One of the children that wasn't fazed by the mind control sneaks up on the aliens and says, "Surprise, surprise, surprise, aliens, it is I, Ninjorph, who will stop this mind control device from fully controlling the children."

Blinky says with a sly grin, "Not so fast, Ninjorph, who are you working for, the NSF?" "It is them that destroyed my homeland and EMBARRASSED ME AND HUMILIATED ME IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE GOD-DAMNED GALAXY. NOW, I WILL START EMBARRASSING YOU AND THE PRECIOUS CHILDREN THE WAY THAT I WAS EMBARRASSED BY THEM!!!"[1]

Ninjorph finishes Blinky off with a roundhouse kick right into the "OFF" button and deactivates the mind control device while the National Science Foundation...


  1. This may have been a lie since we doubt if even the NSF has the technology to destabilize a star like Eta Carinae.

Other endingEdit

Does that fifth and last chapter leave you unsatisfied? Do you feel a deep, yearning for a more plausible way to end way to end the story? Here's an alternative ending.

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