Sarah van Dyke knew that man was special when she first laid eyes on him during the wedding dance. He had a wild look in his eyes that made him different from all the other people in the room. The man was dressed hurriedly too. One could tell by the wrinkles on his shirt, and the lack of a well groomed hairstyle. Being new to Riverton, she thought she knew all the locals, who seemed to be all stiff and formal, but not this man.

The man approached Sarah's table where she was sitting with her friend, Ashley.

"Hello Ashley," panted the man, "did you see Tiff?"

"This is a wedding dance," Ashley said, "of course we saw her." Sarah was surprised; Ashley was very kind to all the locals...except for this man.

"Okay, you know where she is?" the man asked as he let his eyes linger the room, and they paused briefly on Sarah.

"Who is your friend?"asked the man.

"She must be on the second floor greeting the guests there,"said Ashley,"go if you want to catch up with her." Hearing this, the man ran for the staircase at the far end of the room as if a racing gun had gone off.

"Who is that?"asked Sarah.

"Him? Oh, that's Peter Grant."said Ashley,"the village misfit."

"Um...why, what happened?"asked Sarah, wanting to defend the man without insulting Ashley; Ashley had helped her with all the luggage and moving when she moved in a couple of days ago.

"Peter's mom used to be a prostitute and had sex with a tourist passing by the village. That's how he was born. His father was never found after the night Peter's parents did it."

"Okay..."Sarah said, wanting to point out that outside the village's walls, things like this happened a lot.

"There's the mom, Ana."said Ashley, who waved. She was suddenly kind again.

"Hello dears,"said Ana. She too was hurriedly dressed. Sarah made that observation in less time than it did for Peter.

"Hello Ana,"said Ashley.

"Have you seen Peter,"asked Ana. She looked like she was going to leap at any second.

"He must be on the second floor..."Sure enough, Ana ran away before Ashley finished her sentence.

"Did you know what happened this morning?"asked Ashley.

"No...what?"asked Sarah.

"Well, Ana is a big-mouth, and she likes gossiping at the local coffee shop, and my sister happened to be there. Let me tell you..."


Everyone in the little picturesque town of Riverton, Illinois was and is going to be destined to have average, unadventurous lives...except one person. Peter Grant lived in a small house with his mom, Ana, on one of the town's residential streets.

"PETER! PEETTEERR!"Ana cried one afternoon, when our story starts.

"What?"asked Peter. Ana found Peter in the basement, typing HTML furiously.

"Don't you think Mr. Bergman is proud enough of how much you cared for the website for him? This won't change a thing you know, the girl is already getting married."asked Ana. Peter was doing this because he wanted to get a shot at Tiffany Bergman, Mr. Bergman's daughter. Mr. Bergman was an Internet mogul who owned 40 percent of the sites on the Internet.


"Now hold on",said Sarah, "if he already knows they're getting married, there's no hope left."

"Girl," said Ashley, "you really ARE new. If people see a better suitor in this town even on their wedding day, they would go bounding off the altar just for the chance."


"Mom, if he sees how much work I put into updating this, then he might call off the wedding." Peter said. Then, something happened: red alerts started popping throughout the entire screen.

"No. NO!!" screamed Peter, who typed more frantically than before.

"What?" asked Ana, who knew nothing of computers.

"It's a virus that changes its HTML code every few minutes. Virus protection programs cannot protect against this. I have to do it manually and very quick." However, after a few minutes, the virus engulfed the entire site, posting the words VIRUS ALERT! on every single thing.

"What is it called, son?, asks Ana.

"Mom, I think that I have Conficker on my computer and there is no way of getting it off of my computer.

Tiffany's WeddingEdit

"...and that's how we get over here. I guess his mom followed him to the wedding because she doesn't want to see him embarassed...but I guess she doesn't know how stupid her son really is."said Ashley. Suddenly, there was a great shout on the second floor. Tiffany's father came down along with Peter, Ana and Tiffany.

"You shall never have my daughter now. That was the tenth site I gave to you to manage and you have ruined it!" cried Tiffany's father.

"Please, give me one more website,"Peter said,"one more." By then the entire ballroom stopped dancing and eating and was looking at them.

"Peter,"said Tiffany's future husband,"if you have a shred of self-dignity left, then you will go away at once and never come back. You weren't invited to this wedding party, and you angered my future father-in-law. You have ruined everyone's lives enough. Ana, if I were you, I'd keep Peter on a leash."

"Mmm, I've always liked that man."said Ashley, smiling. Peter, with his head held low, exited the building with his mother in tow. That was when the party started up again.

"Peter,"Ana said as they walked out, "don't let that man toy with you. Get back in there and get that girl."

"I'm sorry Mother,"Peter said,"I just can't."

"Honey, when I met your father he was a very rich, dignified man while I was a lowly prostitue wandering the streets of Los Angeles. But I took my chances and now I have the best thing that ever happened to me: you."

"You're right...I'm going in there to take the entire town of Riverton by storm." With that, Peter went back in.

Meanwhile, Sarah had parted from Ashley and was getting some punch when she heard a voice behind her.

"May I have this dance?"

"Y..."Sarah was about to say 'yes' before she turned around and saw Peter,"y...yum...this punch is good."


"I'm sorry. I just don't feel like dancing today."Sarah said awkwardely, and left.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was observing Peter.

"It's Peter..."she murmured,"sweetie, I have to go to the loo." After leaving her fiance's side, she went to look for a piece of paper, a pen...and the washroom.

Into the NightEdit

"How long has your wife been in the washroom?"asked a woman to Tiffany's future husband.

"An hour at least,"he replied. Quickly, the man bounded up the stairs to the second floor where the washrooms were, and knocked on the door of the one that said 'Women'.

"Tiffy? Sugar?" No reply. So he opened the door...there was no one in there. Then he saw the note.

--- "Oh shoot, laces."Peter said to Ana. They were just about to go to the dance floor for a dance but Peter's laces fell apart. Ana nodded and Peter trudged off to the side to retie them.

"We have a problem,"the man said as he approached Ashley. Ashley, who was just about to take another glass of punch, turned around and asked him

"What? What happened?"

"Tiff ran away, she left a note."said the man, handing the note over to Ashley. Peter, who was coincidentally tying his shoelace on the other side of the table, overheard. Peter then heard Ashley gasp.

"Omigosh,"Ashley said,"what must we do?"

"Just don't tell anyohe or there is going to be mass panic,"Tiffany's future husband said,"you're her best friend, you must know her the best. Go and look for her in places she would normally go to, Starbucks, the nursing home...whatever."

Then, there were footsteps as Ashley and ?iffany's future fiance walked away quickly. Peter stood up just in time to see Ashley crumple Tiffany's note and throw it in a waste bin. That was when Peter Grant's life changed.

The InvestigationEdit


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