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Song by a Sad Korean Guy

Today I have not found
despite I looked around
somebody to say I love you
Then I feel so bad
I'll begin to cry
No love, No love, I am lonely....

(I am really lonely)

Now I am going to sing
the song of my sin
The Sin of my sadness at least
you would turn back to me
but I'm fish with no fin
I am king with no Queen with nothing

Now I going to say
please stay far away
you dont like to see how I have been
Please No, please you dont cry
Anyway, I will die
All my life is a fight with no why

SAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD... I am sad I am Sad I am Sad I am Sad I am Sad

SAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY I dont know I am here I missed at all I miss your love

(Crying and... more sad things. The Korean guy begins to cry)


Geo Tal Kiu Ser Ti I do not know what I wrote on Korean

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