Finally, here is the great sequel to the Redosian Empire, The Redosian Empire: Thriving in Space. In this sequel, you will witness how the Redosian Empire will begin to expand across space, transforming from a empire restricted to Earth to a empire which spans most of the Milky Way galaxy. This story will be detailed and organized, as much as the first one, and hopefully, even greater. Like it's predecessor, this will be divided into chapters, organized into major sections. Chapters might have minor sub-sections as well.

Chapter 1: The Empire's State in 2073Edit

At the time of the death of Emperor William II the Great in 2073, the Redosian Empire consisted of the entirety of the planet Earth. In the wake of the Great World War, the Empire was experiencing a massive economic recovery and a continuing consolidation of it's growing power. However, the effects of the war could still be felt. 3.4 billion people had died in the War, which had lasted for 40 years. As a result, the world's population had been sliced in half. Also, 23 years after the end of the War, numerous world regions, including India, Africa, the Middle East, and South America, were still in the midst of recovery, and relics of the war still abounded. However, the reign of Emperor William II had seen great leaps and bounds towards full recovery: the empire's taxation system had been established, a process of recovery for the economy had been nurtured, and most importantly, space exploration and research had resumed. William II had also established the empire's capital city and it's first Imperial Charter. All of these would fit William's successor, Peter I, the second emperor of Redosia, well. It was during his reign (2073-2115), that Redosian expansion into outer space would begin.

Chapter 2: The Reign of Peter I (2073-2115)Edit

Peter I (Emperor 2073-2115) was the grandson of Emperor William II the Great. He was born in 2054, just 4 years after the end of the Great World War. Under the direction and influence of his grandfather, Peter had received a great education, which spanned subjects such as history, the sciences, politics, military affairs, languages, amongst others.

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