The Tomboy falls in Love is a story in progress, in the romantic genre about a tomboyish-like teenage woman who falls in love with one of her closest friends. Read on to find out what happens!

Section 1: The Tomboy's Daily LifeEdit

The tomboy in question's name was Anne. She was a 16-year old teenager. Unlike many other women of her age, who wore makeup and jewelry, shopped, and obsessed over boys, Anne was a tomboy. She usually wore a plain black, white, or red t-shirt, with plain black or blue jeans and boy's sneakers. The only piece of jewelry she wore was a necklace. Her hair was long, in a dark brown color, with curls, and stretched to at least halfway down her back. It was vibrant and luxurious. Anne had great natural beauty, with no need for make-up. She was one of the most beautiful teenagers in the school. Unlike the "girly-girls" that attended Waston High School in Colorado Springs with her, Anne was physically active. She loved basketball and soccer, and was a part of the Girl's Basketball Team. She played soccer with her friends, who were both teenage males and other physically active females her age. Anne did not use the type of conversation and language used by other girls her age, nor did she use the typical tomboy language. She spoke with a unique style, "somewhere in the middle".

Anne was also a good student in a couple of subjects. She had excellent grades in social studies, reading, writing, and art, was fair in science, and not that good in math. Anne loved history and creative writing, reading every historical text-book she could get her hands on. She was always attentive in class, taking clearly detailed, organized notes of what the teacher was discussing. Anne ignored the classmates who talked or did not listen to the teacher. Although she was not good at math, she studied hard and worked to raise her grade.

Anne's teachers considered her one of their best students. She was kind and generous, she always listened to what the teachers taught or instructed, and she always took active part in class activities. She had a good relationship with every-one else, making sure to be as cordial and properly open as possible. Anne was almost never late to class, and she did not insult the teacher. She did whatever she was told to do.

At home, Anne was, arguably, the most responsible and most orderly of her siblings, of which she had two sisters and a brother. Her older sister, Jenny, was 18 years old and acted as a teenage girly-girl, heading to the mall and obsessing over make-up and fashion. She rarely followed her parent's directions and orders. Anne's younger sister was Katherine, who was 14 years old. Like Anne, Katherine was a teenage tomboy, but was irresponsible and brash. Katherine was rebellious and was not respectful to her parents. And finally, there was David, who was 14 years old, and Katherine's twin. David was born only three minutes after Katherine. He, like Katherine, was irresponsible and brash, but hated sports. His grades were low as well, just like Jenny's.

Anne's parents were Michael and Jennifer Davidson. They were 48 and 46 respectively. Anne's father, Michael, was the owner of a restaurant, named Davidson Burgers. He was also a free-lance novelist on his spare time. Anne's mother, Jennifer, was a free-lance novelist as well, but also a stay-at home house-wife and house-mother. Anne frequently assists her parents by washing the dishes, maintaining the bathrooms, and keeping the living room clean.

The following is a average day for Anne:

  • At 6:00 AM in the morning, the alarm clock will blare on. Anne will immediately rush out of the bed upon hearing it. She quickly makes her bed, laying the covers in a neat fashion, and properly laying down the pillows, and then grabs some clothes. She heads to her bathroom.
  • Anne grabs a washing towel, two drying towels (one for her hair, which she will wash, and one for her body. She also took soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner. She also grabbed a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Although a tomboy, she believed taking care of herself and that having a shower everyday was important.
  • She then laid her extra clothes and drying towels on the towel racket. She put the soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, and washing towel in their proper positions in the showering area. Anne made sure the bathtub was clean before she started the water.
  • Anne then turned on the water, first as regular bath-water, and setting it to a proper warm-cold combination. Once it was warm enough, she then turned it to shower-water, and pushed down the shower-blinds to prevent water from falling on the floor.
  • After the water had heated up to the respectful temperature, and once she made sure everything was ready, Anne took off her clothes. She threw her t-shirt, bra, pants, and panties on the floor, and then stepped into the shower.

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