Android display in the robotics museum on the Moon. Several characters in The Search for Kalid are robots.

(in alphabetical order)


Daughter of Salvaje; lives at a small base on the Moon.


Aristark is second in command of the Thot spaceship that is sent in search of Kalid. Aristark is a political ally of Leone: they are both members of the Antiquist Party. Aristark is Planetary Counselor for Justice and is in charge of the investigation into the destruction of the Elevators.


A robot at the Haldus Order Temple of Esclangon.

Counselor OrylieEdit

Prosecutor in the case against Set on Almaaz.


Mother of Sybil. She was a priestess of Iris once, until she asked for permission to quit the Order so that she could marry Jeremy.


A Magistrate within the judicial system on Mars.


Sybil's robot. Glen is an older model that generally works outside, tending the grounds of Sybil's estate. Glen originally belonged to Jeremy and cannot speak.


Father of Sybil. He was a white wizard inside the Haldus Order. He was personally instructed by Kalid but died of injuries sustained while exposing a robotic spy that had infiltrated the Haldus Order.

Lence RaldunEdit

Author of "Haldus Mind", a book which portrayed the Haldus Order as an organization devoted to mysticism and esoteric religious beliefs.


Leone is Planetary Counselor for Transportation and member of the Antiquist Party on the planet Sakkara. He tries to go on a search for Kalid, in order to defeat Set, his enemy.



Kalid with his wife.

Kalid is Great Master of the Haldus Order and has telepathic ability.

Kaleb, Logan and MeganEdit

Two sons and daughter of Kalid, respectively.


Katherine is Set's girlfriend. She is killed in the accident of the destruction of the The Elevators.


Ketar is the head of the Galactic Antiquist Party. He wants to meet Kalid for a special reason.

Master DanoldEdit

One of the Inner Circle members of the Silver Tulipan Order.

Master OlmoEdit

Discoverer of the dangerous interaction between teleguide conduits and antimatter spaceships.


Friend of Dorothy and member of the Silver Tulipan Order.

Norshe SleghtEdit

Ketar's spy on the planet Jemini.


Ketar's "personal secretary", essentially "chief of staff" for the Governor of Azur.


Sybil's assistant.


Salvaje lives at a small base on the Moon where he studies telepathy (his real name is Ben Olmo). Father of Amethyst.


Set is the head of the Futurist Party.




Sybil is Priestess of Iris, the highest ranking female member of the Haldus Order on Sakkara. She instructs Leone on how to find Kalid.

Tabitha OlmoEdit

Salvaje's great-grandmother.

The son of KalidEdit

He was trained by Kalid himself in the use of spiritual abilities like self-healing, breathing and martial arts. See Kaleb and Logan.


The artificial intelligence inside Leone's Thot spaceship.


Name jokingly applied to the remote-controlled device that initially meets Set when he is on the Moon. At first Set thinks "Waldo" is a robot, but Salvaje explains that he is in control of the mobile device. See: Waldo (short story).


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