This is a Fill in the details story. Feel free to flesh out the details wherever you feel.

The Story (so far) Edit

Captain Bleudson manned the helm! There they were! Rivals! Other blood sucking varmits! Too much! Two pirate ships, one treasure map, one sunken bounty.

After his old main operation base was taken over by some government, the captain of some pirate ship has to find a new base. Fortunately he finds a new, uninhabited island which is quite ideal for that goal. On that island, the captain of a pirate ship finds a map.

A member of the crew defects to a second pirate ship.

A clash occurs between the two ships. The crew of the second pirate ship steal the map during the process.

The first pirate ship has retained enough information to arrive in the vicinity.

There is a race to the treasure.

The ships clash en route.

Challenges are overcome en route to the treasure.

The sunken treasure is recovered.

A final showdown. To the victors go the spoils, to the losers, nothing.

The End.

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