This is a short story about a refugee from a police state, this is his account on the invasion of New Justice. Please be advised this is only a short story, and expanding on this topic will come into question, but please, do not edit this or follow this up in any way.

The streets were litered with the allied propoganda, all in the direction of slandering our great leader. Loud, boisterouis noises came from every direction. They all sang out into a melody, the sound of war. The street lights were about to go out, and that meant the city was taking its last breaths. A massive airship with the insignia of New Justice City printed on its tail fins sped by overhead and crashed beyond the tall tenement to my left. Two policemen, dressed in full riot gear, ran by me. They were running so fast it knocked me onto the sidewalk, the disgusting, filthy sidewalk. I got up and brushed off the trash that had encompassed me. Then the street lights gave up their fight, and it was darkness that took the air. The lights in the building around also went out, that was a very bad sign. An entire squadren of airships sailed above me in the direction of the Chamber of Deputies. Then, emergency vehicles sped by me right after the airships. I figuered that the Chamber may be a safe place, so I started in that direction. As I walked by the bombed out city, people were cowering in the dark, scared and alone. I couldn't help but see that the city had fallen into an awful state. It was complete anarchy. A massive explosion occured, and it was unbearable. The noises of a million people, suffering and dying. The explosion rocked the ground, and it came from the direction of the Chamber of Deputies. I was baffeled, lost, and hopeless. The only thing I could do now was wait. Wait for death, or for the Allies to come and 'rescue' me from my own leader. I was lost, unable to think about what to do. So I just layed down, and tried to sleep, on this, the day of the fall of New Justice City.

New Justice City 1

New Justice Insignia

Chapter One

My sleep didn't last very long, I woke up at the nick of dawn. After I had some bread from my emergency rations bag, I took a swig from my canteen. My short, brown hair was hidden under my black beanie, which also sported the Insignia of New Justice. Under my black trench coat, I wore a T-Shirt with a red star. My straight bluejeans were stained and ripping a the bottoms. I put the canteen back into my backpack, and went to sit down for a little while. After about two hours of doing nothing, a New Justice police car shouted to the streets that we all needed to go to Steelville, New Justice's main industrial center. Then from there we would take a boat to the city of Red Bay, on an island owned by the New Justice government. I pulled on my beanie to tighten it a little, then I went in the direction of the highway. Of course there would be no cars there, since the city was practically immobile. I only knew that it would be soon until the so called Allies of the UN showed up to destroy everthing the government has built for us. I took a left onto one of the city's main boulevards, and the New Justice Army had the entire way down reinforced. It seemed that every two stop lights there was a check point with two friendly looking tank barrels aimed at oblivion, but I was probably dilousional from the lack of mood correction pills they made me take every day. As I walked down the ornate avenue, I passed by the barren crater of what used to be the Chamber of Deputies, the hollowed out moor of the Independence Plaza, and the burning Hall of Public Records. I could only wonder what atrosity had become of the Palace of Justice, the center of all things New Justice. As I approached the highway leading to Steelville, the next wave of attacks begun, but none of them were directed towards the fleeing population. Behind me, the tanks started to fire, and I almost burst into a sprint. The ramp onto the highway was cracking, and I only guessed it was safe. At the top of the ramp, my luck started to make its moves. An army car was patrolling, and inside of it, was my long time friend. I had known Jason since kindergarden, and his car was empty, except for him, and he met me with a warm smile. We agreed that he would take me all the way to Starings, a small city only three miles outside of Steelville, there he would have to go to the military assembling near Starings, so we would say our goodbyes there. It was going to be a long ride, but like before, I was always the lucky one.

Chapter TwoEdit

We made our way to Starings, and we passed by countless faces. I had to hide in the back at the two checkpoints to get out of town, but all Jason had to do was flash his Army I.D. Card at the guards, then cruise right by them. I watched the the UN Forces land on Stratgeous Beach, then I watched them as they made their way into building to check for any New Justice soldiers, but we had to hurry before the show was over. Then we got to the ramp that turned to Steelville, and it was nowhere to be seen. Jason knew another way through the city then back onto the highway, but that meant that we would be in the middle of total invaision and seige. I knew it was a bad idea, but it was the only way to safety. We passed by the crumbling buildings, and watched the UN airplanes make circles over the city. Dusk was not far away, and Jason continued through the falling capital. I didn't know if we would ever make it in time for me to get on the boat, but I couldn't imagine the people who have just enountered the fallen ramp. After about an hour, Jason found the ramp onto the highway, and it was filled to the brim with refugees. Using the magical power of the horn, we made our way through, but I felt so bad that we were going to be first to Steelville. I fell asleep in my chair, and woke up at seven. Jason had been driving the entire night, and did not look good anymore. After three failed attempts at starting conversation, we approached another checkpoint, and the officer gave Jason the clear without even an inspection. Blimps were passing by us overhead, and we soon got to Starings. Jason let me off, I gathered my backpack, and we said our goodbyes. His ending with that same warm smile. I took a look around at the town center, and this city was in much better shape. It looked like New Jusice City before the invasion, only smaller and less important. The evacuation orders on a bulltion board in the town hall said the boats left in two days, so I decided to take a bus to Steelville, check into a hotel, and rest for once. I bought my bus ticket, and the bus didn't come late. I made the right time, and was able to get into Steelville before the mass of refugees came pouring in. It was a fine day, but I had a big to-do list. First I checked into a room at the hotel, and had a nice view of the harbor. Second, I took a long bath, and had my clothes washed. Then I fell asleep at seven p.m., and woke up at six a.m. It was a nice long sleep, and my clothes sat neatly on my bed's end. I went downstairs to check the news; only a few refugees had came so far. I took my list, and bought a bag from the hotel's gift-shop. It was black leather, durable, and a great price. I then went to the market to buy some more non-perishable food, and the stores still had enough food to make a selection possible. Then I went to buy some cheap extra-clothing, and some blankets and pillows. I filled the bag all the way up and by that time, it was three in the afternoon. I went back to my hotel, and properly stored my items, and then turned on the news to see the progress of the others from New Justice City. It seemed my timing was perfect, because the huge mass of refugees started to literally horde in to the city via highway. I was incredbly lucky to have had Jason, because the noise I heard from the lobby sounded like an angry mob.

Chapter ThreeEdit

It was around six a.m. that the mass exodus from the main island began. I got up, brushed my teeth, had a peice of bread, and didn't even bother to check out. The Allied planes were already circling Steelville, and the military base was firing its best to stop any Allied troops from dropping onto New Justice land. The huge Allied planes were constanly dropping their propoganda onto the city, and their speakers played Ride of the Valkiries on a loop. The giant state tvs looped movies of our military forces helping the UN Coalition in the Persian Gulf Wars, WWII, and the War on Terrorism. The State Police was directing all of the people to the docks, and almost all of the thirty million people who live in New Justicaria was there. I was scared, I then took out my small tape recorder, and luckily I still had my favorite song in it, Sweet Dreams. I pressed the repeat button, and Beyoncé's soothing voice filled my ears. I plugged in my headphones, and started walking in the direction of the harbor. Then, the first glittering parachutes of the Allied forces of Earth started to drop into Steelville.

The screams... It was unbearable.

Then thousands of riot police, soldiers, and whatever was armed started to fire at the endless amount of Allies. Everywhere I looked, an all out war had erupted. There was no word to describe the chaos of the crowds. People were dazed and diroeinted. I only knew of one way out: the harbor. I started to run, but that didn't help. I kept on getting pushed into oblivion. Then I remembered about the subways, they were disabled and one run straight to the harbor from my location. I shoved my way to the arched stairway, and soon found myself confronted by a lot of tape. The government had shut the subway down, due to the frequent blackouts. I would have to walk, and the only thing I didn't do was touch the third rail. I made my way in the direction of Seagoer Plaza, the harbor's official entryway. I hit the replay button again, and I knew for once that I felt good. In about thirty minutes, I had got to the station of Seagoer Plaza. I ran up the steps to find the crowd of scared people had beat me there. Luck was on my side, and I found a way to a dock. I jolted into the nearest boat, and with my great luck, there was a single seat left. Then I sat down and saw the retreating New Justice Army Forces cower into the plaza. The Allied Ground Force had also found their way here. As soon as a large black Bently had made its way onto one of the biggest naval ships I ever saw in my life, the boats took off, leaving a crowd behind them. The last I saw of Steelville was a large mushroom cloud, and a white light engulfed the bay.

Chapter FourEdit

I didn't know what was happening, I only knew it wasn't good. The boats launched, and I felt the tug of the boat. It shot off faster than anything I had done in my entire life. The explosion shook the decks, and then I couldn't bear it anymore. I relentlessly let out a scream, and I wasn't the only one. I saw so many fighter jets, news helicopters, private planes, boats, ships, and whatever else people could find on how to escape the island. The Allied planes all dove for the large boat the Bently got onto, but I didn't know why. I ran to the front of the ship, and ahead, the fleet of the exodus met an even larger international force. The New Justice Naval Vessels fired, and the Allies aimed directly towards the large ship. Then, a huge force of Allied helicopters came into the scene, and they all landed on the large ship. Then, another helicopter squad came in and landed one on every single boat in the fleet. The new helicopters hovered over all of it, and most of them with the cameras pointed at the patchwork fleet of New Justicarians. The Allied troops seemed peaceful, but on the huge ship sounds of shooting was relevant. Then, like angels, the Allied troops busted into my ship, and offered aid to everyone. They were met with hostility, and they still didn't shoot at us. I soon knew it was a lie. Everything that my government had said about them was a lie. Safety... that's all I ever wanted. But my leader refused to give it, and the entire fleet was surrounded by another white light.

~~The End~~

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