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"Oh........ OOOOOOHHHH!....... LOL" - You on the Funniest Joke in the World

The Funniest Joke in the World is a joke composed of 234 sentences, 2163512 words and 55698732434695923 letters (Some of them not from the traditional alphabet). It was written by a man named Mark Whiltman in the eighties, when the depression was still abusing our children and burning our homes. Whiltman actually wrote the joke by accident. He was trying to make a list of pharmaceutics and he misspelled some words. When joined together, they would actually make a sentence. That sentence, when read aloud, was agreed by many to be the funniest joke in the world.

But who was he? I mean seriously: Who was he? Edit

Whiltman was born in a farm in Ohio. He was born to immigrant Russian parents. When he was 15 he learned to play the piano but he didn´t like it. He switched to archaeology just 16 years later. By the time he was 40, he had already been recruited and used by the infantry. He now lives with his grandchildren in a cozy little house in Colorado, with no TV. His children often joke about that, by telling him "When are we ever going to get a Colorado TV?" (Get it? COLORADO TV).

Okay, so what was the joke? Edit

When he first conceived it, Whiltman realized that this joke was indeed powerful. He realized that there was a relationship between the "funny factor" of the joke and the number of verbs and adjetives it contained. To prove this, he performed a scientific test on the joke and he reached the conclusion that the total number of verbs added to the total number of adjetives is equal to an imaginary number.

He wrote this in a small journal and this granted him a series of awards. He still keeps them on his shelf.

Once, the cleaning lady accidentally dropped one of them, the one with a tiny sharp point. It fell on her head and she died. And this is no joke.

Yeah, okay, but what´s the joke? Edit

The joke wasn´t really a joke "technically speaking". It was more like a funny reflection on life. This comment was made by Mark Twain shortly after reading the joke. Only after he realized this, he decided to write it down. He won a Pulitzer for his analysis which is now exhibited in the Museum of National Arts, AKA the MOMA (AKA the Museum for rich aristocratic people who can afford a $20 ticket).

Seriously now, lad. What's the joke? or else I'm gonna hurt you Edit

It begins like most common jokes: "An Englishman, a Canadian and an American gather around in a bar". This beginning proved to be the most successful among jokes. This is why Whiltman decided to use it. Otherwise he would not have used it. He would have stopped himself from using it.

His final days Edit

Whiltman lived a happy prosperous life. He wrote a series of Autobiographies and he worked briefly for a communist newspaper. He made a whole lot of money. Soon after, he was fired and he dedicated himself to breeding lovebirds.

Whiltman was killed in a car accident. His head was separated from his body and never found. That's why on his tombstone, there is an inscription that reads "Here lies the headless horseman" and that is yet another joke.

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