I looked around me in the classroom to see if anyone was looking before writing my answer to the math test. I saw the girl next to me looking at my sheet, but luckily I hadn't wrote anything then. I do like maths alot, but some things about it, I don't like, and those things are mainly cheaters and copiers. Never in my life have I copied off someone else's maths test. I am Sarah Times, all-time vegetarian math-doing girl with a family of four. I'm the youngest of my family.

I blocked the girl from looking at my sheet and said, "If you're going to cheat; better not take the test at all." I kept her blocked from looking, and she just sighed. Why do people cheat on tests? Why do people cheat at anything? I wondered to myself while neatly writing down my answer. It was pretty obvious that 666 represents the devil in christian beliefs, a common number, is made with 333 add 333. She didn't know something as simple as that. It's easy as learning the alphabet.

"Hey I'll pay you ten pounds if you tell me your answer." Said the girl who was cheating. I turned to her, looked her in the eye and said "No. I don't take bribes." I left her with her mouth wide open in shock. She calmed down a few seconds later. I got back to the test. Next thing I know she looks me in the eye and blows me a kiss right before winking and pushing an evelope to my side of the desk. The envelope was pink, with glittered edges, and scent of roses and tulips. I foolishly accepted the envelope. When I felt it, it was very thick. I don't know what was in there but she definately wanted me to take it from her.

I got back to the test while she spent some of her time looking at me. I think she may have been thinking about my face, which was out of view. "Sally," She said to me, "And you?" She asked. "Sarah," I mumbled under my breath while jotting down answers to the test.

When the bell rang, I got off my seat to go outside. "Stop." She said. "Stay with me in here. Teachers never come in here at play, neither do students. I began walking away yet again and walked until I got outside. I said as she got outside, "What do you want?" And she immediately chuckled. "Oh, Sarah. Nothing really."

I got home that day and took out the envelope. It was wide and tall. Smelt like roses and tulips, was pink like a pink flower, and glittered. Not to mention my name wrote in red, joined up, glittery writing. "I better read it." I said as I began opening the thick envelope.

Dear Sarah,

I invite you to my birthday party.

I knew where she lived so I got dressed up and immediately went over to her place. She was stood there with a pair of shining smoky blue eyes staring into mine, her blonde shiny medium hair dazzling the wind, unable to be thrown back by it. Her deep deep stare... But I didn't want her at all. She stared deep into my eyes from the distance with a beautiful smile, her pink lip gloss that stood out. Her pink mini-skirt so short... I hoped she wasn't going to bend down in front of everyone. Her sandals made no noise as she danced on that stage... And you can't forget that... sports bra. It looked so good on her... Her cleavage even showed. No necklace or scarf to hide that lovely cleavage line inbetween those juicy things, size of watermelons.... mm... But I don't want her! I mean.. She's a girl.

She walked around the stage and a  pole emerged from the ground. She jumped up and spun, one hand and both feet on the pole. She spun round until she reached the bottom of the pole, and immediately winked. She was looking at me. I knew it... But I didn't want her!!!


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