The Super League are we, superheroes. There is, well, me, Blaster-man, Cybernetic, Psyche Kick, Flexowoman, and The Shock. Our enemy Lord Death, is trying to become supreme leader.

The Last TestEdit

Our school, Francis High, is on the outskirts of Tron City. Tron City is the most high-tech city in the whole state of Massachusetts. It was the last day of school. Some of the people were graduating, but we Juniors have another year to go through.

"Before we leave," old Mrs. Frinsor said passing out pieces of paper," I believe we should take a little test. It only has four easy multiple answer questions."

"This is a non-credited test. Am I correct," asked the "Teacher pet" of our class, Ted Shylivan.

"Correct Ted, now you may start," she said.

The first question was: Why do stars burn. That answer was easy, it was "They burns off Hydrogen."

The second question was: What do plants use to get energy. I circled Photosynthesis.

The third question was: Who invented the telescope. I said, Galileo.

The fourth one was too smudged to read, it looked like: Ta yad e fro sdd. When I turned it in I told Mrs. Frinsor.

After a while everyone finished their paper. Then school was out!

The InvitationEdit

My best friend, Alex, and my other, Cindy, were talking.

"It's finally done. No more school," said Alex.

"I know, it's so exciting," said Cindy happily.

"Yeah," sighed I.

Just then James walked up.

"Hey, guys," he said.

"Hi," we said.

"I'm having a little 'schools out' party in a week, want to come?"

"Sure I think I can come I'll call you later," I said," Well I got to go."

They said bye to me then I drove home. I came home and saw that mom wasn't home. Then I walked in the Living Room where my dad was crying.

"Dad, what's wrong," I asked.

"Your mom," he said sobbing," Was in a car wreck and died."

The FuneralEdit

"May she rest in peace," the priest said.

We then walked back into the church, then Alex walked up,"I'm so sorry I guess you can't come to the party tonight."

"Well," I said," my dad's flying to New York for a business and leaving an hour before the party, I guess I can come."

Then Cindy walked up to us,"Well I need to get back home, I need to go take a shower. See you later Harry, Alex."

"Cindy wait! Why don't we meet at Starbucks to get coffee then we can go to the party," Alex suggested.

"Okay, I'll call James. See ya," replied Cindy.

I got in Old Rusty (my old 82' camaro) and started the car and drove off home. I was very sad that my mom has died she would be very cautious when I drive. She would always say stop, or turn lanes. I realized it was going to be a long summer. A long, lonely, unexciting, boring summer.

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