This is a story on the Green Crystal, the central artifiact besides the Great Fortress itself in the story The Great Fortress. The crystal is also known as the Green Shard, the Great Green Crystal, Great Crystal, or simply as The Crystal. The crystal, of Calathonian origin, has considerable powers and abilities.

Green Crystal (Great Fortress)
Green crystal picture

The Green Crystal

Type of Crystal
Calathonian energy crystal
Manipulation of time and space, powers against vampires and superheroes/villains, data storage, other powers
Several uses
  • Universal controlling crystal
  • Energy crystal
  • Data crystal
Owned By
Larry Young
Created By
Location of Creation
Current Location
Great Fortress
80 years of age

Section 1: Facts on Calathonian History, Society, and TechnologyEdit

Calathon was one of the most advanced planets in the Known Universe, equaling and even surpassing Krypton's technology in several areas. The planet was covered by frozen plains packed with ice, as well crystalline structures and ice plateaus. Over 3 million years ago, the planet had been covered by forests and grassy plains, but that changed.

Around 15 million years ago, the Calathonians appeared on Calathon. They looked exactly like humans, and were familiar biologically. They had ten times the intelligence of even the most intelligent human, and they graduated college by the age of thirteen. Calathonians were physically weaker then humans, both because of genetic traits and of their adherhence to a policy of non-violence and peaceful reasoning. They could however, design weapons to defend themselves if needed. Almost like Vulcans in the Star Trek dimension, Calathonians had almost no emotion, and they keep most of their opinions to themselves. They were very strict and solemn.

Calathonians advanced rather quickly. By the time of 1 million years ago, their society equaled the level that Kryptonian society would 100,000 years ago, and by 500,000 BC, Calathonians were the most advanced species in the Known Universe, with Kryptonians, Star Wars citizens, Star Trek citizens, Power Rangers, Avatars, Historical figures, etc. respecting and revering them, and even the Borg, the Q, T'Kon, Vong, Cytherians, and Force users fearing them. Sometime during 3-2 million BC, the planet had underwent a massive climate change. The beautiful, dense forests changed into stark, frozen plateaus, separated by wide ice fields. Temperatures averaged around minus 40-80 degrees. The Calathonians learned to adopt by building their cities underground, and in insulated cities, built from crystalline material, that was equipped with heating technology.

The following are descriptions of some technology the Calathonians either invented themselves or considerably advanced, not including the technology invented by Chris-El (which will be described later):

  • Gravity Powered Cars-The Calathonians invented types of cars that could use gravity to power itself and propel, instead of gasoline or energy. They also invented more efficient car engines and also developed a sort of car navigation computer.
  • Navigational Computers-The Calathonians considerably advanced the efficency and working of navigational computers. The Calathonians amplified the coordinate setting rate of the computers and expanded the navigational database to be able to calculate nine hundred trillion operations a second.
  • Communications Equipment-The Calathonians invented the first planet-spanning communications network, by building advanced communication stations and planet-wide signal relays. The Calathonians also invented a form of advanced radio signaling, that used amplified EMH sequences.
  • Hyperdrive-The Calathonians amplified hyperdrive technology by creating the class of 0.1 using a combination of tests and improved hyper-matter relayers. The Calathonians also developed impulse engines, which allowed for limited travels within solar systems in a matter of hours. They also developed the hyper-drive computer database, greatly improving efficiency.
  • Data Storage-The Calathonians were the first species in the Universe to develop computer technology. They developed the "data computer processor" and also invented three types of crystals: memory crystals, energy crystals, and holographic crystals. Memory crystals would hold the memories and data of computer programs, energy crystals would power computers, while holographic crystals would hold artifical intelligence. Over time, the crystals decreased in size, to becoming hand-held.
  • Cloning-The Calathonians were the first species in the Universe to develop cloning technology. They discovered a way of copying somebody's memories or organs several times. The Calathonians also learned about modifying the DNA of certain people.

Despite all these advances, the Calathonian race was in dire danger. They had also banned space travel, due to their extreme isolationism. Calathon was 12.9 billion years old by 1949. The sun of Calathon, Rao, had existed since at least 14 billion years ago. Rao was exhausting it's energy, and by at least 1.9 million BC had become a red giant. The planet itself had a extremely unstable core, with harmful actvity. The core was cracking at the streams. The planet was also moving closer toward's it's star.

Section 2: Chris-ElEdit

Only one scientist knew of the impending doom of Calathon: his name was Chris-El. Chris-El was the descendant of Ross-El the Older, a renowed politican who had lived millenia prior, thus being the latest in a long line of prominent doctors, scientists, engineers, and politicans. Chris-El was an intelligent and cunning man, and he used emotions almost all the time, although controlling them. Chris-El had graduated from college when only thirteen years of age, and had recieved Calathonian doctorates in engineering, scientific research, and political science. He was extremely bright with mathematics and technology. The young boy's father, Voss-El, was a renowed engineer and scientist, who had developed the Calathonian Electricity Crystals, a series of crystals dedicated to the operation of all electricity on the planet.

Chris-El married the love of his life, Lana-Ves, when he was 19 years old, and she was 17 years old. Lana was from a line of historians and libarians, the Chin-Ves family. Her father, Robert-Ves, was a good friend of Chris-El's father Voss-El, and had invented the first Advanced Libary Robot. Lana herself was a devoted and hard-working libarian, and eventually was granted the honorary title of Keeper of the Archives of Calathon, when she was 26, the youngest person ever. Lana was a beautiful woman, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She had a slinder figure and was of average height.

Chris-El himself had become a scientist and engineer, just like his father, Voss-El. When Chris-El was 18, his father died when he fell over a crystalline plateau and plunged into the water. Chris-El inherited his father's seat on the Calathonian Science Council, the collective legislature of Calathon. His title was Fifth Elder of the Calathonian Science Council. Chris-El also inherited his father's estate, which amounted to $3 billion dollars in Earth terms, as well his father's scientific facilities and his honorary title of Head Professor of the Calathonian Science College.

Within twenty years, Chris-El had peformed the following innovations, which had advanced Calathonian technology considerably:

  • Chris-El invented the Artifical Womb, a machine that automatically teleported a forming fetus or embryo in a mother's urterus and places it inside a computer-controlled enviornment, in which the baby is nutured and artifically grown by the Womb. This relieved the pressure of women having to go through pregenancy or childbirth.
  • Chris-El invented Calathon's most advanced computer, a machine called the Central Intelligence Unit, which, using the planet-wide electricity crystals as a power source, could run all the science on the planet.
  • Chris-El discovered the Phantom Zone, a piece of mirror-like crystal that could hold villains within a reflected image, just like regular mirrors. He invented a way of controlling this machine: a Calathonian Phantom Zone Operation Crystal, a 5-foot tall crystalline staff that could summon or dismiss the Zone at will, as well open and close it.
  • Chris-El also advanced Calathon's data technology, by inventing a technique of storing quadtrillions of bytes of data on a small portion of a memory crystal. He also discovered a advanced holographic system, as well Calathon's first universal communicator.

Now the wily Chris-El was also interested in geography. He was conducting a analaysis of the materials of the planetary surface when his sensors indicated heavy unstablity in the planet's core. The scientist immediately began studying this fact, and discovered that Calathon was pretty unstable. He concluded the planet's old age was settling in. He also discovered that the planet's red sun was dying and was sure to explode soon. If the sun didn't explode, Chris-El concluded, Calathon itself would.

Section 3: Creating the CrystalEdit

Chris-El informed the Science Council of Calathon of his studies, and tried to tell them to evacuate the planet. However, the Council did not believe him. One of the Elders, Valar-lah, stated the planet was only shifting it's orbit, with no harm to come upon the population. Chris-El tried convincing the Council, but they threatened him with imprisonment in the Phantom Zone. He then promised then neither he, or his wife, would leave Calathon.

Chris-El then returned to his lavatories. He had a crystal panel, in which he could conduct his scientific studies and experiments. He took a clear white crystal from the panel, that looked like this:

Superman crystal

The White Crystal.

Chris-El then inserted the crystal into another slot, into a program specially designed for the crystal. It took him twenty years before the predicted date of the destruction of Calathon to program the crystal. Due to all the data and powers the crystal held, it turned green.

The crystal had the following powers, abilities, and attributes:

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