Infinity and Aliens.

At the end of Isaac Asimov's time travel story, "The End of Eternity", he wrote about the "the beginning of Infinity" in terms of the spread of humans off of Earth to other worlds of the galaxy. From 1943 to 1993 Asimov wrote and published his great saga of human colonization of the galaxy and humanity's spread to 25,000,000 Earth-like planets: the Foundation Series. In the 20,000 year history of the Galactic Empire, as depicted by Asimov, there was no mention of intelligent, human-like beings from other worlds. Then, in the last pages of the Foundation Series, Asimov raised the specter of alien beings from beyond our own galaxy.

Collaboratively written Fan FictionEdit


The Start of Eternity is a Fan Fiction continuation of Asimov's Foundation saga. The story is still being written and collaborating authors are welcome.

The Start of Eternity tells the story of the alien beings who come into contact with humanity in the years when the Foundation is being phased out and replaced by Galaxia.


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The End of Eternity is a novel about time travel that was created by Isaac Asimov. The story and characters from The End of Eternity and his other fiction are probably claimed as the intellectual property of Asimov's estate or other for-profit corporations. Characters from The End of Eternity and other Asimov novels are borrowed for use here in the spirit of Fan Fiction, for the enjoyment of science fiction fans and with no intention for profit.

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