The Plague: Dead to Start
Directed by George A. Romero
Produced by George A. Romero
John A. Russo
Written by George A. Romero
John A. Russo
George Clooney
Starring George Clooney
Rhona Mitra
Music by Random
Distributed by Walt Disney
Release date(s) April 14, 2000
Running time 90 Min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget 100,000
Gross revenue 71,373,000 U$D
Followed by The Plague 2 (2002)

The Plague is an american action/horror-thriller splatter film released in 2000. The film is part of the Dead franchise. The film stars Rhona Mitra as General Zoey Mason a woman befriends a homeless man named, Brian Collins (George Clooney) which his brother Jonas Collins (Dennis Hopper) abandoned in war seven years ago.

Plot Edit

The film begins where Jonas is in war with his brother and apparently the americans were slaughtered by Jonas and as the protestors seen the news and as they got footage of a man getting cut up with knives and then they all run to the border, some drive, they take any type of vehicle and as the protestors are dying they notice that there's gaseous virus, and is killing everyone who breathes it then it gets out of hand when several people start to become deformed and as medical groups and the biohazard squad appears and then more people change and bleed to death soon as the infection gets worse, the people start to kill other people and as they break down the fences around them, they then start trying to kill them and as they take the survivors to the border and as they do more and more survivors die and come back to life, soon there are to many of them and they address them as, zombies.

Fourteen years later and their are only twenty-seven survivors soon as they come up against a nation full of the living dead, but, to there dismay, the world is infected, meanwhile, Jonas is preparing a antidote, guards start there target practice with the zombies and as they are done Zoey comes up with a plan and as they head inside the corporation known as, Lifeforce, then they get in, they run into a several guards and killed them and as they head to see the conference room, they see that they are planning a antidote to enslave the world and as they then leave, they are caught by Denny Morris, and as Jonas walks in, he says "Good job, three people is a good amount" then as he says "Can I go?" he is then killed then zombies start killing guards which are protecting the building, then the zombies get in and kill more guards then gets away and as she is outside in a safe zone she meets a homeless man named Brian Collins, he then tells her the the owner of the building created the virus and abandoned hope, soon he then tries to help her get the antidote.

Meanwhile the group is not happy to hear that there is too many zombies swarming around the building, which makes it harder to get their, then Zoey gets back in and they are all greeted to Brian, they then devise a another plan and as they head down to a hospital with a helicopter and as they get to Lifeforce, they then meet Collins accomplice and associate, Columbus Jonas (Aaron Eckhart) which he reveals to be a psychopathic former mob boss, he is hiding behind a set of chain guns then as he shoots he kills most of the members except Zoey, Brian, Carter, and Jared which then as guards are with him he then kills the guards as the survivors of the gun fire retreat, then as Jonas calls Columbus and asks them if the intruders were all killed, he said no and as he said there is over 200.

Meanwhile the group then heads to the helicopter and flies to the nearest station and blow it up, while they are blowing up the buildings, they then decide to kills everything.

While the zombies are heading upwards many workers are dying and being eaten up then as Jonas and Columbus then start killing members of the building, they also start killing the zombies below the level, then the zombies got to where most of the team were at when Columbus was hiding behind chain gun turrets, and as the only survivors Carter, Brian, Zoey, and Jared start to blow up the building, snipers kill Carter and as the two helicopters are about to leave with the antidote, a helicopter blows up and kills several guards a three leaders and then they kill the snipers by cutting them up with the blades and as the Lifeforce crumbles to the ground the antidote is with the other survivors.

After the credits, the after-scene-credits take place and as the group is driving the helicopter to the hospital the helicopter was shot down and killed Jared while Brian and Zoey share a kiss.

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