Spectre stared as the two Outsiders walked past her. She hadn’t seen anyone from the Other Side in years, sure there had been various scouts sent over, past the Flatlands to the Other Side, far away from the Valley, the Scouts had been sent to see if there were any who were worthy of learning of the Valley and its people. But they had found no one, she prayed to the Creator that one day an Outsider would come and understand, and seemed her prayers had been answered. Not one but two had found her beloved Valley. And she was excited beyond words. "I must find Elder," she said. She ran back to her village and ran until she had found Elder, the leader of the village. “Elder,” she said gasping for breath. “What is it child?” he asked, concern and worry in his eyes. “Two Outsiders,” Specter said as the entire village gathered around her and Elder, “Where are they?” asked Elder “Just below the Tree of Passgae, heading down hill to the Lowlands.” “Call Mission and Cephas,” Elder said turning to Skill, one of the village boys, Skill nodded and ran off to find Mission and Cephas. “Now,” said Elder turning back to Spectre, “Let’s go back to the tower.”

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