Gabadden is the name of an old cobblestone road leading to London. A man named Arnold Lazerus Kingston lives in a small cottage on this road and when all his grandchildren come, they call him old Gabadden. Because of his everso creative mind, he told stories to the children about heroes and always had lessons for the kids. When he grew older and older, he wrote down the stories into his own books and gave himself a few stories to tell. Stories he'd remember the most. The three stories here are just a few of his great tales.

The fox and the Troll

Long ago when men could talk to beasts and beasts could talk to nature and nature could speak. There in a small Grove of trees and a stream lived a troll. Now Troll may have been so ugly, but their hearts were not. In fact, they were the kindest beings known here. The troll had a big nose and was covered in a yucky green fur that covered him in slime from in the stream. The Troll was a Gardener who tended to the trees and the streams. He would help the small animals that came by and get rid of whatever is troubling him. He was so kind that his kindness gave him a name, Folkvar. Folkvar continued his ways until one day when a terrible storm hit the Grove. He was helping the trees to return to their original ways. He delved into the streams and retreived stones that flew from the storm and placed them as a headstone for the trees that died. He mark them as such, Rest in peace, Trädvidr. As he tended to the rest of the Grove, he heard a yelp from under a tree. He jumped as he heard it and came to the source. He found a fox stuck under the tree. He asked the little fox, "Could I help you get out of there?" The Fox cowarded under the tree and yelped again. The troll asked him, "What's the matter?" The fox said to the troll in a smooth, but shaky voice, "I wish not to be eaten by a troll and cooked in a stew! I wish to be at home in my hole, drinking tea along with my family!" The troll asked the fox in a questioning tone, "You are scared of trolls? The ones who care for the forests and love all who treasures nature?" The fox then laughed and said, "Trolls are not keepers of the forest. They are evil creatures who live in the mountains and live under bridges. They care for gold and treasures, not nature." Folkvar looked at the fox as if he was confusing the troll with something else. "But surely you are mistaken," The troll chuckled and said, "I know plenty of trolls who aren't evil. There's Veyr from the north and he loves nature. There's Brunnstei from the south and he cares for the woods. There's even Gandalfr from the west who cares for the deserts. What makes you say trolls are evil?" The fox came out from under the tree just a little bit and asked the troll, "So you are not a mountain troll?" Folkvar was surprised to hear the fox say such a thing, so he said, "Oh, Jandrs, no! I am a forest troll. Now, how about you? What about the Mr. Fox?" The fox chuckled and said to the troll, "First off, my name is Afvaldr and I am the fox lord of the northern dens. I have a nice family in the dens in the mountains." The troll said to him right fter he finished the sentence, "Nice to meet a fox lord once in a while, you know. I once knew one from the sourthern parts of Vadr." The fox and the troll talked happily and at the end, the troll took the tree and set it on the ground as it was already dead. He made a gravestone for the tree and said farewell to the fox as he left. The troll was happily comfortable as he continued his life knowing about the fox lord of the north.

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