The Harper familyEdit

Dr. James HarperEdit

Picture 015

James Harper turning into the Bobcat.

Dr. James Harper was a medical doctor living in Penmount, Michigan. He is the son of Margaret Harper and the father of Brian and Audrey Harper. His wife died in 2005.

In December 2006, Dr. Harper became the first person to be turned into a were-beast, becoming a ferocious Bobcat. After becoming human again, he discovered that he still possessed some of the abilities he had as a were-animal, such as improved hearing. However, he and his family had to flee Penmount when an angry mob discovered the truth about him and feared he was still dangerous.

Brian HarperEdit

Brian Harper (born 1988) is Dr. Harper's teenage son. He generally has a nice personality, but sometimes has a rather sardonic sense of humor. He is eighteen years old and he worked at a variety store in Penmount, although he plans to follow his father's footsteps and go into medical school.

Audrey HarperEdit

Audrey Harper (born 1989) is Dr. Harper's teenage daughter. She is kind and generally compassionate and has a much less sarcastic personality than her brother. She is seventeen and still in high school.

Margaret HarperEdit

Margaret Harper is Dr. Harper's eccentric mother and grandmother to Brian and Audrey. She was quite miffed that she couldn't know about her son's hideous transformation.

Other Penmount residentsEdit

Fred MontgomeryEdit

Ranger Fred "Monty" Montgomery is a friendly ranger who worked in the nearby Porcupine Mountains, where he owns a dog named Bunnell after Lafayette Bunnell. He is the owner of the Porcupine Mountains Visitor Center.

Officer McPhersonEdit

Officer John McPherson is the Chief of Police in Penmount, Michigan. He is harsh, often arrogant and has many unpleasant personality traits, although he still does what he believes is right.

Chaleen BrightEdit


Chaleen at home.

Chaleen Bright (born 1977) is a catty television reporter who used to work for a local news station in Penmount, Michigan. She is twenty-nine years old and doesn't mind ruining other people's lives to get a good story. Chaleen's life changed greatly after she was turned into a werebat, however. At first she was happy after being changed back, thinking she could get rich writing a book about her experience, but then she realized the Alliance would stop at nothing to kill her. She has now adopted the orphaned Joey Legrand, after having saved his life from a were-locust, and is now engaged to Sergeant Henry Andrews.

Blake JonesEdit

Blake Jones is one of Audrey's teachers. He joined the Alliance, but later left and turned back to the "good" side.

Joey LegrandEdit

Joey Legrand was a teenage boy so desentized by violent movies that he thought it would be cool to turn into a werebeast. After having seen what happened to Chaleen, he changed his mind.

Dr. ShimmingsEdit


Dr. Shimmings

Dr. Deman Shimmings used to be Dr. Harper's boss, but, after he discovered that his employee was briefly turned into a werecat, he led a lynch mob to the Harpers' home and had it destroyed. Shimmings went on to found and lead the Alliance, an unethical organization that fights the werebeasts through any means. The Alliance believes that anyone who used to be a werebeast is still dangerous (when, in reality, they are just like any other human) and wants them all killed. Shimmings died when he fell backwards into a ravine on December 23, 2006; however, a "Martian" found his body and used it as a disguise, to try and kill the Harper family.

Samantha BrightEdit

Samantha Bright is Chaleen's estranged mother, who was put in jail after Chaleen did a story on her meth problem.

Ernest JacksonEdit

Ernest Jackson was a hunter turned into a werewolf.

Military charactersEdit

General StuartEdit

General Harold Stuart is a gruff military general, who is very big on efficiency. He hates being interrupted for any reason and considers being courteous a waste of time.

Captain MaroneEdit

Captain William "Bill" Marone is a subordinate to General Stuart. He was promoted from lieutenant in Part 5 of Were-Virus

Sgt. Henry AndrewsEdit

Sgt. Henry Andrews is a seargent in the army who was bitten by a contaminated gila monster and turned into a reptilian humanoid. He has since been changed back and is now engaged to Chaleen Bright.

The Jennings familyEdit

Dr. Henry Jennings and Dr. Carol Jennings are a married couple and both medical doctors. They formerly worked at Banal Hospital in Los Angeles, but then moved to New York City to create a cure for the were-animal disease.

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