The Vampire Chronicles is a very successful 2005 horror-drama film by Shawn Troy and is the first installment of The Vampire Chronicles series. The film is a 2005 vampiric horror-drama film about the world being consumed with vampiric-like races, they are Railians, Mortisians, Grenbond, Ktenities, Krunes, and more. The film centers on Viktor Mortis, a Mortisian, he is the son of King Vike the fourth, he is the father and leader of Deathsquad, a group that is full of different species of vampires like, Doombreed, DreadLords, Darkstar, DropDeads, KillerSquad, and DeathKillers, and Carla Smith, the daughter of King Serjia, her name is Cassandra Woods, she is has a crush on a Krune and is in danger from them.

Plot Edit

The film begins with a tale being told by the fourth generation of Vike telling a tale of King Serjia where he is watching many enslaved Mortisians build his kingdom, and as Vike Mortis the second sees what is happening, and soon he awakens a dark army called "Austrian Death Machine's" and the army kills literally every Railian alive except and the species has risen again explained by Vike and as soon as Halloween begins, he will be risen again.

fifteen years later, and King Serjia is still not alive, but King Serjia is soon to be awakened, and that Halloween he will rise, and it is four days away, and that the Grenbonds are enjoying they're 20th anniversary freedom, soon the four days are over, and King Serjia rises from his grave, and kills a Krune and Ktentity, then a Grenbond sees Serjia and runs away, but is killed by Serjia's wings, then Vike's son, Viktor is being escorted to his dad, whereas his dad gives him a lecture on being a future king, and that Serjia has rose from the dead to kill me, and than Viktor says "You want me to kill him?" And his dad replies saying "No. Your not ready to kill yet, your time is coming. Just don't worry. I can't wait for your first kill, and I'll take of Serjia." That very night Serjia comes with his risen friend, Lordi, a grisly warlord, he is a Railian and wants to make Cassandra his wife, but his only challenge is Mikheaal Scottman, and Viktor, and then they get in, they battle Vike, but Vike falls on a bunch of pike's that Lordi set up, then the next morning, and Viktor sees his dad's dead body, and declares that he will have his revenge, and so he heads to the Weapons depot in Saná Rayũş, then Lordi learns of Viktor and Mikheaal, then he plots an attempt on killing both Mikheaal, and Viktor, but when Viktor gets home to Suan àź-Ralõ, its night time and Lordi heads out to Mikheaal, and kills him, and then Lordi heads back to Viktors' and tries to kill him in his library, but is stabbed and his throat is slit, so Viktor finally killed one.

Meanwhile at Cassandra's place, she is getting for school, and after getting ready, she doesn't see Mikheaal, and gets word from Viktor that he's dead, he went to his house found his body there, they start to hang out in class more, and Viktor is late for his fourth class, by carrying Cassandra's stuff to her fourth class, then heads to his next class, after school, he is followed by Serjia, but nobody, not even Viktor knows, and then Cassandra stops Serjia, and is brought home by Serjia, and Serjia knows that Lordi was killed by Viktor, soon as it hits night, his nocturnal killer instincts kick in, and he kills four vampires, and injures Serjia, so Serjia fights back and almost kills Viktor, but Viktor just damages Serjia, and soon the next morning, Cassandra, and Viktor hang out again, Serjia is just watching in disgust and says "You'll never have my daughter." then class gets out, and Viktor sees Serjia, and then he forgets about it, and they head to their next class, and then as school is over, Serjia comes and kills Síń and then kills principal Billbery and then Serjia finds a medallion, and then notices the seal of it, and then searches for the Austrianes, but finds nothing, and walking back to his castle, he notices the ground shaking, he Austrianes awaken and are fully alive, then Serjia uses the ability to take over the world, successful, but now he is consumed by the power, making him very powerful, and then Viktor comes, and takes out over a hundred Railians, and then his fathers' squad and other squads take on the army and kill over a thousand of Railians, and then they take out the robotic army, but the army is indestructible, so, they comes up with a plan to take out the king by burning the castle, but they are attacked by Austrianes, they take serious casualties and then the army destroy the city of Unallá van-Tjosvöld, then the creator of the army, Aunstie Vurç comes and kills the army with a destructive force of nature, and then killing Serjia, but Serjia is still alive, he tries to kill Aunstie but is killed permanently and the film credits role and the film ends saying "The beginning has begun" and has been made a famous quote. In the after scene credits, Viktor asks Cassandra out, and they start to date.

Cast Edit

Sequels Edit

The series has been made into the most successful horror-drama series in the world and grossed up to 10,837,782,983 U$D and has all positive reviews.

The Vampire Chronicles 2 Edit

The film is the first sequel and has director Josh Collins and Shawn Troy as executive producer and writer, and Samuel L. Jackson as the producer. The film was set in Mexico , but changed to Iraq desert.

The Vampire Chronicles 3 Edit

The second sequel featuring the same cast as the first and second one, but with Samuel L. Jackson as Auí ĺa-Ńaĺ, a dark leader. The film was directed by Sean Bell, Maya Calon and Shawn Troy, the film was produced and written by Shawn Troy and Samuel L. Jackson. The sequel took place in Mexico where the US Government plans on taking them out and making life more breathable there.

The Vampire Chronicles 4 Edit

The third sequel and fourth installment in The Vampires Chronicles series by Shawn Troy. The film was directed by Josh Collins and was produced by Sean Bell, and written by Shawn Troy, and Samuel L. Jackson. The film was set in Brazil where they are Viktor faces-off an evil dictator from Germany and his name is Auí ĺa-Ńaĺ, and Viktor must protect Cassandra from Auí. The film is said to going to break the record for its preceding films. The film will also re-feature Mikheaal Scottman, but he wants to kill Viktor, and sets up Deathsquad to betray Viktor Mortis.

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