The Start of EternityEdit

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Spoiler warning: brief chapter descriptions are given below.


Gohrlay in the lab.

Part I. Liberation

Design Space. Observer Gohrlay travels to Earth.

Gohrlay's Diary. Gohrlay comes to view herself as a prisoner.

Chapter 0. Gohrlay volunteers to have her brain scanned as part of an effort to engineer the first robot with a positronic brain and human-like behavior.

Vortex. R. Gohrlay and her team of positronic robots guiding humanity towards control of the galaxy.

Chapter 007. Andrew Harlan and Noÿs Lambent in their new life on Earth in the 20th century. Andrew Harlan and Noÿs Lambent are characters from Isaac Asimov's time travel novel. This chapter reveals key events in their lives from the years immediately after the end of Asimov's novel, The End of Eternity.


Part II. The Huaoshy.



Humans spread to millions of worlds in the galaxy and then start forming a vast telepathically integrated group mind known as Galaxia. Galaxia was designed by robots to satisfy the Laws of Robotics and protect humanity, but aliens from other galaxies view Galaxia as a ghastly aberration that must be destroyed.

The alien crew of the inter-galactic cruiser, Many Sails visits the human world of Tokishira....about two centuries after the events depicted in Asimov's novel, Foundation and Earth.

Chapter 1. After two weeks of frustration on the planet Tokishira, the crew of the Many Sails decides to stop trying to work with humans through conventional channels. The xenophobic Humans clearly have no intention of cooperating with alien visitors.

Chapter 2. Captain Hooski informs the crew of the Many Sails that they will now ignore human-imposed travel restrictions and that their destination is Earth. When they reach Earth their mission will be to reverse a 20,000 year old defeat suffered at the hands of humans.

Chapter 3. Before proceeding to Earth, the Many Sails first goes to the Large Magellanic Cloud. There, additional crew members are taken aboard: humans and humaniform robots.

Chapter 4. Daneel and Fallom prepare for the arrival of the Many Sails at Earth.

Note: chapters 4-6 are under construction.

Chapter 5. Working under the guise of trying to normalize relations between the Huaoshy and humans, the Many Sails visits the planet Imfulri. Alkeirs is sacrificed in order to make the humans feel like they are in control. A positronic robot of alien design is used as "bait" and the Many Sails is allowed to visit Earth.

Chapter 6. The Many Sails visits Fallom's base on Earth's Moon and it is discovered that there are humaniform robots there with positronic brains.

Chapter 7. The crew of Many Sails learns about the existence of time travel. However, Gohrlay foils their attempt to change Time.

Chapter 8. The crew of Many Sails gets help from the future and again travels back in time.



Part III. The Final Reality.

Chapter 9. Asimov is taken back to the Moon by the aliens.

Chapter 10. Chapters 10-13 are a "flashback" describing the early development of the intergalactic civilization that is controlled by the Huaoshy.

Chapter 14. Asimov returns to Earth.


Part IV. The Start of Eternity.

Chapter 15. The origin of telepathic robots.

Chapter 16. This chapter shows the origin of the laws of robotics.

Chapter 17. Gohrlay takes control of Observer Base.


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The End of Eternity is a novel about time travel that was created by Isaac Asimov. The story and characters from The End of Eternity and his other fiction are probably claimed as the intellectual property of Asimov's estate or other for-profit corporations. Characters from The End of Eternity and other Asimov novels are borrowed for use here in the spirit of Fan Fiction, for the enjoyment of science fiction fans and with no intention for profit.

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