The Watchman is a comic series sequels to the 1986 comic book, Watchmen. It takes place in December 2, 1999, before random predictions of the end of the world on January 1, 2000. New characters include Watchman, Comedian II, and Jackhead.

Plot summary Edit

The plot involves a new version of Rorschach, (Watchman), and well the original characters from Watchmen return, like: Nite Owl II, Silk Spectre II, Dr. Manhattan, and Ozymandias. Even new comrades help, Comedian II, Batman, Robin, and Jackhead. The plot of the comics take place in December 2, 1999 before January 1, and well an apocalyptic man named, Apocalypse-Man and his robotic army of robots. And the Keene Act was dropped, and that made many heroes return, but they are no match for Apocalypse-Man and his robotic army of robots, the heroes barely stand any chance, but not for Dr. Manhattan, but they appear to be endless, to Dr. Manhattan own dismay, which renders them undefeatable, including Apocalypse-Man.

Complications/problems Edit

They have a great deal of problems that every hero faces.

  • Jackhead's problems
    1. Jealous of Dr. Manhattan
    2. Suicidal
    3. Psychotic mode-swings
    4. Aggressive
    5. Lustful
  • The Watchman
    1. Death of Rorschach
    2. Death of girlfriend
    3. Death of parents
    4. Murderous psychopath
    5. Violent
    6. No control
  • Silk Spectre II
    1. Anger issues
    2. Pregnant
    3. Lung cancer
    4. Alcohol poisoned
    5. Heavy-smoker

Characters Edit

Main heroes (with status) Edit

  • Watchman / David Walker (alive)
  • Love / Mandee Tjosvold (alive)
  • Silk Spectre II / Ms. Hollis (alive)
  • Nite Owl II / Mr. Hollis (alive)
  • Dr. Manhattan (alive)
  • Batman / Bruce Wayne (alive)
  • Robin / Dick Grayson (alive)
  • Ozymandias / Adrian Veidt (alive)
  • Comedian II / Donald Blake (hospitalized permanently)
  • Jackhead / Jim Rickmans (deceased)
  • Captain Metropolis II (deceased)
  • Captain New York (deceased)
  • General Love (deceased from aging)
  • The Man (deceased)

Main villains (with status) Edit

  • Apocalypse-Man (deceased)
  • General Hate (deceased)
  • Danger-Man (admitted to asylum in New York)
  • Mr. Freeze (deceased)
  • Captain Killer (deceased)
  • Starshooter (alive)
  • Starscreamer (alive)

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