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Adapted to a anthropomorphic story from the author's previous work A Tale of Three Mobs, The Three of Ghost Valley centers on a trio of meerkat families - the ancient, yet deeply troubled Wynera, the massive warrior family Azula, and newly founded Chartreux, which may be the only hope for the meerkats of Ghost Valley. As a new mob, Delta, slowly moves in and as it's fearsome ways even get the best of local superpower Azula, the three groups must put an end to the long-fought battles between them for their survival-also, a fantasy in the base of the Triple Messenger and Fate. Like the particularly amateur book series Warriors, in The Three of Ghost Valley, addition to the main and various sub-plots, also simply follows births, deaths, and various romantic encounters as the three families and the plot evolves.


Cold, unusual Kalahari winter rains fell heavy upon the ground, leaving the world dark and uncomfortable. Following a trail of three paw steps was sand bloated in blood. Ahead, two ragged meerkats desperately nudged dragged one of their own-this third meerkat drastically wounded. The youngest sister, named Lili Anne, nosed and cleaned the injured elder, her tears unseen in damp fur.

"Ah, I've seen this too much." she sighed. "You don't maintain a family by exile. Chartreux, what did we do?" Her older sister didn't reply, but muttered the words 'corrupt', 'omega', and 'queen' several times. Chartreux was speaking of Azula alpha female Opal. She finally replied.

"Would you expect me to know? The only truth is that everyone has their fate to be called back to Earth. Although we may feel that we can manipulate it, only those who have already met fate can change it. " Chartreux closed her eyes, and lay herself upon sandy Earth. "...and I fear, that our dear Nirvana, is approaching it." Lili Anne watched her half-sister, Nirvana, breath slowly and with difficulty as she was somewhat drowned by the rainfall. She eventually stopped trying to slow the bleeding, and achingly Lili Anne parted with her. The dying Nirvana shook and tried to run away, perhaps seeing something, then settled herself. Her breathing had almost halted.

Her eyes flashed opened briefly, and she whispered in pain. "They...the ones death. I'm not the last one." She was gone. Lili Anne raised her head and cried - or sung - in pain and horror, while her older half-sister in Chartreux pulled Nirvana's body down underneath an ancient Acacia tree, and scarcely buried her in dirt, just enough so hawks couldn't get her but not to much so that Nirvana's spirit could escape.

Chartreux left without looking back, and standing behind her sister, she said, as if emotionless to Lili Anne, "Enough. We must find shelter."

Under a moonless night sky, the sudden splash of a large meerkat's paw hit a puddle, followed by many others. The leader of the group was persistent and only stopped briefly to look around. In numerous amounts the group copied their alpha's actions, but yet they whispered and complained among themselves. A sharp, domineering "Silence!" put the various omega meerkats back in order, and atop a rocky cliff they had stopped. A commanding male voice spoke-the alpha.

"I am not one to accept such complaining, nor one to understand it. I'd like to know why a restful night is more worthwhile then power."

A tall, thin female sat at his side, and she spoke in equal majestic manner. "The wise would know that a fight is the price of glory. I'd suppose we'd have none of that sort of stuff among us?" Her dark blue eyes surveyed the miserable lot below, then she continued. "I'm glad you laymen know to silence at the sight of your almighty. The Omega may go and hide, but our Delta- my soldiers -are those worthy enough to be personally requested by I to stay here." At the bottom of the rock cliff, the subordinate meerkats simply shivered.

The alpha male spoke again. "Did you hear her? Our peasants must flee!" His words sent five small, sick meerkats and three pups scattering in random directions. The alpha nodded his heads, and the remaining animals followed his lead. "I'm glad you each stayed. Be prepared to each have a piece of our new empire, straight ahead."

Beginning of Year One

Secondary Prologue Edit

The loose sand - now, actually hardened mud - was broke by the movement of fast, ungraceful feet. One of them stopped. And at his end in running, all the others did, too. "I'd be one to hope that you're not trying to drag me along again, eh?" spoke the first frozen meerkat in a aggravated, rusted voice. "Such softness of you."

"But we wouldn't be a trio without you, Blacksmith!" urged the youngest brother.

"It never was 'we', eh? Think. It was Jasper and the little teachers pet, who loved me so dearly. Give it up, October." Jasper, who hadn't spoken yet, decided to join in. "Respect your elder, October." he spoke, sarcastically.

" my dearest leader is trying to get me some respect?" Blacksmith replied, outraged. "You're older then me,Jasper!"

"And I'm still more handsome...naturally! Amazing, ain't it?" Blacksmith growled under his breath, but he still followed. It was far from the first time he lost.

As his brothers sped ahead, he slowed down gradually, and then stopped following them all together. He took upon himself his own path, turning around completely, and only October looked back.

As a thin, large she-meerkat-Chartreux-pulls herself out of an unusually deep sleep, she finds herself alone. Lili Anne was nowhere, and slightly faded paw prints hint that wherever her half-sister is, she left a while ago; certainly in the middle of the night. In hopes of sighting her anywhere, Chartreux climbed onto a small tree and scanned the world; bushes surrounding the bolt hole almost in a circle, gray, cloud free skies, the sun felt hot and ground felt dry. Then, catching her eye's attention, on wobbly feet a meerkat ran in through the bushes, dead plants in her fur and fresh scars on her tail. Shaking her head, the newcomer was fast to explain, or lack there of.

"You wouldn't like to ask. Things happen." It was, undoubtedly, Lili Anne. Chartreux ignored her and started off the day, walking through a break in the shrubs, and for one reason or another relieved Lili Anne followed. -unfinished at this point-

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