[Year: 400 years after the beginning of time]

Raelt B. Kovieir, Senior Alchemist of the Kingdom, was a very happy man. He had just finished creating the binding ink. "An ink that binds whoever writes in it to the Living World until whatever is written is fufilled. The King will love this..."

[Year: 500 YATBOT]

"For one hundred years this ink has cursed the kingdom! If that alchmist was still alive I would skin him alive!" Karthi Cjei said. "Unbind it to this world, so that it may no longer harm those who live in this world. Send it somewhere far away. Very far away."

[Year 2015 A.D] [Location: Earth]

"...and that is how you spot a Storm." said Tom Hombril, father of three. His six year old son, David, was staring out of the window. "I think I see a Storm." He said. Tom looked at him. "Don't be silly, it's just a story." He said.


"Still have cable, Dave? When are you going to learn to get satelite? It's not like in the old days when storms were common. Ever since the 2010 storm destruction act, satelites been cheaper, and more efficient." Said Deiko Br, Dave Hombril's freind since Pre-K. "This is still about your childhood 'Storm' isn't it?" Deiko laughed. "You have to get over that."

Dave sat in his chair, watching the television. All of a sudden, the windows flew open, and in came a sudden gush of air. Behind it, a red tornado and a torrent of rain came closer. The floor below as he fell to the basement. And he could see rain starting to fill up around him. If he managed to escape his house, he'd be trapped in the Storm anyway. So he got out a paper and wrote, using a bottle of peculiarly glowing blue ink:

I swear on all that is good that this storm will bring healing to our country. For more than fourty-five years we've been at war with Iraq. That will stop. I do not know how, but I will make it happen. If is is the last thing I do

And with that, David Hombril died. But his writings gave birth to a new country, one that will be remembered for all time. The New U.S. was born. Because of a 37 year old storm. The Storm that healed the country.

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