The Sea of Space is a vast empty world of shadows. Stars are like mountains, reefs that rise up towards the surface. Life flourishes around them, near the "surface" of the endless ocean that is space. Galaxies are archipelagoes, vast island chains filled with life. The universe is an ocean, the galaxies are seas, the stars are islands, and the planets and other orbiters are reefs. Life spreads from them, ever expanding, ever changing. This is a story the future, a story of a strange world where life lives everywhere, from the deepest abyss far from any star, to the surface and innards of the stars themselves... this, is the Sea of Space.

Chapter One: Field Trip to EarthEdit

Uriga was bored. Earth may be the homeworld of the Great Galactics, but that didn't make it any more fun to visit... the planet hadn't changed in eons, according to the records, and the life here was primitive, stupidly so. Wolves and cats and dogs and owls, nothing worth mentioning. Now a Space Manta, or a Kraken! Those were creatures worth seeing! But no, Uriga was stuck on Earth, listening to a lecture from his teacher, Yrt.

"Now, as we all know, Earth, also called 'Terra', is the home planet of the Great Galactics, the species responsible for uplifting all the others in our galaxy. They created all sorts of life forms, like the Great Space Manta, Space Rock Life, Kilt Cats, and even things as mighty and deadly as the Kraken. You have a question, Ottili?" "Yes. Why would the Great Galactics create something as evil as the Kraken?" "Well, you have to understand, Kraken aren't evil. They are another part of the food chain, which the Great Galactics observed here on Earth and simulated to their best abilities, which were great. But for the ecosystem to be complete, there needed to be predators, like Stellar Sharks, Omega Swarms, and Kraken. The Great Galactic knew this and-" "If they were so great, why are they extict?" "Uriga, raise your hand next time! The Great Galactic are not known to be extict. Certainly, they are not among us, we would know-" chuckles from among the class "- and many think that they are simply... elsewhere." "But what do you mean by 'Elsewhere'?" "Uriga, raise your hand! Elsewhere meaning that they have simply found another place to live, beyond the galaxy's border, past the eternal abyss. Now, let us get back to the history of Earth. The Great Galactics were far from the first creatures to exist on this ancient planet. Before them came many other creatures and life forms..."

Uriga was only paying attention with half his mind, the other half was buzzing on about this "elsewhere" that the teacher had spoken of. Uriga was an orphan, found in a small ship all alone drifting inward from a distant place, from beyond that vast abyss. But Uriga had no recollection of that place, except that it was bright, and warm and safe. He had never known his family, and many people he encountered looked at him strangely because of his appearance. Unlike most creatures, he had no fur, except on the top of his head and around his eyes. He walked on two legs, had two arms, poor eyesight, poor sense of smell, and poor hearing. Even his sense of taste was bad, when compared to almost all other forms of life. But he was used to the strange looks he got, he was used to being an outcast. Uriga was also smaller, which made him the target of all sorts of bullying. But Uriga was used to all that. What he wasn't used to was getting an answer without an answer. He was now very interested in what had happened to the Great Galactics. Had they really left the galaxy? The thought seemed unbelievable, but it must be true, where else would they have gone? And if they left the galaxy, them maybe... maybe he was one of them! Maybe, just maybe, Uriga thought, maybe I am a Great Galactic.

He suddenly came out of his thoughts to hear a mass of roaring laughter from all around him. Even the teacher was laughing. "You can't be a Great Galactic, your too dumb!" "And weak!" "And blind!" "And deaf!" "Now -ha- now students -ha ha- please, leave Uriga alone. He may well -ha!- be one of the - aha!- Great- Great-" The teacher collapsed into laughter at the thought, unable to even finish the sentence. Uriga growled under his breath, which set off another round of laughter, because his "growl" was weak and harmless sounding. "Whatcha gonna do, bite me with those stubby little fangs of yours?" Wortimer, a larger carnivore sputtered out between gasps for breath. "No, I rather thought that I would walk back to the ship and wait for you there. I'll do the research on my own." Uriga went back to the ship alone, no one bothered to stop him. After all, what could he, a simple thing from the edge of the galaxy, ever do on his own? Well, not much. He went back to the ship, did some research, looked up some theories on where the Great Galactics had gone and what they may have looked like, and then decided that he couldn't possibly be one. They had built superstructures with hallways far to large for something as small as him to need. As if that wasn't enough, they had left behind statues, and these statues had always shown them as being large creatures, with a lumbering sort of appearance. Not graceful like Uriga, but more slow and steady like Ottili. His thoughts were interrupted when the class returned to the ship, and the AI lifted them off the ground and started them back on their journey home to Trian.

"Hey, Uriga, you created any new life forms yet?" Uriga sighed. It was Denit, a nasty piece of work. Denit was a Kiariti, a species of dangerous carnivore with a taste for anything that fit in their mouths. They also, for the most part, had a nasty temper, were far from civil, and allowed anger to rule them. It was said that Denit planned to rule the galaxy someday, but for now he was content with ruling the class and making Uriga's life miserable. But Uriga decided to do the one thing that would probably piss Denit off the most. "Yes, as a matter of fact I did! It's called 'Denitis', because it's almost as ugly as you are! Isn't it a miracle?" Denit roared and hurled himself at Uriga. But there was one thing that Uriga did have. He was agile. Very agile. And his small size allowed him to jump and climb higher then most of his classmates. So that's what he did, leaping out of the way and instinctively headed for a large pole. Uriga jumped up and grabbed the pole with both hands and hauled arse up the pole. Now about 12 feet off the ground, he turned himself around and looked down at Denit, who was leaping futilely at the bottom of the pole. Denit, however dangerous, wasn't able to jump more then a few feet off the ground. The teacher came running back into their part of the ship and started yelling at them, telling Denit to stop trying to eat Uriga and telling Uriga not to anger Denit. After this, they all went down for dinner, each species getting a specific food depending on their biological needs. Uriga, unlike almost all the others there, could eat almost any kind of biological food, which meant he always got whatever the others didn't want. Today it was cold Jurika meat with a side of Humuto Roots. Not the kind of thing that Uriga liked to eat, but he was adaptable. Sadly, this adaptability earned him the nickname "Trash Eater" because he was often given what others would consider trash instead of food. Uriga had few friends and no family, he was an orphan who depended on the kindness of the school budget simply to survive. He hated it so much, but there was little he could do. After all, he was only a weak, useless creature from beyond the galaxy's borders.

Chapter Two: Hunted!Edit

While eating dinner, the ships AI suddenly came on. "Attention students, teachers, and other staff members. We are currently being hunted by a rather large school of Stellar Sharks, which appear to be of the Iridescent species. I have already powered the shields up to full, but we will need to avoid them if we are to survive. Course corrections will require us to pass through the Earithral Abyss. All hands please go to emergency stations." There's a moment of absolute silence in the cafeteria. "Please me go!" Everybody starts moving at once. While no one had ever thought they would be under attack from anything as deadly as an Iridescent Shark, let alone an entire school of the creatures, they had all been through the drills. Iridescent Sharks are large creatures that seem to be made up of glass, but in reality they are made up of strong clear scales. Their coloration can be anything from completely clear to jet black to pink, purple, green, red, any color of the rainbow. Iridescent Sharks also have pulsing patterns of lines that mark their bodies, randomly crossing and crisscrossing, and always changing color in a steady pattern of red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple-red. They knew what to do in such an emergency as an attack by a predatory species of any kind. Uriga rushed towards his room, which was specially designed for one of his size and shape, but on the way he was attacked and shoved into an escape pod! "That's the last time you will EVER call me ugly!" It was Denit, aided by Wortimer and Jamak, his loyal gangmates. "Wha- stop it, you moron! Do you want to get yourself killed?" Uriga was hoping that the AI would notice and step in, but there was no intervention. Denit slammed the door on the escape pod and said in a terrifying voice "You'll drift until you run out of energy. Then you will slowly freeze solid. Of course, that's assuming you survive the sharks." Denit then chuckled, and went back along his way, punching the 'launch' button on his way out. Wortimer and Jamak were already gone.

Uriga's pod launched itself away from the ship with a single burst of energy, then started to drift. The Uriga's horror, the Iridescent Sharks were closer then the AI had let on. And to his even greater horror, there was what could only be a Kraken coming in from the side, having been hiding in a large astroid. The ship started to turn, trying to avoid the Kraken and get a proper heading at the same time, but unable to do so. The Kraken grabbed the ship in it's 12 tentacles and pulled off one of the engines, which it promptly threw at the Iridescent Sharks. That pissed them off, but they were no match for a Kraken, even when they outnumbered it. The sharks kept their distance. Uriga suddenly toppled over as his pod hit something. He spun around looking at what looked to be an abandoned ship. He then realized the horrible truth. This ship wasn't abandoned, it was dead. Something had captured or killed and eaten it's entire crew. But the ship seemed small and intact enough. Uriga was a decent engineer, he could get it working again, if it still had an atmosphere. Uriga looked over his shoulder and saw escape pods firing from across the ship, only to be snatched up by the Kraken. Those that the Kraken missed were taken out by the Iridescent Sharks, who were hungry and angry. Not one of the ships escape pods survived the feeding frenzy. I suppose I should thank you, Denit, you saved my life. Uriga drove all thoughts of his former class out of his head, he would need all of his brainpower if he was to survive this. Uriga turned back towards the ship in front of him, and started to guide the pod towards where he figured the airlock would be. And there it was, intact and everything.

Uriga hooked his pod up to the airlock and completed a full scan of the ship. It was far from perfect, but the part he was attached to still held an atmosphere, and it was breathable. He checked the map of the ship, and noted that it passed 2 rooms that were in the safe zone, and reached up to the bridge. It also touched the central engine room, which meant he could fix the main engine. Uriga noted that the ship was a 3 engine ship, with a design he had never seen before. Interesting. But no matter, Uriga thought before he could get distracted. It was time to see what he could do to save this ship from an eternity of drifting in this crevice. He looked behind him one last time, and saw that the ship was in pieces. The engines had been ripped off and apart by the Kraken, as had much of the main part of the ship. The front, where the AI had resided, was gone, eaten by the Kraken. The Iridescent Sharks were swimming through the wreckage looking for scraps that the Kraken may have left behind. Uriga looked away, a little sick to his stomach after imagining what his class must have gone through before they died. He went to work on the air lock, to get into the derelict ship. It took him a solid 3 minutes to bypass the ships security and start the opening of the airlock.

While the ships sensors claimed the air was breathable for him, Uriga wasn't taking any chances. He donned a specially made skinsuit, which grew out to cover his entire body is a solid black layer of airtight suit. It also started up the air scrubbers that were on his back, setting them to work making his air breathable again. The airlock cycled, and Uriga entered the strange derelict. Uriga entered warily, for he knew not what could be hidden within the ship. As he traversed the small ship, he found that it seemed to be a civilian craft of some sort or another. Uriga felt as though he were trespassing, but then decided that wasn't true. He needed this ship, and he would not abuse it unless he absolutly needed to. Uriga continued, arriving at the ships bridge. He then saw a sight that he had never expected: the captain of the ship. Dead. The Captains body was completely covered, a stiff suit of some kind that didn't allow any sight of his actual body, hands covered in gloves, hat hanging low over where Uriga imagined the face would be. Similar in build to Uriga, but larger, to large to be of Uriga species. He stopped in his place, then started forward again, making sure to pay his respects by nodding at the captain. He had done Uriga a great favor by guiding the ship to this place safely. Uriga then looked at the controls, more interested in getting the ship working then in the captain or it's species.. He instantly realized he would never be able to fly the ship, it's steering systems were completely foreign to him. But at the same time, they felt familiar. Uriga looked back at the captain, looked away, then did a double take. The captain looked just like he did, but older! And dead. Uriga rushed over to the captain, and started to lift up his hat. At that exact moment, Uriga was attacked from behind.

Uriga's first though was The Kraken! It's back! His second though was Oh wait, this is way too small to be a Kraken. Uriga then started to battle for his life. Small or not, his opponent was a skilled fighter, and didn't want to lose. Uriga struggled, writhing and squirming and thrashing and trying to flip is opponent onto his back. Uriga then managed to get ahold of his opponents arm, and bit down hard with his small stubby teeth. Small as they were, those teeth were enough. His enemy cried out in pain, and let go. Uriga spun to face them, and without even a moment's hesitation leapt at him. His opponent was smart though, and dodged, kicking Uriga in the stomach as he flew past. Uriga grit his teeth and took it, grabbing his enemy's leg and yanking him towards his fist. Uriga made solid contact, and the attacker flew back, landing behind the captains chair. He got up, and started to move towards Uriga again. Uriga growled, and then said "Who are you? What do you want? Why did you attack me?" The enemy stopped dead in his tracks, and then said "You were going to defile my father's body. I couldn't let you do that, now could I?" At that moment, Uriga realized the he was really a she. "By the way, my name's Luet."

Chapter Three: Luet's TaleEdit

"Luet? I see. My named Uriga. So... um, what are you?" "Same as you, a human." "Human?" "How can you not know? We're only the oldest sapient species in the galaxy." "You- you mean the Great Galactics?" "That's what the younger species call us, yes, but we are and always will be human." "But... how could something as weak, dumb, slow, and powerless as us be the Great Galactics?" "Simple, we have the most advanced technology of any species in the galaxy." "We... we do?" "Yep. Man, you're really behind, aren't you? Sheesh, let me explain..."

"It all started almost 12 million years ago, back when humans had only just left earth. They found that there were no other planets bearing complex life, none that even bore multicellular life." "But-" "Shush, I'm telling you your history. Now, humans had always wanted others to speak with. We don't do well when left unequaled. So we started finding habitable planets, or moving planets so that they would be habitable. Then we started to spread life to those worlds, and also sped up their evolutionary process with a powerful genetic disease that caused rapid mutation in creatures, so they could leap millions of years of evolution in a few hundred years. Swiftly, however, we found that these creatures were becoming too dangerous, so humans started trying to wipe them out. But it was too late, the life they had created was too strong, and then one human, for reasons unknown, altered this life so that it could exist in space, without ships or suits or anything. This simple life from started to change, to adapt. It swiftly spread throughout the system, and threatened to overwhelm human settlements there. So we started building an ecosystem, with the space plants and rock life being on the bottom, and everything else building up from there. But space is big, and life always finds a way to break free of restrictions. In this case, it was size that changed. The tiny animals started to grow, which caused everything to grow. Originally, Kraken were only 30 feet long, but they got bigger over time. And there is plenty of space for them to continue to grow and adapt. For example, this Kraken here that attacked both our ships can change its external appearance, something thought to be restricted to- " "Terran Octopuses!" "Exactly. So life is breaking the bonds again, becoming stronger and better then ever before. Again. That's evolution for ya. Sadly, humans have not changed since we founded our civilization. That's the problem with civilization, it shuts down evolution and eventually self-destructs as the creatures around it become too much for the civilization to handle. Then they die, and something new comes to replace them. For humans, we decided to uplift our replacements, going out to our many colonies and pulling ourselves off them. We then uplifted the smartest creatures there, and promptly left the places where they lived. We moved outward, towards the emptiness beyond the galaxy. We didn't try for other galaxies, we simply moved ourselves beyond this one. Out there-" Luet gestures toward the emptyness of space- "we have massive cities the size of small star systems, quadrillions of humans living together in massive cities larger then a solar system. We send ships in among the galaxy, we use out tech to make ourselves look like common creatures of this galaxy, we continue to study and protect the life that lives here. We also continue to destroy the genetic viruse that causes life to evolve at the superfast rates it has been evolving at for millions of years, slowing that evolution down so we can someday catch up."

"Why not just speed yourselves up?" "We have. The humans that left Earth were small, 6ft tall at the most, but my kind can grow to be almost 15ft tall, at the most. We average out at about 13ft, for females, but my father was a very large male. One of the largest, actually, at 17ft in height." "Wow... so why do you need to stop the fast evolving creatures?" "We need to catch up, but we're so far behind that we can't speed ourselves up fast enough. Not without destroying our entire culture and shattering our species into dozens of smaller breeds as they evolve away from each other. We need to remain Human, otherwise we will lose that which has kept our species together for such a long time." "I see..."

Uriga though about that shocking news for a few minutes. Then he asked "But what about you? How did you and your" - he glances at the dead captain - "end up here, in a dead ship near a dangerous Kraken?" "That, Uriga, is a long story. Are you sure you want to hear it?" "I have plenty of time." "True... well, for my story to be told, we must go back to before my birth, to the time when a great and terrible emperor ruled much of the human territories, and planned to extend his power over the entire galaxy..."

"Emperor Tavis was a monster. He was absolutely brutal in all things he did, and he took special pleasure in hurting children and other young people. Tavis always got what he wanted, because everyone was scared that if they didn't give him what he wanted he would kill them. His was not a pleasant rule, and many rebels came to hate him greatly. He is the reason I am here, 3 generations later. Tavis, for some reason or another, decided he fancied a young girl by the name of Lucy. So he demanded of both her and her family that she be married to him, as his empress. The family wanted to refuse, but Lucy wasn't the only child in the family. She herself agreed to it, promising her family she wouldn't forget them and that she would be okay. For his part, Tavis promised not to kill her family. Not that he kept the promise, but he didn't kill them openly. An 'accidental' house fire destroyed the family, no one survived. About 200 other people died in the fire, but Tavis got what he wanted. He made it look like Lucy's family had been killed for agreeing to a deal with him, and convinced Lucy that the people were evil. She was lost, and confused. Easy prey for Tavis, who changed her from a kind woman to a harsh and cruel person, just as evil as he was. She became known as "Tavis's Pet Monster" after the event. The people hated her even more then they hated the Emperor, because she had one been on their side. Anyway, the two had 3 children. The oldest, a boy, was killed by his father before he turned 9. The second, a girl, died when her father's friend and general decided she was pretty and asked for her hand in marriage. Her parent's accepted, and the general, who was already married to 3 other women, killed her on their wedding night. He lost his privates for that, literally, and had his entire family butchered in front of him. He was then given to an angry mob and ripped apart. Literally."

"The third survived. Akemi was more independent, and her parent's a little hold over her. She actually tried to join the brewing rebellion, but was rejected because they feared she would spy for her parents. When war broke out, and her father lost, she was sent to prison for life. It was in this prison that Akemi met my father, a security guard. They fell in love rather quickly, and after about 12 years my father had become the head guard. Akemi got plenty of small favors from him, like protection from other inmates, after all, who would attack the lover of the head guard? No one, that's who. But even he couldn't protect her from the "law". You see, by being a decedent of Tavis, Akemi was considered just as evil as he was, and considered just as much to blame for the war and all the suffering he had caused. So a war court was assembled. It took 12 years for them to gather enough "incriminating" information to condemn her to death. Ironic as this is, the death sentence came in three days after she finally became pregnant with me. When father found out, he was desperate. So he broke the rules, stealing a ship, this ship, and escaping with Akemi on board. But father was no doctor, no medical worker. He couldn't save Akemi from the one thing they both loved most: me. She died in childbirth, living only long enough to name me Luet, then dying. My father gave her a burial in space, then fled the many hunters who were following him. He raised me in here, in this single ship. Your the first person I've ever met who wasn't my father. He taught me everything, and then died when that damn Kraken attacked us. Killed by crashing his head into the steering counsel there. He managed to get the ship into this crevice, but died shortly afterwards. The ship is mostly unharmed, as the Kraken went for the engines, not the body, but we hadn't actually used much of the ship in, well, ever actually. Then you showed and I attacked you, thinking you were one of the people who followed us, and now here we are talking to each other. That is my story, Uriga. Now tell me, what's yours? What is a boy your age doing way out here all alone with no family and no knowledge of your own species?"

Chapter Four: Friends? Or just Allies?Edit

Uriga sighed. He had expected this from the moment he met her. "Well... my story isn't all too clear. I don't remember much of anything from my family history, nothing of my birth place. I just remember someplace warm and safe and bright. Nothing else. Then, after that, I was found in an escape pod on the very edges of the galaxy, far from any habited stars. The people who found me were a group of explorers investigating the outer rim of the galaxy. I probably got an entire episode or two, I was, after all, from beyond the galaxy, if the trajectory of my pod could be trusted. They found me, and after they decided I was nothing special I was sent to an orphans school. The only thing I had in common with the rest of them was that I was an orphan. I'm slower, dumber, weaker, and basically lesser then them in every manner possible. It wasn't fun, it wasn't easy. I don't really have any positive memories from that time at all. Not one. Then, of course, the ship I was on was attacked by a Kraken after visiting Earth and I escaped alive. Huh, my story's shorter than yours. Funny. Well, that's how I ended up here in your ship."

"That is a sad story... well, it seems we're both stuck here. You wouldn't happen to know how to repair engines, would you?" "As a matter of fact I do!" "Really!? You can actually fix the engines?!" "I should be able to get the middle one working, if it isn't too exotic." "It's not, we try to use the same engines as the main galaxy species so that they don't realize that we're different from them." "Well then, we'll probably be off and moving sooner rather than later. But..." "But what?" "Your father's still in the command chair. And I can't fly this thing, you'll have to do it. I'll be the engineer, you'll be the captain." "Wha- okay. I'll move my father's body, you start working on the engines."

Three long hours later, Uriga managed to get the engine to rumble into action. The port engine was a total loss, nothing left of it, and the starboard engine was scrapped for material for the central engine. Uriga and Luet smiled at each other when she activated the ships systems for the first time since the attack, 2 weeks ago. The lights flickered a little, but the ship worked! Luet and Uriga ate a large dinner that night, larger then they probably should have, but it was a celebration. They weren't going to die just yet!

While at dinner, Uriga asked Luet "So, are we friends?" Luet replied with "Not quite yet. When we reach a planet, then we will be friends. If we stay together, that is. Until then, we're just allies." Uriga was a little put off by this, and it showed "Oh... well okay then. I won't leave you." "Ah, but will I leave you?" Luet replied.

Chapter Five: Dangerous TidesEdit

Uriga was monitoring the engines while Luet piloted the ship through the astroid belt that housed the Kraken. They were both nervous, scared that the Kraken would return, or that they would encounter the Iridescent Sharks again. But nothing bothered them as they left. In fact, there wasn't a single living thing in the entire astroid belt, which was very strange. This belt was orbiting a high-energy blue supergiant main sequence star, it should be bubbling with life, literally. But so far they had only seen stone plants and other immobile space life. It was as though everything that could leave had left. This is way too creepy. There should be creatures here. By gods, even if it was that Kraken, it would be better then this... emptiness... thought Uriga as engine rumbled next to him. The ship continued, moving outward so they could pick up their speed and plot a safe course to the nearest habited system, Yames 3.

They were at the edge of the astroid belt when Luet shut down the ship, bringing it to a halt. Uriga, startled, rushed up to see why. And boy oh boy, did he see why. In front of them, as far as the eye could see, were Erethral Translucent Gangtels, a species of deadly space jellyfish like creature. "What are those?" Luet asked, nervouse. Then Uriga saw what she was looking at. It was the Kraken, dead and trapped in the long tentacles of the Gangtel. Gangtel are massive, with a disk on the top of their body and a massive web of tentacles spreading outward from it. The inner tentacles are stiff, and take in energy from stars and other power sources, while the outer tentacles catch prey and drain it of energy, which the creatures then use to move and survive. "Those are Erethral Translucent Gangtels, and we do not want to be caught by them." "Why not, we have a ship around us." "Those tentacles don't just sting, they also drain energy from anything that they touch. We get caught, we lose power. We lose power, we both die."

Luet was stunned for a full 10 seconds. "But... what kind of creature- nevermind, it's not worth the answer. So we can't let them touch us, and we can't escape them without them seeing us." Uriga nodded, "Yep. We have to either go back the way we came or find a way around them." "Shouldn't be too hard to do that..." "You speak to soon, these swarms can grow to be as massive as an astroid belt in and of themselves. It really depends on if this is their breeding season, which I do think it is..." Uriga noticed something and snorted "Yep, it's their breeding season, flarit." "Flarit?" "Swear word, just something said in anger or annoyance. Basically a rude way of saying we're probably screwed." Luet snorted "I see, what a lovely mouth you've got. So, if we went up and over them-" Uriga was already shaking his head, "No, that wouldn't work. The breeding swarms are always bringing in more of them. Somehow, they managed to organize these things over the entire galaxy. By the end of the week, this entire system will be one massive swarm of these fellas, and then we won't have any reason to complain." "Why not?" "We'll be dead." "Oh... okay then, what do we do." Uriga grinned in the way that only a teenage boy can. "We blow our way through them. This ship's got weapons on it?"

Luet rolled her eyes. So typical of a boy to think up that plan of action. "Yes we have weapons. But will they be strong enough?" "Erethral Translucent Gangtels may look strong, but only the tentacles are dangerous. The bodies are made up of a jelly-like material, completely defenseless and easy to kill. Once the body is dead, the tentacles become harmless as well." "Well, that's cool, I think. So, we take out the bodies and then we can escape." "Yep." Uriga and Luet then moved to their positions. Since Luet was the only one of them who could steer the ship, she took the pilots seat. Uriga took the gunners seat, and prepped the weapons. "We ready?" "We're ready." Luet took the ship out towards the Gangtels at a steady speed. Uriga waited, then opened fire on them, aiming for the bodies. It took them a solid half hour to bore their way through the creatures, but they made it, and looked behind them. There was a nice little hole where their ship had passed through, but the swarm itself was truly immense, stretching out up down and around the entire area. They spotted more of the Gangtels making their slow way towards the edge of the swarm. All of them were bringing food and other things with them. Ships, Kraken, Iridescent Sharks, all sorts of smaller creatures and ships were tangled in the vast net of tentacles. "My gods there's a ton of them..." "That's a breeding swarm, the entire population moves to one of the 3 thousand or so breeding locations. How they choose a spot, I will never know." Uriga then turned and promptly shot something in front of them. "Luet, do you mind steering, we nearly crashed into one of them."

Luet turns her back on the system, and their ship makes it's way out, headed for the system Yames 3.

Chapter Six: Planet Bound!Edit


  • This story was inspired by a pic of a very nice fish called Demasoni Cichlid. Funny, eh?

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