Cast in order of appearanceEdit

Admiral Rachel HolmanEdit

Admiral in Volitanian Central Intelligence. Began the Ganymede operation.

Captain Maris FenwayEdit

Career military, graduated with distinction from the Imperial Naval Academy on Hullis IV, reached the rank of Commander at the age of 25, promoted to Captain three years later after serving with distinction in the Second Encounter. Competent. Chosen by Admiral Holman to command the Ganymede to fulfill the Navy's stipulation that a naval officer be in command.

Captain Tayn ConnorEdit

Intelligence officer in Special Operations Command. One of the first intelligence agents to have to deal with the Earth Empire, and as a result, the formulator of many modern Volitanian intelligence doctrines. Chosen by Admiral Holman to participate in the Ganymede operation. Competent starship captain, but prefers information warfare to ship-to-ship engagements.

Lieutenant GeltinEdit

Admiral Holman's aide.

Captain Morvis HanarockEdit

Captain of the IVS Fayton, a heavy cruiser, her ship was ambushed during a routine patrol by an Earth Empire task force. The size of the force and its near-perfect positioning, among with similar events elsewhere, make the Volitanian High Command come to the conclusion that the Earth Empire's intelligence operations had extended beyond simple counter-intelligence.

Commander Vaughn LindbergEdit

First officer of the IVS Fayton. Once called "the best first officer you never had", Vaughn has something of a reputation for being able to avoid transferring away from Captain Hanarock no matter how badly a superior officer wants his services.

Admiral Christopher RedfieldEdit

"A man much taken to understatement", Admiral Redfield once referred to as a hostile fleet as a minor inconvenience. When that story is told, however, most people conveniently forget Admiral Redfield was commanding a battle fleet three times the size of the enemy force, and equipped with plenty of Bombard Cannons. The enemy fleet fled after two minutes of being shot at from extreme range with startling accuracy and incredible firepower, which is why Fleet Admiral Molkev keeps him in charge of defending the Earthward Rim.

Fleet Admiral Kelinnon MolkevEdit

The "big cheese", the "head honcho", the all-important Admiral of the Fleet, Kelinnon Molkev is second-in-command of the entire Volitanian Navy, with the first-in-command being none other than the Emperor.

Special Agent Doran LlekEdit

An intelligence operative who found himself promoted much faster than he would've thought possible when he became the test subject for the "Nanotech-based Reaction-assistance Agent-enhancement Something-or-other", also known as a nanite-net, making him the key element in the Ganymede operation.

Agent Carol WeissmanEdit

Doran Llek's former superior, commands a team involved in counter-intelligence operations on Volitania.

Cadet Maurin LandarEdit

Born on Hullis IV in the city of Jasilori, Maurin joined the Imperial Naval Academy after the start of the Third Encounter. A good tactician and competent pilot, he imagines he'll enter the fighter corps when he graduates.

Cadet Sarin CalahanEdit

A classmate in Maurin's Piloting Competance class. Sometimes chosen to be wing leader during exercises.

Cadet Geoff BrightmanEdit

Friend and classmate of Maurin Landar. In Maurin's Piloting Competance and Basic Strategy and Tactics classes, the latter with Jason Ralwood.

Colonel VallensEdit

Flight instructor at the Imperial Naval Academy. Notorious for his simulations, which never fail to stack the odds against you without making things outright impossible. Once investigated for suspicion of attempting to make his students commit suicide by making them endure psychological trauma. Cleared of all charges when it was discovered students appeared less likely to commit suicide after taking one of his classes.

Lieutenant Albert GremenEdit

Navigator of the Ganymede.

Emperor Lenia Solarim Crollward ChottawiEdit

His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of the Volitanian Empire. Whenever he can get away from the pressures of officiousness, goes by Solarim.

Cadet Jason RalwoodEdit

Maurin's childhood friend and classmate, Jason was also born on Hullis IV and grew up in Jasilori. He joined the Imperial Naval Academy at the same time as Maurin, and discovered an aptitude for strategic thinking and tactical maneuvering. He wants to become a starship captain.

The ChefEdit

Name unknown, this tall, imposing woman rules the Imperial Naval Academy Kitchen with an iron fist. An iron fist that makes delicious food. Also hates coffee.

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