Hear me out; this is a war between Man and Woman. For years, the Men have dominated the Women, and the Women have grown sick and tired of it, so one day the Women declared war on the Men, and the Men were furious.

The Men ordered the Women to stop this nonsense, but the Women would not listen because they were weary of the Men degrading them.

There was only one good Man, and he sat up on a mountain. His name was Manuel, and he was a wise man. He had predicted the war, and he had told the other Men about it, but the Men scoffed, and told Manuel he was stupid.

The day the war was declared the Men gathered in front of Manuel to ask for forgiveness, and since Manuel was a good Man, he forgave them. The other Men asked Manuel to help them fight the Women, but Manuel said he would not, for he was remaining neutral. Manuel, however, was secretly supporting the Women.

Koko was a Warrior Princess, and she was to lead an army of sixty-thousand against the Men. The Men were overconfident, and thought since this army was all Women, the Men would destroy them, this was not true.

In fact, the Women decimated the Men, and the Men were angry.

"We will beat you!" The leader said and a Woman besides Koko beheaded him.

Koko and her Women presented the leader of the Men's head to Manuel on a golden platter. Manuel saw this head was of the man he had spoken to some hours before. Manuel told Koko to feed the head to the crocodiles, and she did.

The Arrival of the Nude Men

After Koko took over the throne of Man's Land, it was renamed, Woman's Land. Some months later, a boat arrived at the shore of Woman's Land, and on board were many naked Men. These Men came to Queen Koko, and she was startled by these Men's lack of clothing.

"Why are you wearing nothing?" Asks Koko.

"We represent purity." Says the lead Man.

"I don't understand." Said Koko.

"Men and Women need to work together." Says the lead Man.

"Do they? Well, our Men always pushed us around! What makes you any different?" Koko asks.

"We are nude because we want to show we are different from other Men, ma'am." Says the lead Man.

"I see." Says Koko.

To the Second Garden of Eden

After Koko and her Women talked more with the nude Men. The Women took off their clothes and traveled with the Men to another island. This island was called the Second Garden of Eden, where Men and Women could live in harmony.


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