(Morning rose over the Warriors window. Flashing its first sunlight on the heavily sleeping Warriors. Kimiko gave a small stir. And continued her gentle breathing. Then what almost seemed like a thunderstorm pass by, Master Fung clapped a gong that awoke everyone instantly.)

Raimundo: Arrrgh! Master Fung? What's the racket?

Kimiko: Yeah, I was having such a perfect dream.

Master Fung: Sorry, young ones. But I have just received a letter. From one of my previous students.

Clay: Previous student?

Master Fung: Yes. And I must say, one of the best.

Omi: But I thought we were your best.

Master Fung: Hohoho, you’re the best presently, he's the best ever.

Raimundo: You gonna keep us in suspense any longer, or are yah just gonna read the letter already?

Master Fung: Dear Mastah Fung, hoo are yah, anyways, let me cut tae the chase. If it's awrite wae yoo, I’d like to come to visit fer a week. Please reply if you hink ah should, your best student. Scottie McCrimson.

Kimiko: Scottie McCrimson? Would he by any chance be Scottish?

Master Fung: But of course.

Raimundo: Yeah, Kimiko can obviously tell a persons nationality.

Omi: Scottie McCrimson. Why does that name sound so familiar?

Master Fung: Why follow me and you shall see.

(Master Fung led the Warriors to a small shrine, in which a large picture was laden on.)

Master Fung: That is Scottie McCrimson, the day he left.

(The Warriors inspected a small picture of Master Fung and a really tall rugged figure.)

Clay: Whoa, that guy'll make feeding the pigs look like sweeping.

Dojo: Yeah, if you think his size is mouth-dropping, you should see what he eats.

Kimiko: So when does Scottie come?

Master Fung: When the reply letter arrives.

(One week later, the Warriors are summoned to the grounds.)

Master Fung: We have Scottie's Reply message. It says: "Fantastic, I will pop on down shortly."

Kimiko: Shortly?

(Then out of nowhere there came this ultimately loud sound. Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay were covering their ears. But Master Fung and Dojo were not fazed. Then at the gates, there came this huge, almost giant-like man. That must have been Scottie. Since he was the source of that noise, he was playing a set of bagpipes.)

Master Fung: Ah Scottie McCrimson. It has been too long.

(He gave a short bow.)

Scottie: Argh, enough eh that bowing nonsense, here's how we say 'ello.

(He wrapped his arms around Master Fung and Dojo and gave him one big bear hug.)

Raimundo: I hope he doesn't do that to us.

(Scottie then drops Master Fung.)

Master Fung: er... Yes, well. Young monks, I’d like you to meet Scottie McCrimson, famous Xiaolin Warrior and favorable student of mine. Scottie, this is Omi, Wudai Warrior of Water.

Scottie: Aha, mah wee friend, a Wuda' Warria, Ahaha. I cin 'memba last time ah wis Wuda' Warria.

(Then he gave Omi a gigantic bear hug. Then dropped him to the ground.)

Omi: Yes, it is very good to make your acquaintance, Mr. McCrimson.

Scottie: Haha, please caw me Scottie.

Master Fung: And this is Kimiko Tohomiko, Wudai Warrior of Fire.

Kimiko: Nice to meet you Scottie.

Scottie: Ah wee lass, never thought a'd see the day, whin a secy young lass would come to Wuda' Warria stage. Come 'ere yah wee minx.

(He then gave her a bear hug as well.)

Kimiko: Thanks.

Master Fung: This is Raimundo Pedrosa, Wudai Warrior of Wind.

Raimundo: Hey, dude.

Scottie: Hah, look at you, you’re aw skin and bones wae your wee Xiaolin robes, look at ye.

(He then gave him a bear hug as well. And then lifted him up with one of his large paws.)

Scottie: Hah, you're right Mastah Fung; he is dragon ae the Wind, light as mah wind.

(Then he threw him down. And Raimundo used his wind powers to give him a safe landing.)

Master Fung: And this is Clay Bailey, Wudai Warrior of Earth.

Clay: Howdy partner.

Scottie: Hahaha, I take it your mah undertaker. Cus' ah was dragon of the earth once mahsel'. Ah bet you'd be quite good at sparring match.

Clay: Ah'd be honored.

Scottie: Ahahaha, the wee man's even goat mah accent. Hahhaha, ah love it. Anyways let's see hoo good yah are.

(He led Clay up to a sparring ring and took their places.)

Clay: Don't think a'll go easy on ye.

Scottie: Hahaha, the kids got spunk. Ah like it.

(Then he charged at him with a bamboo stick. Clay frantically picked one up too. Then we swung at Clay but he blocked it, Scottie continuously started whacking but Clay was mostly blocking.)

Omi: Do you think Clay will win?

Master Fung: Absolutely not.

(Raimundo, Omi and Kimiko gave him a cold stare.)

Scottie: Cam oan your makin' this too easae.

(Then Clay struck his stick at him, but Scottie blocked it.)

Scottie: Hohoho, you almost had me there, wee man. But try this.

(He whacked normally, Clay blocked it as usual. But then as fast as lightning, he struck Clay right in the stomach, making him leaving the ring.)

Omi: What just happened?

Kimiko: It was like lightning.

Raimundo: Or faster.

Master Fung: I have told you that he was one of my best students. He has proved it.

Scottie: Anyone else wanna go?

Kimiko: I'll go.

Scottie: Awrite then, wee lassie. Bring it oan.

(She took her place in the ring, took Clay's bamboo stick and went into an offensive stance.)

Kimiko: Hah!

(She jumped up and started striking, Scottie was blocking most of the time. Then Scottie was about to strike, then Kimiko started to spin in a defensive position, blocking all his attacks.)

Scottie: Hoho, well good wee lassie.

Kimiko: That's not all.

(She ran and jumped up, but Scottie ducked, raised his bamboo, so Kimiko landed on the stick on her stomach. Then Scottie flung her away.)

Scottie: Yah did well, wee lass.

Kimiko: Thanks.

Scottie: So which wan ae yoos want next, eh?

Omi: I shall go next.

(Kimiko threw him the bamboo stick, and he took his place in the ring.)

Omi: Horse eating carrots!

(He jumped and struck for Scottie.)

Scottie: Rooster taunting eagle.

(He blocked it with ease.)

Omi: Monkey playing with fire!

(He struck to the side.)

Scottie: Mantis fooling ant.

(He blocked it again.)

Scottie: Dragon fire strike!

(He struck at such high rate. Omi's dots then appeared.)

Omi: Repulse the monkey!

(He flipped Scottie in the air.)

Kimiko: Way to go, Omi!

Scottie: Don't get cocky, wee man. Counter Monkey Repulse!

(He span in the air and then struck Omi's bamboo until it shattered into tiny pieces. Scottie then span his bamboo around and pointed it at Omi.)

Omi: I guess that means I lose?

Scottie: Hahaha, yoo had me worried der fer a sec. So, that leaves feather-weight. Yah up fer it?

Raimundo: I'm ready as anything.

Scottie: Argh, looks like your shy one bamboo stick. (Pointing at the crumbled stick.)

Raimundo: No, but I do have the Spear of Guan.

Scottie: A'll coont that as a bamboo stick.

(They took their place, Raimundo having #384 Spear of Guan at the ready, while Scottie with his bamboo stick still intact.)

Raimundo: Harrgh!

(He lunged forwards, doing the exact same style as Kimiko. He blocked it with ease again. He then slid under him and was about to strike but Scottie dragged him out with his bamboo stick and threw him out of the ring, he was about to land but he used his wind powers to float back on the ring.)

Clay: That was close.

Scottie: Good wan laddie. But try this.

(He lunged forwards again, and in a blink of an eye, it almost looked like there was two Scotties, but then while Raimundo was confused at what one to strike, something struck him right in the face throwing him with the others. Scottie had created an optical illusion of himself to distract Raimundo. The others went to tend to him.)

Kimiko: You okay?

Omi: Allow me. Orb of Tornami!

(He splashed a big amount of water on him which woke him up.)

Raimundo: Ouch, that hurt, Scottie.

Scottie: Sorry laddie. Just dain' a wee experiment. Hahahaha.

(Raimundo noticed Kimiko was touching the cheek Scottie had punched. Without hesitation she withdrew her hand, leaving her bright red. A day later, Dojo had acted up again.)

Dojo: New Shen Gong Wu alert.

(When Dojo said those words Scottie came rushing past.)

Scottie: Shen Gong Wu? Ah remember those wee 'hingz. Dead playful.

Clay: Wait, you know 'bout the Shen Gong Wu?

Scottie: 'Course I know 'em. What's a Xiaolin Warrior if yah donnae know Shen gong Wu?

Omi: So what is the new Shen Gong Wu?

Dojo: (Pulling open the scroll.) The Braclet of Fate. An interesting Wu that can rewind time for up to twenty seconds.

Scottie: Oh, that wis a good Wu. Well come an, ir we gettin' this Wu or no?

Raimundo: You’re...coming with us?

Scottie: Why sure! Don't see know reason why no.

(The Warriors, Scottie and Dojo came across, a large pile of pillars and in the centre was the Shen Gong Wu. And out of nowhere came Jack Spicer with the usual Jack-Bots.)

Scottie: Oy wee man. Who's girly boy 'ere?

Omi: That is Jack Spicer, our arch enemy.

Scottie: Phht, what mama's boy? Hah!

Jack: Okay, who's the skirt-wearing bag-pipe player?

Scottie: I'm Scottie McCrimson! And you've just made me mad!

(He jumped up and started demolishing the Jack-Bots. The others watched in awe.)

Clay: Good thing the big partner's on our side.

Omi: No time, we must get the Shen Gong Wu! Mantis Flip Coin!

(He flipped to between pillars and arrived at the Shen Gong Wu and touched it with Jack.)

Jack: Cue ball, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Scottie: Who you calling a cue ball, yah make-up wearing, mama's boy?

Omi: Scottie, it is okay, I get used to be calling cue ball all the time.

Jack: My Tongue Of Saiping for your Silk Spitter. The game is Pillar-Hopping, last to fall wins.

Both: Let's Go. Xiaolin Showdown!

(The area changed into huge pillars that stretched all the way to the sky. The Warriors were dressed into their Xiaolin Showdown uniforms. But they also noticed that Scottie had his own Xiaolin Showdown uniform. It was a huge steel armor with a crest that looked like a fist on it. And it had spikes on the shoulder-plates.)

Kimiko: All the good moves, Master Fung’s respect and good Xiaolin Showdown armor.

Clay: He makes this armor look like it was bought out of a corner shop.

Both: Gong Ye Tenpai.

(Omi flipped up jumping between pillars.)

Omi: Silk Spitter!

(He shot the silk at Jack but missed him.)

Jack: Tongue Of Saiping. Eagles, attack!

(A flurry of eagles emerged from the pillars and charged at Omi.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Ice!

(He created a thick wall of ice that all the eagles collided into. Omi then shattered the glass and shot tons of Silk at Jack, he luckily evaded all of them.)

Scottie: Come oan wee man, quit trying ter hit him, and destroy him!

Omi: Your command is my wish.

Kimiko: Your wish is my command, Omi.

Omi: What wish?

(he shot a beam of water at the pillar Jack was on and the pillar collapsed. Jack survived by using his Heli-Bot.)

Omi: Silk Spitter!

(He aimed at Jack's Heli-Bot blades and tangled them up, giving him perfect victory.)

Scottie: Hahahaha! Way ta go wee man.

(He smacks Omi right in the back pushing him off in the cliff.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He floated up and made a small cloud in which Omi landed safely.)

Kimiko, Clay and Scottie: Whew.

(Back at the Temple, Omi is getting lots of credit from Scottie, including pats on the back, pats on the head and calling him "Wee man" most of the time. Omi then got a minute to himself, his back and head red, thanks to all of the slapping.)

Omi: And Dojo and Master Fung lived with him once?

Raimundo: I dunno, I think there's something fishy 'bout him.

Kimiko: What do you mean?

Raimundo: Why do you think he defeated us so easily?

Clay: Cus' he had years of training from Master Fung.

Raimundo: Yeah but you seen it didn't you? He countered Omi's repulse the monkey.

Omi: And that is one of my most powerful attacks.

Kimiko: So what's your theory on Scottie McCrimson?

Raimundo: I think he's working for Chase Young.

Omi: Impossible. Unless...

Omi's thoughts: He did counter repulse the monkey and only one person knows repulse the monkey better than I.

Kimiko: Well, we're gonna need proof if we're gonna expose him.

(The next few days, Scottie had been putting more chores on the Warriors. He'd left mud prints on the floor, which the Warriors had to mop up. He left the training grounds in absolute ruin, which the Warriors had to set up again. And he eat all that he was offered, leaving a huge pile of dishes for the Warriors to clean. On the fourth day, Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay are cleaning the dishes, each with their sleeves up, their hair and robes all a mess, and had wrinkly hands because of the amount of water they used.)

Kimiko: Rai, did you find anything on Scottie yet?

Raimundo: None that I seen. Except he eats as much as Clay.

Omi: He absolutely destroys the training grounds.

Clay: And he doesn't take his shoes off when he gets back from the mud pile.

Kimiko: So we got nothing?

Raimundo: Maybe it's time we use Shen Gong Wu to help us.

(Later on, Omi spotted Scottie when he was coming back from the training course.)

Omi: Monkey Staff!

(He turned into his monkey form and secretly pursued Scottie. He snuck inside his room and hid behind a plant pot. Then Scottie began to sing. It was too loud, that it shattered the pot and Scottie had noticed him.)

Scottie: Wee laddie, what yah dain behind that plant?

Omi: Oh er...Making monkey sounds. I was just watering your plants. I am the dragon of water after all.

Scottie: And the Monkey Staff? (Taking the Monkey Staff from Omi.)

Omi: It was a mere distraction to lure the insects that eat this plant to my hairy back.

(He put a fake smile.)

Scottie: Awrite then. (Giving back the Monkey Staff, and leading him out.)

Omi: (Whispering.) Ouch, I never knew Scottish people had such loud voices.

(Later on, Kimiko spotted Scottie alone while taking a walk in the gardens.)

Kimiko: Manchurian Musca!

(She flew over to were he was, Scottie noticed her, and tried to flick her away.)

Scottie: Argh, pesky wee fly. Come 'ere yah wee guy.

Kimiko-fly: Guy?

(Scottie grabbed her and took her to a nearby flower and she rested on it. Scottie then walked away. Kimiko then sized up.)

Kimiko: Ouch, didn't know Scottish people are so rough with flies.

(Later on, Clay noticed Scottie walk past, after his daily feast.)

Clay: Shroud Of Shadows!

(He followed him back to a punching bag; little did Clay know he was standing right in front of it. He then charged at Clay and started punching with all his might, then he stopped.)

Scottie: Hm, strange. Usually ah beat up the wee bag ae meat in mah first five blows.

(Clay snuck away, beaten and bruised.)

Clay: (Under his breath.) I think yah bet up more than just a punching bag, partner.

(Now it was up to Raimundo to check if he was up to something.)

Raimundo: Hm, he won't catch me if I’m under his bed. Serpent's Tail!

(He slid on the ground, and popped up, in Kimiko's room.)

Kimiko: Hey!

Raimundo: Oops, sorry Kimiko, Serpent's Tail!

(He slid under and popped out in Scottie's room. It was a good thing he was away to training.)

Raimundo: All I gotta do is hide under his bed until he gets back, and then he will spill the beans.

(He waited for a couple of minutes until Scottie came in. He gave a huge yawn and collapsed right on his bed. And the force of the collapse made the mattress itself collapse. The next day, Raimundo is nowhere in sight.)

Kimiko: Omi, have you seen Rai anywhere?

Omi: I have not seen him since he took the Serpent's Tail to snoop on Scottie.

Clay: Poor partner.

Kimiko: Hope he's okay.

(Then Raimundo came outta nowhere, he looked quite beat up.)

Kimiko: Rai, where were you? And whew, why do you stink?

Raimundo: That is the last time I hide under a bed!

(And he collapsed right on Omi.)

Clay: That explains a lot.

(After Raimundo healed from last night. They went to Shen Gong Wu training with their signature Wu. Scottie was watching.)

Scottie: Hahahaha. It's like watching kids play it a sandbox. 'Ere, wee lassie, geez that Shen Gong Wu!

(He took the Star Hanabi from Kimiko.)

Scottie: Star Hanabi!

(He threw it in the air normally, and then he flipped up, caught it in mid-air, and flew down to the target. Obliterating it. Kimiko stared in wonder, with her mouth wide open.)

Kimiko: But... I’m the dragon of fire.

Scottie: Hah! The rate you’re goin'. Am' surprised you made it ter Wuda' Warria!

(This severely hurt Kimiko, as she drew a small tear, and ran off. Raimundo, Omi and Clay stared at him angrily.)

Scottie: Wit? Am' bein' honest. And 'ere lightweight, this is the proper way to use this Wu. (He snatched the Shen Gong Wu from Raimundo.) Sword OF The Storm!

(He sliced it once, and then he started slicing lightning fast for ten seconds. When he stopped. The target was split into tiny pieces.)

Raimundo: Wha'? How did you...?

Scottie: Hahaha, what kinda dragon of wind are yoo if you don't know aboot wind blades?

(Raimundo ran off, in the same direction as Kimiko.)

Scottie: 'Nd you. Cowboy laddie. You call that a fist?

Clay: Reckon so.

Scottie: Well, ah call it a boxing glove! 'Ere lemme show ye how it's done!

(He snatched the Fist Of Tebigong from Clay.)

Scottie: Fist Of Tebigong!

(He span like a tornado and started whacking his targets at least fifty times until he stopped. That led the targets completely destroyed.)

Scottie: Hahahaha! Don't wield Shen Gong Wu, if yah don't now how to use it! Dragon ae the Earth, hah! That's an insult to mah name!

(Clay walked away in the same direction as Kimiko and Raimundo.)

Scottie: Right, wee man! Your pals were a major disappointment. Show me what you've goat!

Omi: No. Take the Orb, show me YOUR moves! You have insulted my friends. You’re going to have to insult ME!

Scottie: Suit yourself! (Grabbing the Orb Of Tornami.) Orb Of Tornami!

(He Shot multiple water shots at numerous targets that were all destroyed.)

Scottie: Right wee man, unless you can dae that blindfolded, you'll never be a proper dragon of water!

(A tear sprouted from his eye, but he refused to give in.)

Omi: You may have complete mastery of all Shen Gong Wu, but me and my friends have fought and defeated many challenging foes!

(Scottie crouched down.)

Scottie: Try me!

Omi: Wuya, in her physical form!

Scottie: Made short work ae her at full power!

Omi: Chase Young!

Scottie: When I was done with him a made him look old!

Omi: An evil earwig, Sabeeny!

Scottie: I stomped oan him before he goat that Monarch Wings.

Omi: Mala Mala Jong!

Scottie: I beat him bare-handed.

Omi: The Fearsome Four!

Scottie: I bet aw nine ae them!

Omi: An evil snowman, Rashka!

Scottie: I made him look like a snowball!

Omi: The Chi Creature!

Scottie: Ah made him suck his own chi out!

Omi: The Heylin Seed!

Scottie: I turned him into compost!

(Omi had run out of good villains.)

Omi: An evil mermaid!

Scottie: I made the land-blubber look small!

Omi: An army of spiders!

Scottie: I bet them all, without lava!

Omi: An army of robots!

Scottie: Type?

Omi: Destructo-Bots, indestructible armor and Xiaolin techniques!

Scottie: Yoo neva defeated them, yoo used the Mechanic Kaiser tae stop them!

Omi: The Cloud Of Zeus and King Chameleon combined!

Scottie: Yoo only undid that combination. I destroyed it!

Omi: The Emperor Of Nightmares, in dragon form!

Scottie: Ah beat that pansy-thrower nae bother!

Omi: The Sapphire Dragon, twice!

Scottie: You only got outta that wae your dragon friend and the makar was about ter destroy you if it weren't fer sleepy boy.

(Omi had run out of good villains. Instead he walked away. Omi reunites with his fallen Warriors at the fireplace. Kimiko was crying on Raimundo's shoulder.)

Raimundo: Looks like Scottie did a number on her.

Kimiko: Omi? Snivel Did you believe anything Scottie said?

Omi: Of course not! I defied him, and tried to surprise him with all the villains we fought and defeated.

Clay: Yah mention Chase Young?

Omi: Yes.

Raimundo: You mention the Heylin Seed?

Omi: Yes.

Kimiko:snivel You mention the Sapphire Dragon?

Omi: Yes, I mentioned them all. But Scottie has fought and defeated them single-handed.

Raimundo: And we scraped those victories. Wait that must be his plan all along!

Kimiko: What is?

Raimundo: Scottie must be planning to make us leave the temple, so he can set us up for an ambush, made by Chase Young!

Clay: I dunno. Master Fung trusts him.

(A few minutes later, Scottie comes in.)

Scottie: So, Master Fung tells me...

Raimundo: (hesitantly.) ...Yes?

Scottie: Thit wan ae ye, is gonna bae leader!

Omi: Yes, we are training, so Master Fung can welcome one of us to be a leader.

Scottie: You wanna know hoo a think should be leader?

Clay: Well why not?

Scottie: NO ONE!

Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay: WHAT?

Scottie: If ye cannae master yer own elements. Ye got nae chance to becoming a leader! And that's wit a honestly think!

Kimiko: No! We have mastered our elements! And we can show you right now!

(She led Omi, Raimundo, Clay and Scottie to the training grounds. And she took out five mechanical looking helmets and pairs of gloves.)

Kimiko: This is a virtual reality that I created with the Mechanic Kaiser. Just feed it some commands and you'll face an opponent we've already fought.

Omi: Most ingenious!

Scottie: And how does this prove you've mastered your weak elements, wee lass?

Kimiko: We use our elemental Shen gong Wu, and take out our villain!

(She threw them their elemental Shen Gong Wu.)

Raimundo: Great, so let's go. Who'll we fight first?

Kimiko: Let's try Mala Mala Jong first!

(The five put on their helmets and gloves.)

Kimiko: Just say the name of your opponent and you'll fight it.

All: Mala Mala Jong!

(They got transported into a virtual cyberspace sort of place, and out of nowhere came Mala Mala Jong. All five of them ready to face him.)

Kimiko: Watch and learn. Cat's Eye Draco!

(she engulfed herself in flames and rushed to fight Jong. He shot out lightning from the Eye Of Dashi. She dodged it and then swung her arm that made a huge fire arm and it whacked Jong right on the Two Ton Tunic. This caused it to disintegrate.)

Kimiko: How'd you like those apples?

Scottie: yawn I coulda done that in my daydreams.

Clay: You've gone and down it now. Stand back Kimiko lemme show this guy what am all about!

(Kimiko reset the simulation and Mala Mala Jong appeared again.)

Clay: Long Horn Taurus! Wudai Crater Earth!

(He stomped the ground and out came giant rock spears, he jumped up and grabbed them and threw all of them at Jong, which pierced right through him, causing him to disintegrate. The others were cheering him on.)

Clay: Learn a thing or two?

Scottie: Please, thit wis even worse thin the last!

All: Gasp

Raimundo: Step aside, Clay. I'll show 'em.

(Kimiko reset it again, and Jong was there again.)

Raimundo: Bring it on big guy!

(Jong shot another lightning blast.)

Raimundo: Crest of The Condor!

(He attached the Shen Gong Wu and span like a tornado. The lightning blast got sucked in and sucked Jong up as well. The lightning blast hit Jong which blasted him into tiny pieces.)

Scottie: Come oan, enough warm-ups!

Raimundo: Grrrr! Omi, show that creep what your made of!

Omi: I shall do my best!

(Jong appeared yet again.)

Omi: Kaijin Charm!

(He turned himself into pure water; Jong rushed out towards him and collided with him. Omi was gone.)

Raimundo: Omi! Where'd you go!

(Jong started to act funny, and then he got blasted to smithereens from the inside, that looked like ice attacking him. Omi appeared from the ruin. Then Omi gave a short bow to them.)

Scottie: That wis the most horrendous display of water and ice work, I have ever seen!

All: What?

Scottie: Here load it up. And a'll show ye how I dae it!

(Jong appeared once more. It used the Fist Of Tebigong to strike him, but it did nothing whatsoever. He then started to punch Jong at lightning speed. Until Jong started to break-up, and then got disintegrated.)

Scottie: If yoo would'a got full marks fae me, you woulda tooken those blows like a real man!

(They left the simulation and headed back to their rooms in absolute humility. The Warriors returned to their spots in the fireplace.)

Clay: How we meant ter get our place as leader, if he's making the decisions.

Raimundo: Dunno. Nothing fazes that guy; he's like some sorta...surprise less robot, or something.

Kimiko: Ever notice how Master Fung rarely speaks to us anymore?

Omi: Are you saying he's ...neglecting us?

Raimundo: That's the right word for it. Neglecting.

Clay: And we all know why.

Omi: I do not know.

Kimiko: You really wanna see this?

Omi: Well, yes. Why not?

(They lead Omi to the dinner hall, and hid under the window. Omi peered over it and seen Master Fung, Scottie and Dojo laughing their hearts off.)

Omi: Master Fung and Dojo are most friendly with Scottie.

Raimundo: That ain't half of it, listen.

(Omi remained quiet as they laughed.)

Scottie: Ano. I mastered that stuff they showed in a week. Fae aw four of them.

Omi: They are talking about us.

Kimiko: And Master Fung isn't even sticking up for us. We can't keep living with him.

Clay: Even though it's only two days till he leaves, I don't think I can stand two hours.

Raimundo: Well there is something we all must do now.

Omi: What?

Raimundo: Leave the Temple.

Kimiko: As bad as that sounds. Rai's right. He literally makes us look like amateurs.

Omi: Raimundo is correct.

Clay: Yeah, were just gonna end up bull trampled by him.

(They all returned to their rooms, packed their stuff in their backpacks. And left a note, their Wudai Weapons and Elemental Shen Gong Wu in Omi's bed. Then they departed, as soon as they reached the mountains.)

Omi: Goodbye, Xiaolin Temple.

Raimundo: We'll miss you with all our hearts.

Kimiko: Sorry we couldn't get chosen for a leader.

Clay: Have fun with Scottie.

(And with that they left. But little did they know they were being monitored by Chase Young's crow. Over at the lair, Chase and Wuya were watching.)

Wuya: The Warriors have left the Temple? But Why? Who will be there to stop us if not them?

Chase: We're going to go into this further.

(The crow flew into the temple and seen Master Fung, Dojo and Scottie laughing.)

Wuya: Call me a nitwit, but is that Scottie McCrimson?

Chase: You’re right. No one on Earth has defeated him. But that's when that phrase will never be spoken of again!

Wuya: You have a plan?

Chase: Yes, and it requires our little fugitives.

(The Warriors stopped and took camp under a tree.)

Omi: I cannot believe what we just done.

Raimundo: It was either that or spending two more days getting barked at.

Omi: I choose this.

Kimiko: But where can we go?

Clay: Master Monk Guan maght sound happy ter take us.

Raimundo: If Master Fung knows about Scottie, surely he would.

Kimiko: But not Samapara.She was in the Dream Land since Scottie was developing his skills.

Raimundo: Good point. So we heading for Master Monk Guan's?

(They all nodded.)

Voice: You will not be going anywhere but with me!

(Then a flash appeared from nowhere. When Raimundo awoken, the forest he was in was absolute ruin. And Omi and Kimiko was nowhere to be seen. And Clay was knocked out.)

Raimundo: Clay, wake up.

(Clay woke up with a jolt.)

Clay: What happened?

Raimundo: I dunno. But Omi and Kimiko are missing. (Under his breath.) And if anything happens to her, I’ll never forgive myself.

(They looked around until they came across a scroll. They picked it up and read it.)

Raimundo: If you want to see "Cue ball" and your girlfriend again. Bring Scottie McCrimson to my humble abode.

Clay: Who's it from?

Raimundo: Dunno, it doesn't say.

Clay: Humble abode? Jack Spicer maybe.

Raimundo: Wait, before you passed out, what did you see?

Clay: A big blinding light, then I forgot everything after that.

Raimundo: It was Chase! I'd bet my title as Wudai Warrior and dragon of the wind, he'd used the Wushan Geyser and kidnapped Omi and Kimiko.

Clay: Well we gotta get Scottie, if Omi and Kimiko are to get outta there alive.

Raimundo: Wait. (He hesitated for a moment.) This could be our big chance big guy.

Clay: What do yah mean?

Raimundo: If we go to the Temple and bring Scottie, he'd be calling us big babies, and then neither of us would get the leader title. But if we go in there and save Omi and Kimiko, we would be referred to as heroes. What do yah say?

Clay: But we don't have any Wu. We'd be crushed like a mouse in front of a stampede.

Raimundo: That's another reason that we'd be heroes. Getting them back without any Wu, from one of the darkest people in the world would definitely be heroic.

(Clay gave a little smile.)

Both: Let's Go!

(Raimundo used his wind powers to float both of them towards Chase's palace. Clay and Raimundo dropped in front of Chase's Palace.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He blowed the door open.)

(They entered Chase's dark and creepy lair. Until they came to his Entrance Hall.)

Raimundo: Why couldn't it be me that was kidnapped, so Omi could use his tiger instincts to know where we were.

(They approached the stairs when a flurry of tigers and lions charged. They managed to fight back the ambush, until purple smoke appeared and Chase and Wuya appeared.)

Raimundo: Chase! Surrender Omi and Kimiko now!

Chase: I would have surrendered the cheese ball and your girlfriend if you gave me Scottie McCrimson. Obviously you have not. So they shall remain in my possession.

Clay: You give them here or get ready for a good old fashioned butt-kicking.

Wuya: Is that so? Okay, if you can defeat both of us, you can have your friends.

(Chase turned into his reptilian form, and charged at Raimundo. He avoided it and grabbed his tail and swung him towards Wuya. But he used his Heylin magic to bounce off and head butt him right in the head.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He shot out a huge gust of wind that hit Chase right on the stomach.)

Raimundo: Take that yah over grown lizard!

(But Chase wasn't affected and kicked Raimundo on the stomach and did lightning fast attacks on him. When he was done, Raimundo was knocked out.)

Clay: Rai!

(But he had his hands full with Wuya, who was now striking him with normal attacks.)

Clay: We could sure use Wudai Orion Formation.

(Then Chase pulled Raimundo's hair up and then prepared to fire a Heylin blast.)

Chase: Time to destroy the Dragon Of Wind!

(But then directly above them came an explosion and then Omi and Kimiko came spiraling down, both with doing their Wudai skills and struck Chase that caused him to release his grip on Raimundo. Kimiko quickly ran to his aid and carried him to safety.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

(Omi sprayed a tiny jet of water on Raimundo that woke him up. Then to be greeted by a hug off Kimiko. But they still had to deal with Wuya, Chase and all of his cats.)

Raimundo: A bit outnumbered.

Voice: Then yah need help yah reckless son of a haggis!

(The doors opened yet again to reveal Scottie.)

All: Scottie?

Scottie: Aye, it's me. And looks like ya've goat girly hair ter deal wae.

Chase: The mighty Scottie McCrimson. We meet at last!

Scottie: Yeesh, are yoo wearing a costume or is that just me.

(The Warriors laughed at his joke. This got Chase mad.)

Chase: Scottie, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown, for the freedom of the Warriors.

Scottie: Aye, and if ah lose, you cin put me aloang wae your teddy collection. Oh aye, and nae Shen Gong Wu, for crying out loud, do we need those mystical who-whas interfering wae this? 'Sides ah never brought any.

Chase: Agreed. The game is platform hopping. Last to drop wins.

Both: Let's Go! Xiaolin Showdown(doon.)

(Chase's Citadel transformed into hundreds of tiny platforms. The Warriors were dressed in their "Cheap" Xiaolin Showdown clothes. And Scottie was dressed in his high quality Xiaolin Showdown armor.)

Both: Gong Ye Tenpai!

(Both of them hopped towards each other until Scottie fly-kicked Chase on the head. He fell onto another platform.)

Chase: Very good, but try this.

(He jumped, then rolled in the air, then kicked Scottie right in the cheek, landed on his platform and tail swung him, causing him to jump to another platform.)

Scottie: Hahahaha! Mah granny coulda done betta than that.

(But Chase was already on the move, then he fired Heylin blasts all over Scottie. But Scottie was not fazed by any of it.)

Scottie: Heylin blasts? Nae wonder yah gotten sloppy, your Lou Mane Lone Soup must be getting sour.

Chase: Then try this!

(He jumped out towards him and started punching at him in light speed attacks.)

Warriors: Scottie!

(After the assault of attacks he back-flipped onto another platform.)

Scottie: Wit?

Kimiko: You’re not hurt?

Scottie: Course am' no hurt. You expect me tae get beaten bah that clown? Now Chase Old, lemme show yah how it's done.

(He jumped down to the abyss below. Then struck under Chase, then he head-butted him on the head, and started punching him at light speed-attacks. The Warriors were cheering him on.)

Chase: Let's raise the stakes a little!

(He clawed his hand in front of the Warriors and all four of them felt weightless, as Chase was doing who-knows what to them.)

Scottie: What did yah dae yah wee snake!

Chase: I have absorbed the four Warriors elemental powers, adding it onto mine! Ahahahaha!

Chase: Well bring it oan yah cowardly snake!

(Chase jumped out towards him, punched him in the stomach, kicked him in the stomach and continually punched him.)

Chase: Wudai Mars Fire!

(His fists turned into fire then he started punching him rapidly.)

Kimiko: Come on Scottie. If my Fire powers are child play, you can beat it!

(When Chase finished his assault, Scottie flipped back, again. Then he started laughing.)

Scottie: Yah know, that actually hurt. Ah underestimated your fire powers, wee lassie.

(Kimiko raised an eyebrow.)

Chase: And that's not all I’m going to do! Wudai Orion Formation!

Warriors: Gasp

Omi: Watch out Scottie, that is our best attack!

(Chase yet again jumped up again, except he was using elemental strikes to attack. Then as he was about to deliver a final blow, Scottie grabbed his fist.)

Scottie: You wanna see elemental powers. I'll give you elemental powers. Super Earth Kick!

(He kicked Chase with absolute force. And then with all his might, he jumped up and then struck his own platform, which caused a huge shockwave that destroyed all the others. This made Chase fall, and giving Scottie the perfect victory.)

(The arena changed into its original form. And Chase returned to his original form.)

Chase: I underestimated you Scottie. You are free to go, and remain undefeated.

Scottie: Aye, you got it girly hair.

(When they left Chase's palace and went to the forest below, Scottie stopped.)

Scottie: Hey, before we go iny further. Ah gotta say something. Sorry.

Clay: For what?

Scottie: For treating you like amateurs. (Crouching down to Kimiko.) And hey, wee lassie. Sorry, ah er... insulted you about your Fire Powers. I think you're wan eh the strongest Wudai Warriors of Fire I’ve ever seen.

Kimiko: Oh, thanks. (Giving a small smile.)

Scottie: And that goes fer the lot eh yah. Oi Cowboy laddie, consider yourself lucky your Dragon Ae Earth.

Clay: Thanks Scottie.

Scottie: Noo, gee your big Scottie a hug.

(He clutched all of them and gave them all a bear hug. Back at the temple, the Warriors were practicing their elemental powers. Until they seen Scottie approach. They stopped immediately.)

Scottie: No worries, a'hm only here tae ask anyone to have a sparring match.

(They looked at each other. But someone answered out for them.)

Voice: Perhaps I can take that chance.

(It was Master Monk Guan. And right behind him was Samapara.

Scottie: Guan!

Master Monk Guan: Good to see you. It has been forever since last we met.

Scottie: Oh aye, and you still owe me a free sparring match. 'Member? Ah bet the Scorpion Beast, and you made a bet if ah won, you'd give me a sparring match.

Master Monk Guan: Of course, which I’m going to repay.

Omi: Oooooh, Master Monk Guan against Scottie McCrimson. This will be a wonderous fight!

(At the sparring ring the others, Master Fung and Dojo were standing beside the wall, Kimiko holding a video camera.)

Master Monk Guan: May the best master win!

Scottie: Then that's gonnae have ter be me!

(They started punching at each other, all evading the attacks. Until Guan flipped back.)

Master Monk Guan: Charging Bear!

(He fly kicked him but he evaded him by jumping in the air, but Guan jumped up and punched Scottie down. Then Scottie evaded another attack by Guan, and kicked him in the back pushing him to the edge.)

Scottie: Yah nearly had me there, Guan!

Master Monk Guan: And you too. But it won't happen again.

(They continued the punching assault.)

Clay: Who exactly are we rooting for here?

Raimundo: Don't know. Scottie did save us from Chase.

Omi: But so did Master Monk Guan.

Clay: But Master Monk Guan forced Rai to almost quit.

Raimundo: Hey, that was an act.

Omi: A most unpredictable battle.

Kimiko: Shhhh.

(They continued their battle.)

Scottie: Noo ter get things heated up! Super Earth Kick!

Master Monk Guan: Charging Bear!

(Both of them rushed towards each other then collided with each other, which caused shockwaves that caused The Warriors Master Fung and Dojo to go flying back. Then when it stopped Master Monk Guan and Scottie both fell out of the ring.)

Kimiko: Whoa!

Raimundo: It's a tie.

Clay: Two Masters as strong as each other.

Omi: This is most amazing.

(They both got up and shook each others hands.)

Scottie: Great match, big laddie.

Master Monk Guan: You were most amazing too.

(The last day of Scottie's visit. Scottie is packing all his things. Then the Warriors went inside his room.)

Scottie: Awrite, wee laddie, Wee lassie, lightweight n' cowboy laddie.

Warriors: Yes.

Omi: But how did you know about me and Kimiko's kidnapping?

Scottie: Phhht, I’m one of the best Xiaolin Dragons present. Ah sense these things.

Raimundo: Do yah think me and Clay should have came to you instead of risking ourselves?

Scottie: Come ter me? Lightweight, you showed courage to save wee laddie and your girlfriend. I knew you wouldnae last five minutes against Chase, but your courage I must admit was very admirable.

Raimundo: Yah, but you could have risked your freedom for us. Why?

Scottie: Ah'm no much of a "What've a done" kinda person. But I wanted to risk even mah life to say I wis sorry.

Raimundo: Well thanks.

(Later on, the Warriors, Dojo and Master Fung are waving goodbye to Scottie.)

Scottie: Oh and yah know who'll be leader?

Omi: Who?

Scottie: You, wee lassie.

Kimiko: (Giggling) Thanks.

Scottie: Yad make terrific leader.

(And with that he departed back to Scotland.)

Master Fung: I hope you have learned something after Scottie's visit.

Kimiko: Never judge a book by its cover?

Clay: Your elemental powers are your inner powers.

Raimundo: Don't run away from home?

Omi: Never despair at the harshest of times?

Master Fung: None of them. Scotsmen have loud laughing!

(They all laughed as Scottie McCrimson passed the mountains.)

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