 9Edit

Sybil and Leone figure out where Earth is (Chapter 10). They try to communicate what they know to Kalid; they are captured by Spaceship Guild agents and taken to Earth.

Kalid must defend himself against Set's charges on Mars (See Chapter 11). Aristark arrives and tries to silence Kalid.

Set departs for Earth, but stops on the Moon where he starts to get doubts about Ketar (see Chapter 12).

Day 10Edit

Everyone arrives on Earth (See Chapter 14) in this order:

  • Ketar is there first with his spy who has penetrated the Haldus Order and learned that there is a Temple on Earth. However, the information from the spy does not allow Ketar to find the Temple.
  • Sybil and Leone arrive as prisoners of the Spaceship Guild. Ketar asks Sybil where the Temple is, but she does not know. Ketar regrets having ordered Kalid's death. Ketar asks Leone for the keypass to his spaceship, but Leone refuses.
  • Set arrives next by way of the Moon. He has Portia and Glen with him. Ketar wants Set to use his telepathic ability to detect the location of the Temple. Set leads them to one of the four twitino observatories on Earth. They end up having to continue searching and they go to two more before....

Day 11Edit

  • Norshe arrives and works with Sybil, leading to recognition of the tetrahedral arrangement of the twitino beacons (See Chapter 15).
  • Everyone converges on the Haldus Order spaceship that is at the position in the crater where the fourth T-particle beacon once was.
  • Kaleb and Megan are already there, inside the shielded Temple (See Chapter 16).
  • Kalid is the last to arrive at Earth (with Felice).

Day 12Edit

Visit to the museum ship near Almaaz in the Haldus star system (See Chapter 17).

Day 13Edit

The case against Set.

Day 14Edit

Set defends himself.

Day 15Edit

Departure from Almaaz.

Day 18Edit

The story ends on the Moon.


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