This story exists as only a narrative dialogue between two people, Nate and Sarah.


Doesn't that princess look like me?

¿Qué princesa?

That one, walking down the street. Hmm... Now that I think about it, she doesn't look like me- longer hair.

Hmm... I think she looks like me!

But give me longer hair and make her a boy, then wouldn't she look like me?

Hmm... Oh man, I definitely see it now! You're right!

She says she comes from Barvaria and she wants someone to play princess so she can be normal for a day.

Hey! You look like her, don't you?

Would you look at that... *glances around nervously* a wig store...


Okay, you can be the princess if you want.

No, you should be! I mean, you look exactly like her, except for the hair, and there's a wig store right there!

Fine... call me Princess Caitlin.

Aye aye princess!

I do look good in this dress, don't I.


But I don't really think pink's my color, lets go to the palace to get me a nice powder blue dress.

Good idea!

Well, we have a whole day of the royal life. What do you think we should do?

I don't know, what do royal people do?

I also don't know, give each other ROYAL mani-pedis? Bully their butlers?

Good idea.

Yeah, how about ROYAL makeovers and make me an even beautiouser princess.

Ooh, sounds good to me.

Can we do my nails in blue to match my dress? *cute princess puppy dog face*

Sure, but only if we can do mine green!

I heard on Arthur that green makes your feet look smaller. *looks down at feet* Hmm... maybe do my fingers blue and toes green...

What are you, a hobbit? Your feet aren't that huge.

They're still too big for a prettiful princess.

Ohh, then green for sure.

Hey, my feet look more princess-sized!

Yeah, it worked!

When Caitlin gets back I kinda wanna ask her if I can keep this dress. Let's go find her!

Okay, where do you think she'd be?

The arcade? Here, my butler can give us a ride.


Yay, she says she's done being normal and I can keep the dress! *twirls around in it*


I think I'll wear it for the rest of the day.

Sounds like a good plan to me!


Remind me, why are you making me wear my princess dress for our friendiversary? (Not that I don't like wearing it)

Cuz it looks awesome on you!

But everyone at the park wil laugh...


Can I at least only have to wear a skirt?

Sure, why not?

Can I borrow one then? Mine's in the wash.

Sure, what color?

You pick, just not anything too girly. Actually, do you have anything floral?

Yeah! I have an excellent black skirt with pink flowers, how about that one?

Thanks, and you were right, no one's laughing.

I told you they wouldn't!

It's oddly calm at the park today.

Yes... A little too calm...

Hope no anvils or pianos fall on us.

Yeah, I hope no pianos fall!

Ahh! Tall grass! It itches under my cute skirt!

Quick! Back to the sidewalk!

Where is it? The grass is too tall.

Umm. I think it's this way... wait, no, that way maybe? Ahh! We're lost in the tall grass!

Aww... It's a Skitty. Wait, it might just be a cat.

Try throwing a pokeball at it, then we'll know.

*Rummages around in purse* Darn, they're in my other handbag.

Here, use one of mine! I always keep a couple extra in my bag.

It's a cat. Or someone might have already caught it!


Of course... It's Team Rocket. Quick, double battle! Go, Marowak!

Ahh! Go, Vulpix!

Marowak, use Bonemerang! And Sarah, they're laughing at me.

Not for long... Vulpix, use Flamethrower!

Yay! We beat them! And I love this skirt!

Sweetness! Way to go, Vulpix!

Now we just need to find a way out...

I know, we can use the sun as a compass!

Unfortunately, it's cloudy...

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