Robot Guardians of TimeEdit


Telepathy vs. Nanobots
Nobody but a foolish human would ever try to make a positronic robot...
...however, R. Gohrlay's positronic brain held the secret of telepathy and the power to liberate humanity from the alien Huaoshy. At best, telepathy allowed for a stand-off. Gohrlay's small team of positronic robots struggled to outmaneuver the Huaoshy who held a technological advantage in space travel and nanite technology. Could Galaxia be formed in time to safeguard humanity or was that only a robot dream and humanity's nightmare? But even if Eternity was no more, didn't Gohrlay have all the time she could possibly use?

The Start of Eternity tells the story of a small team of robots with positronic brains who discover a startling feature of physical reality that makes possible both time travel and telepathy. Can the robots use their discovery for the benefit of humanity or will their well-intentioned efforts backfire?

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