This is a fiction work of Mustafa Acungil. Its original is in Turkish and had received a 3rd degree in a national award for science fiction in Turkey.

3 Agostoz 101 Edit

It was madness to keep these white sheets of paper. With written word now on them, they are deadly. It is why I didn’t print even a letter till I found a safe place to keep.

I don’t know how often I will be able to come here. But it is for sure that I won’t be able to remain long in each visit. Besides there aren’t much sheets of paper. Whatever, I should write what I know –even if this knowledge does not amount to much.

At the beginning nobody cared much. It began in United States. The people, who have as much white as me in their hairs, will remember this country.

The first victim was the leading actor of a vampire film series called Blade. He was found in a scene he had acted. In contrast to the scene from the film, after he was laid down and tied down to the table with springing steel cylinders with a hole in the middle for the blood to pour down, he couldn’t survive. It was prime time news. But nobody could foresee what was to come. Investigations went on with the life as normal going on too. Till the next week…

It was like an earthquake –but all over the world- when they found the body of Bruce Willis with the wound exactly the same with he had in 6th Sense all through the film. Audience had had just a glimpse of that wound in the end of the film, now it was broadcasted for days and days.

What made it a multi-centered earthquake was not just Bruce Willis himself. Sylvester Stallone was dead. They found him in a box ring in a deserted warehouse. Crime scene investigations revealed that he was forced to box till his neck was broken. With no headgear whatsoever... Sharon Stone head an icebreaker in her chest.

I know that these names will mean nothing when –and if- someone reads these sheets now; but there was a thing called film industry in the past. How can I describe it to someone who hadn’t seen it! Whatever, maybe other artifacts of the past will be discovered in time besides what I am writing now… Then these sheets will make more sense.

After several deaths –killings, to be more accurate- the message got the attention: Actors and actress were being killed in positions either exactly same with or inspired by the popular scenes of their popular films. And that was because fiction was bad! Selling images and dreams to billions of people was bad. There were someone believing in this and they were conducting their message very effectively to the whole world. It was a hot subject for talk shows: How the deceased used to live. How they made a lot of money by exploiting the distorted entertainment needs of the public. That year no new film was to be produced. The Oscar ceremony for the films of the past year got cancelled at the last moment.

With the sudden decline of Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong Kong film industries had their saliva running for the big pie. But they got the message with a few killings of their own. After that nobody easily got behind a camera to film a fiction being performed.

If you don’t get anything from what I write, it is not important anymore; I am writing this for my own benefit. I have to write what I know.

There may be people getting curious with my absence. I spoke of the snowball. I will tell about the snowfall that followed if I can come back here.

32 Agostoz 101 Edit

I am making the timetable for the night watchers but that timetable really needs to be tight for the safety of the clan. I have only one small gap for my arrival to here and one small gap for my departure from here.

In parallel with the decline of film industry, number of specialists speculating on the harm of film industry on the public had inflation. Some disguised as philosophers were telling these harms with bold underlines while condemning the killings of the performers of arts in a very light way. The condemning part was even totally missed in some footage. Even the government was only trying to solve the killings like separate events. They sure weren’t from hands of the same person. And accepting that there was a global organization of some kind behind the killings was so over the edge.

An establishment called ‘Stance against Fiction’ was very ‘in’. They had even several members of Senate amongst their ranks. In the following months it was seen that The Stance was not only against the fiction in films.

At the beginning performers of other arts didn’t support the actors and actress of film industry enough. It was even being rumored that performers of stage were happy with this sudden gap favoring them. Theater stages, music, poetry standings, comedy shows; they all began to attract bigger crowds in the wake of the end of film production.

Some investors of the industry saved their investments with shifting to parallel businesses. Film performers were trying to hide in public as plain workers or in other disguises that wouldn’t attract much attention, in fear for their life. It was a general acceptance that death was very near for the actors and actress of the past. Nobody named any killer of them. Nobody tried to get the credit for themselves either. In time related killings got so common that they were only put into dossiers, without any effort of an investigation. The basic curiosity remained alive: Who would get under next; and in parallel to which famous scene?

It was frenzy. One of the killings was filmed! The footage was from a stage in the open desert. It was made to be look like a Roman arena. The leading part was of a man who had once the lead part in a film called the Gladiator. He was killed with several intermittent hits of the short swords of the masked men around him. There was a crowd of an audience; hundreds of masked spectators. The footage got broadcasted for weeks in prime time news.

Other than the frenzy around the remains of film industry, the society kicked as normal. Only there were no new films produced anymore. Past performers got killed. Lucky ones were able to disappear in disguise. It was like the arena and the remaining daily life of the city of ancient Rome: Massacre in a confined space of the normal living.

Just as the public began to think a new normal –however absurd for the democracy age- was in place, The Stance against Fiction published a very academically sophisticated –and famous for the years to come- piece in their website in the middle of a dark night. In this piece, they declared computer and video games, novels, dramas, and scientific studies that were not based on hard evidence but theoretical assumptions as ‘instruments used to spread the venom of fiction into the very roots of the society’.

The following day, Stephen King was dropped from a bridge. The bridge was over an interstate route with 5 lanes of traffic to one side and 6 lanes to the other running with speeds of around 90 miles per hour.

Two weeks later footage posted to a television channel showed Stephen Hawking put into a wild forest without any aid from any device. The sections were covering some natural events of a few days till his death. Of these natural events, I cannot get myself to describe any detail.

Both killings had so deep and wild a message that; science people, the unique talents of the computer and video games, writers all fled without any effort to advocate themselves against the public. The victims and all the remaining humanity accepted that these were endangered species with extinction in near future inevitable.

There was no normal anymore. Public opinion, thinking, law and order began to change rapidly. In an uncontrollable roller-coaster of a change, two sensational killings made the headlines globally. Orhan Pamuk was the victim of the executioner he had lavishly described in the Black Book. His body couldn’t be found. His head had a make-up as he had described. Ahmet Altan was killed by being forced to ‘perform’ without any food or liquid till his death.

Television channels were still active with satellite broadcasting. Internet was active too. In fact it was so active that there was lockdowns for hours caused by overuse.

There was no active war going on. All past conflicts had been forgotten. There was a new front appearing, between fiction and hard facts. The Stand against Fiction got international. In time it gained seats in United Nations, NATO, European Union, and many other organizations.

Some small countries got rid of their independence and had the Stance mandate for their government. I will miss my return gap if I don’t hurry. The clan has no mercy. I hope I will be able to touch you again my dear sheets.

13 Aylule 101 Edit

While the Stance against Fiction spread all over the world, so did the boundaries of the hunted species. They weren’t limited to performers of art, writers, theoretic scientists, and computer and video game developers; all the people who possessed, used or deployed their products were also targeted.

The chaos in metropolises around the world was like from hell. It won’t be an overestimate if we say that at the height of the chaos in any metropolis, half of the population was dead and nearly the entire remaining half had fled to the countryside.

Rich people tried to exchange their estates with money. Smarter ones preferred precious stones and metals. But in a very short time it was obvious that these precious stones and metals were even scarcer than they would normally be. It wasn’t public knowledge at the time, but the Stance had collected most of them long ago.

The economic balance reshaped with the rush for the cash. Real estate sold one tenth or less of their previous price. Necessities of survival, food, beverage, clothing all had leaps in price.

With currencies still around and the ability of thousand years of humankind to commerce and exchange things, survivors were able to put up a new economic rule.

Then one day, broadcasted over television channels and internet –it was curious they were still able to operate- the Stance declared money as the most damned of all the fictional things. Chaos was in the reign in big countries and this fuelled it. Other than the 30 largest economies of the world, all smaller countries were either no more a government or under control of the Stance.

In this new world order the size of the economy had lost its meaning. Television channels and internet began to broadcast stories of how the countries which abandoned monetary system and used barter of goods and services instead recorded a positive impact on distribution of wealth amongst their people. According to them when the extreme wealthy had been stripped from the non-goods based currency device they had lost their tyranny over the people in general.

I set into action with long planned agenda at those days.

I was in awe that people couldn’t see the trick of the Stance. They didn’t need currencies anymore. They had already collected a very big majority of the precious stones and metals. And –what a wonder- satellite television channels and the internet were immune to chaos. Some small African countries had suddenly became new origins of weaponry.

As a matter of fact, I caught them unawares. They didn’t expect to be hunted while hunting. But this big a fire could only be extinguished by another fire.

28 Aylule 101 Edit

I shouldn’t be overwhelmed with my writing here. The management of the clan, lots of details each day… And this writing in hiding thing added to them is outrageous indeed. It is very risky. While the remaining sheets count down, I am in pitch black sadness in one hand. And the feeling of having a burden lifted from my shoulders is there too, in the other hand. To have my guts spilled out, I am using maybe the last of the white sheets of paper remaining in the whole world. This beauty running out is a very black idea. But having the knowledge written down is a must. And when I am finished the risk will be over.

While the campaign to extinct all parties involved with fiction –not only creators of it, but also people who consume it, support it, spread it, or even only had an indirect relation to it- got bolder with every passing day, I gave the signal to my select colleagues who had taken an oath with me and like me to save the humankind –at least what was left of it.

There was someone behind this big fire. And we had only one option that had a chance to work: To force this fire back on them.

Their most prominent weapons were: A fundamentalist Christianity, the network of satellite television channels and the internet which they were using to guide the humanity to their desire, and the writing which they were using against its most beautiful child: fiction itself. I planned to get under this brutal force and throw it over with its own force plus my catalytic small force. Its own nonhuman force would be its end.

We planned for months how to spread the idea that Christianity had not a holy book, but books. We used the television channels and prominent internet portals all over the world which were eager to denounce fiction in any form. Modern Christianity was the biggest fiction itself, with hundreds of human-written texts that were eliminated till a handful remained. The idea was all over the world with the speed of a cross-fire in a forest heated by a coming fire already.

Then the second wave came: Television and internet were the highest trees of the fiction forest! Our cross-fire did work for a very short period. But even that short a period was enough: The cross-fire changed the way of the original fire, and it devastated most of its own backers. Crowds battered down land systems of satellites. Even the most devoted supporters of anti-fiction stance with their hard-coded Christian beliefs felt the biting of doubt.

With the last drops of television streaming –the last few weeks of it- we opened discussions about the idea of written word itself.

I had also become an effective member of the Stance. They didn’t realize that I was undermining their efforts to become the supreme of a new world order –however with much less of a population. In those last few weeks of the global broadcasting I spoke of how people were right to batter down the tools of broadcasting. It was a real irony: Broadcasting the condemning of broadcasting!

In those speeches I also seeded the brains with the idea that the main guilt of fiction was with the written word. It was the written word that made the Horsemen of the Apocalypse run at a gallop. With spoken word reigning in again, the pure serenity of thousands of years ago could be reached again.

I was very sad with bonfires of books on streets of all the continents. As the driver of this madness I dared to hide just one book: The Holy Book of my religion. I desperately wanted to believe that hundreds of people only in the role of being caught with the frenzy had done the same and saved something of the written word that was dear to them.

With a huge effort and support of selected people, I had succeeded to change the message. It was not ‘fiction is bad’ anymore. It was ‘written fiction, mass produced fiction is bad, spoken word and spoken fiction is from our core’.

15 Akimmos 101 Edit

It is name is only Stance nowadays… The Stance against Fiction is long gone. There are stances all over the world now; a world that has a population and population spread similar with thousands of years ago: There are clans and stances. Clans are established of people related with blood. Stances may include several clans together.

Did I do the right thing, turning the game of that minority who aimed for the sole ownership of the world upside down? I don’t know. With my delicate moves, the Stance against Fiction lost its long prepared for instruments and its end began. Their calculations didn’t work.

But my calculations didn’t work either. I had aimed only stopping them at the beginning. I had no idea what would follow. I got rid of the actors of the devastation, but couldn’t stop the devastation itself. In fact I may have sped it up.

My deepest sadness is about the written word –which I had nearly single-handedly prosecuted.

I have twenty children adopted at babyhood. They are totally devoted to me. At the end of age twenty-one each of them will be put into one final and hard test. And I will teach how to read and write to the successful: The most dreaded taboo of the new new new world.

My nation became a collection of clans with spoken culture. The world had shrunk in last few centuries. Now it is big again. We are on the move on the huge terrains of this big world. Our customs, our religion, social rules are all in the memory of the poets. Dervishes of our culture recite them by heart.

The pillar of that entire ken: “Anything that can make the spoken culture unrelated to individual –writing at the foremost-, anything that makes the culture a mass produced product is bad.”

I made that rule. I shall write it off.

I am not happy that written word is in the hands of an old man over a hundred and twenty. There are only a few years left till my children come off age and take their final test. I shall resist to death and the fleeing of conscious some more. I wow on my blood that is the ink of all these white sheets of paper that I won’t die before I pass over my holy burden of written word.

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