Leslie and her brother Robert arrived at their grandmother's house. Their grandmother was very happy to see them. After they ate some of her chocolate chip cookies they decided to explore the house a little. They hadn't come there for years, as their grandmother lived out in the country.

Attic trunk

Their exploration of the house eventually took them to the attic. They found a trunk in the attic that had the word "Yellow" written on it. Curious, Robert pulled it open. After one glance at the contents Leslie gasped, "Oh!"

The trunk held neatly folded clothing, possibly silk. Leslie held up a brightly colored robe and started stroking the fabric: she'd never felt anything like it. Looking closely at the treads of the robe under the dim light of the attic, she thought they glowed faintly.

Upon seeing the clothing in the trunk, Robert moved on across the attic and found an old foosball table. He could see no ball, so he started hunting around for one.

Leslie noticed that the top six inches of the trunk was a cedar shelf that could be lifted out. What might be in the main compartment below?

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