###Disclaimer###: The piece of fiction takes place in the Justicarian Islands. This is totally made up, and please feel free to proofread.

I watched the blimps circle the tall spire of the Palace of Justice. It must be so calming to be one of those, I thought to myself. I was feeling very mellow, and my face showed it. I skipped all the way back to my apartment, totally in my own world. As I joyfully passed by all of the other people, I had no idea I was being watched. When I reached my the doorway into my apartment building, a man in a black trench coat got out of his Mercedes Benz and followed me in. I walked to the elevator, and pressed the up button. The man in the coat sat down in a lounge chair, and took off his black sunglasses. I walked into the elevator, and hit the seven button, but before the doors closed, the man walked inside with me. I flashed him a warm smile, and he only waved at me for a second. Then he pressed the ten button, and we were alone. As I felt the elevator start to rise, the man took out what looked to be a handkerchief, and then walked to the back of the elevator. I started to feel worried, and so I hit the nearest floor button. The elevator stopped and I got off. I walked to a corner of the room, turned into another hallway, and ran as fast as I could. He ran after me, and I let out a scream. I saw a sign that said stairs and decided to try my luck on. The door was locked, and the man was fast approaching. I took out my canister of pepper spray, and got ready to fight him. The man got to me, and stopped. I aimed my canister at his eyes, but he was too quick. He pulled out his tranquilizer gun, and shot me. I fell to the floor, my body limp.

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