I was hungry for pain, aching all over and thirsty for blood. My mind became an empty shell, a catacomb of my former self and my Idenity is lost to the recalls of time untamed. The prey lie before me, the Predator; A lamb before the wolf who in the end, didn't know its death was writ with its blood by my hands. I was so moved by the thirst for blood and the hunger for pain that I went forth with the Will to Power.

It was a mistake to assume that I am not a dangerous man who captures his prey and devours with fury, while having strength enough to hunt again. My strength lies in my Stamina and in my pure brawn. Never being able to give up a fight, I have won countless battles against prey and even against predators in this broken down heap of a jungle. Ever since the War of Light, the land has been disembowled of all life besides those who stand to this day. Mutation occurs everyday with new species and new creatures being laid to waste by some unimaginable force of nature.

Even I, the predator, have fallen victim to the waves of danger that ensues by the name of Mutation.I have lost many limbs and have only two legs and one arm, with only three fingers on my hand. My face has been mutilated to the point I don't even know what it looks like, maybe a pile of shit for all I know. I am completely hopeless, but I hunt and kill without mercy still, because it is the only thing I can do. To kill myself would be to give up and I am not a quitter. I have never had the chance to quit, so why start now?

They call my existence, "Sadistic and cruel", a hunter named the Terror of Hemoria. Who can say who I am besides myself or others? Only God can tell me my true purpose, by I think I found it at last, in my Will to Power.

Übermensch, Experiment 029

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