This is the story about the rise of the Younglandian Empire, a country that arose from a poor, improvished city-state, into a modern empire. This is one of several attempts made to write a lengthy story of great organization and detail. This story will be divided into "sections", each section about two-three paragraphs long. Comments will be welcomed on the Feedback page.

Introduction and SummaryEdit

Follow us on the epic journey of the Younglandian Empire's life, from the time of Ivan the Great's conquests until the present day! This will be of how the empire expanded, how it survived, and how it modernized. It will be detailed and organized as much as it can be! So come along, and read Rise of the Younglandian Empire!

Section 1: Ivan the GreatEdit

Ivan the Great was born on 8 June 1440. His parents were Vasily II of Younglandia and his wife Natalia Nosecone. Ivan was 8 pounds at birth. His childhood was healthy and good. The young lad grew up with little problems or impediment. He came to be 6'4 feet tall, towering over many of his contemporaries throughout Younglandian Europe and in the Younglandian territories themselves.

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