Kasa sits on a large, gray stone in the middle of a golden savannah, with tall, golden grass. She is not wearing anything, for she understands not that she is naked. She is a stout, young woman of twenty years with brick-red hair in braided pigtails. She stands up, and she is five feet, six inches tall. She has pointed ears, and two small fangs hang over her bottom lip. Her skin is very pale, and she has peridot green eyes. She wears two gold nipple rings, one inch in diameter, on each breast.

A small, compact ship with wings on its starboard, port and aft-dorsal, lands in the savannah, causing the grass to flatten as it does so. The ship japan-enamel-black, and on the side of the ship is printed an alien language.

After the ship lands, several naked light-cyan-skinned people run out, adorned in tattoos. They are also unaware that they are naked. They stand adjacent to the ramp that folded from the ship, and a woman with jet-black hair, and forest-green eyes comes out and approaches Kasa.

"Wraith? What are you doing here?" Kasa asks.

"Have you ever heard of a planet called Earth?" Wraith asks.

Chapter 1Edit

The ship cruises through space at a high enough speed that the stars look like lines against the blackness of space. Kasa looks out a window, just watching the stars pass by, and she has a flashback.

A young Kasa and a very muscular man are playing outside in what appears to be the same savannah that Kasa just launched from. Suddenly, a small hole appears in the area of the man's chest where his heart was. The man falls over, and there is a man in black standing behind him.

"Daddy!" The young Kasa screams in trauma. The man in black then disappears in a beam of green light.

Back on the ship, Kasa's eyes well up with tears, remembering that horrid day, and how she hated the man in black for killing her father. She never knew the race of the man in black, but she knew his species shared their shape.

Wraith enters the room where Kasa is.

"Is everything okay, Kasa?" Wraith asks.

"No, Wraith. I want to know who killed my father." Kasa says.

"I'm sorry, Kasa." Wraith says.

"What is Earth anyway?" Kasa asks.

"One night, we sent a ship to go and observe the planet. We lost contact with the ship, and we are going to investigate." Wraith says.

"Why do you need me?" Kasa asks.

"We believe that the man who killed your father may be an Earther." Wraith says.

"But, why would an Earther come to Yroen?" Kasa asks.

"I am unsure, Kasa." Wraith says. "Are you hungry?" Wraith asks.

"More than anything." Kasa says.

"Then come to the kitchen with me." Wraith says.

Chapter 2Edit

"They are coming." Says a skinny, veiled woman in front of a crystal ball on the table. A man in black is on the other side of it.

"Good." Says the man. "Madame, why do we need her?" He asks.

"Her blood holds something very special, my son. A key." She says.

"A key, Madame?" He asks.

"Yes." She says. Suddenly, someone comes into the tent.

"My Lady, they are growing anxious. They want to know if those aliens are coming, and when they are getting here." The man in black who just entered tent says.

"Tell them: God orders patience and faith." She says.

"Yes, my Lady." He says and exits the tent.

"Listen, my dear monotheists who worship the Lord, Jehovah. Madame Jaylo says that God orders patience and faith. This clearly means she will not tell you if the aliens are coming and when." He says.

"What if there are no aliens? What if this is all a trick to get us to lighten up to fortune-telling. Fortune-telling is a sin!" Says a woman in the crowd.

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