This is one of the best poems, as far as I am concerned, I have had the liberty of writing ^^

The Ring.Edit

1. Finding something.

Amy sat among the flowers, she had been sat there for hours

As she read, intrigued by stories, written in the Holy Book

She had to do this harsh revision, under scrupulous supervision

Church school seemed a bad decision, Sister Mary came to look

Sister Mary came to check that Amy read the book

Amy sensed her and shook

Sister Mary had the aura of a surreptitious Pandora

As she peered over Amy, light and happiness she took

And her eyes, they seemed to pierce, like a knife edge, sharp and fierce

Amy sensed the evil leers, as she continued with the book,

Sister Mary sneered, black and daunting as a rook,

And away she snuck

Amy carried on her reading, after her fear was receding

Then, all of a sudden, something little fell out of the book

It seemed to have a sense, an energy, quite intense

Amy, drawn in by suspense, snatched it like a crook

She wanted out and to her room, to look

Excitement like a bubbling brook

2. cannot wait!

Later, that night, After dinner, Amy acted like a sinner,

She wanted to get back to her room but how?

Her mind within her burning, she couldn’t be bothered learning,

And her mind just kept returning, she wanted to read it now

She tried to get off ill but sister June would not allow

‘I am bored’ Amy did avow

Amy then sat in the Prayer room, an hour sat in dust and gloom

As she thanked the lord, and took her daily vow

Now she really was regretting, finding the paper, now she’s sweating

All the words she was forgetting, the nun’s hated her and how,

Finally she could return to the letter and her room now

She mopped her brow

Amy rushed up to her dorm, snuggled up in bed, nice and warm

She took the piece of paper out on which was a picture of a bough

She let the moment get her, and she found it was a letter

It seemed to just get better, it was signed by James McCow

It seemed to be more interesting now,

Who was this fellow McCow?

3. The Letter

Amy read the letter thoroughly it said:

Oh My dear! I am fearing, This pain within me searing,

And, death, at me is leering, And I fear I must tell you.

That long I’ve kept this hidden, kept a secret so forbidden,

Finally I can be ridden, of the news I kept from you,

But one day I thought it pleasant, to buy you a little present,

Whilst I was out looking for pheasant, and my mind did seem to wonder,

What filigree could I have got, something that would mean a lot?

I thought again, and then thought not, continued long to ponder,

After a hard day out a-hunting, this thought, it came back shunting,

It came back still confronting, all the thoughts I thought before,

And I went and bought a ring, because, this is the thing,

You’ll probably dance and sing, but I couldn’t want it more,

I want you to agree, and come away with me,

Into a simple fantasy, forget trouble and strife,

Complete my arduous task, remove my emotion mask,

Because I was going to ask if you’d become my wife.

But it was never completed, my charisma depleted,

But our love was not deleted, I can tell you that for sure!

So, instead, I stood and lied, I looked for a place to hide,

And now that I have died, I tell you it’ underneath the floor,

I shall love you for ever-more,


The letter was beguiling, Amy sat and started smiling

What if, perchance, the ring was never found

What if the ring is still lying, it’s secrecy undying

Under the floorboards defying, anyone who looked around

Laying undetected, without a sound,

Under the ground.

Amy went quite mad with greed, she allowed instinct to lead

She took an axe and on the carpet she did pound,

And as the floorboard gave a crack, Amy pulled the axe right back

Sanity, Amy did lack, as she hammered at the ground

It made an almost deafening sound

But nothing she had found.

4. Trouble.

The noise echoed throughout the halls, reverberating off the walls,

Sister Mary was awoken by the noise

She ran around to find the source, found amy in her room of course

She looked upon her with remorse, and raised her evil voice

I’ll give you a punishment that destroys!

I’ll have such joys!

5. Punishment.

Amy never told of the letter, Maybe it was for the better,

She grinned and bore it as she did the time,

But Amy was still plotting, as she watched her blood drips clotting

Was the ring still sat there rotting, a gold ring so sublime?

The one that had caused Amy to commit this crime?

She heard the church bells chime

The whipping continued into the night, in the room decreased the light

And Amy sat, she in fact started to sing

She felt her blood-stained back, numb from each powerful whack

She peered into the black, but there was still one thing

One thing in her mind did bring

All her attention to sing

And her thoughts to sting

Where was the ring?

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