The following texts were collected between the dates of May 8th and May 10th, 2004 _______________________________________________________________

Call Recieved From: Peterson & Sons Bank.


Trace Call: 1456 15th Street NW Cumberson VA

Time of Call: 13:40

Prepared by: Captain Michael Collins

Responder: 911 Emergency Response.

Victim 1(whisper): H-Hello yes this is Phillip Downy from Petersons & Sons Bank, w-we have four armed men who have just taken control of the bank floor.

Responder: Where are you sir?

Victim 1: I'm, I'm in the back near the vault in a storage closet.

Responder: Okay we have 6 units en route to the bank sir.

Victim 1: thank you

Responder: Has anyone been hurt sir?

Victim 1: No....i dont think shots have been fired.

Responder: Okay sir Im going to need you to stay on to relay information to me, how many people are in the bank total, employees included

Victim 1: No more than 20. At least I don't think so, I can't really make out a headcount

Responder: Can you see out the closet

Victim 1: No it is compl

(Men shouting)

Suspect 1: Get out on the floor! Mac smash the phone!

Call Terminated: 13:42


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3:00 p.m. LiveAction Update

From the CNN LiveAction Newsdesk: CNN correspondants from Virginia and the Cumberson Police have confirmed that four heavily armed men have taken control of the Peterson & Sons Bank. Along with the 7 personal on staff, the suspects have also taken 8-10 additional civilians hostage. At approx 2:50, 10 police units arrived at Petersons & Sons, applying a 2 block perimeter on the bank. SWAT teams have arrived and hostage negotiators have begun making contact with the suspects. CNN LiveAction will provide up to the minute details as the story develops.

-Chris Dunkle


Interview 1:

Name: Matthew "Mac" LeBaugh

Date: 5/10/08

Time: 09:20

Place: Cumberson Police Station

Interview Conducted and Prepared by: Detective Jonathan Polsk

Detective Polsk: Mr. LeBaugh, can you first for the record, tell us how you are pleaing.

Mr. Lebaugh: Guilty

Detective Polsk: Of attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, possesion of an illegal firearm, second degree murd-

Mr. Lebaugh: Whoa whoa I didn't kill anybody okay? You got that? It wasn't me that took the shot.

Detective Polsk: Mr. Lebaugh, being the first of the suspects interviewed is a priveledge. You yourself put the first impression on me and my collegues, you are your best shot at not spending the rest of your life behind bars.

Mr. Lebaugh: The other stuff, okay yeah I did, things got outta hand, really outta hand really fuckin' fast. But I didn't kill anybody.

Detective Polsk: Mr. Lebaugh, who did kill victim number 9, a Miss Cindy Swindle?

Mr. Lebaugh: (pause) It was Kink. okay? It was Kink.

Detective Polsk: This is for the record Mr. Lebaugh.

Mr. Lebaugh: It was a Mr. Steven Parsons. okay? He's got a nasty-ass kink in his neck. Hence the nickname.

Detective Polsk: I assume you all have nicknames.

Mr. Lebaugh: Yeah we all got them, we got Mac, thats me, Kink, Sharks, and Booker.

Detective Polsk: Can you tell me why you did what you did at the Peterson & Sons Bank?

Mr. Lebaugh: Same reason anybody would do it, I have rent to pay, everyone was scrapin along, who wouldnt want 900 grand to help em along you know? Sure we all had specific reasons, but overall just gettin comfy.

Detective Polsk: Did you have a "specific reason"?

Mr. Lebaugh: My daughter, Rachel, she's sick, she's been in and out of the hospital since she was 3. She's 7 now, I got medical bills up the ass. So yeah, there's my reason. Do you have any kids Detective?

Detective Polsk: No I do not.

Mr. Lebaugh: Well let me tell you something, I hope you do, and you can see what its like providing for a family. A 28 year old high school drop out can't make it very well in this country.

Detective Polsk: Can you tell me whose idea this was?

Mr. Lebaugh: Well all of ours, the setup man was booker, only because he's got half a brain. The rest of us are like brothers you know? We're stickin together, we had it all planned out.

Detective Polsk: And then it went wrong?

Mr. Lebaugh: You know shit happens. Im not tellin you but we wouldve never gotten caught if that shit didnt happen. Dont talk to me like you cops are smart as hell and won the battle.

Detective Polsk: Can you tell me what went wrong? What happened that lead to your capture?

Mr. Lebaugh: Let booker explain it. In the meantime, I'm done here.

Interview End: 9:27

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Mr. Lebaugh


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3:34 p.m. LiveAction Update

From Cumberson VA, shots have been heard outside of the Peterson & Sons Bank. The hostage negotiation had been under way for just over half an hour. Cumberson Police reported 1 gunshot fired at approx 3:26 from the bank floor. No confirmation of wether or not anyone was injured but the shot has changed the atmosphere outside of the bank. Captain Michael Collins released a statement at 3:30, "As of now we can neither confirm nor deny that anyone inside the bank has been shot or wounded, our negotiators are staying in constant contact with the suspects. We have identified 16 personel in the lobby, along with four heavily armed men. Although they have not fired at the Cumberson Police Force, this shot has of course, raised the level of urgency to resolve this ordeal." CNN will once again provide live updates throughout this event.

-Chris Dunkle


Interview 2:

Name: Steven "Kink" Parsons

Time: 10:20

Place: Cumberson Police Station

Interview Conducted and Prepared by: Detective Jonathan Polsk

Detective Polsk: Mr. Parsons, for the record, can you state what you are pleaing.

Mr. Parsons: Not Guilty on all accounts.

Detective Polsk: Mr. Parsons, I am not sure if you are aware, but we have surveillance from inside the bank. There is clear evidence that you were one of the four suspects that entered the bank and took control using high powered assault rifles.

Mr. Parsons: Just because I was in there and did what the tape showed doesn't mean that I was there for myself.

Detective Polsk: For yourself? Mr. Parsons I find it hard to believe that you were brainwashed to rob a bank and kill an innocent hostage.

Mr. Parsons: You think I killed her? Man you better get your story straight, what did the tapes show about the shooting?

Detective Polsk: The camera was installed as a rotating camera, the killing occured when the camera was on another part of the bank, all four of you were seen over her body when she came back into view.

Mr. Parsons: You're the detective. You figure it out. I ain't sayin who did, but if you can't see it, you ain't got shit to prove a single one of us did it.

Detective Polsk: Mr. Parsons, how did you come by the nickname "kink".

Mr. Parsons: How'd you know they called me that.

Detective Polsk: Mr.Lebaugh

Mr. Parsons: Son of a bitch would bring that up, sees here i got hit by a golf ball when i was 6, gave me a nasty ass kink in my neck, boom there you go.

Detective Polsk: Mr. Parsons, how do you feel about Mr. Lebaugh aka "Mac."

Mr. Parsons: He's a good kid, he fucked up the plan, but overall I'd say he's good. Never backtalked, always knew where to be.

Detective Polsk: Now Mr. Parsons, what do you mean by "fucked up the plan".

Mr. Parsons: I ain't goin into detail. Sir.

Detective Polsk: Would you enlighten us if to tell you that Mr. Lebaugh said and I quote "Kink did it (killed Victim #9)

Mr. Parsons: No way I'm buyin that bullshit just so I turn on my boy Mac. He's a good kid, knows his place.

Detective Polsk: I have the tapes if you need me to play them.

Mr. Parsons: If he did say it, it's cause he's scared, he knew he mesed up what was going down, and he knew that you were gonna ask him about the shooting, he needed to point a finger, so he pointed at me. if you were in his shoes, you'd do the same thing.

Detective Parsons: So for the record, you are saying that your plan did not go accordingly?

Mr. Parsons: Well of course not, we got caught didn't we?

Interview End: 10:34

Mugshot Bruce-L-Wilson

Steven Parsons


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3:38 p.m. LiveAction Update

From Cumberson VA, hostage negotiations are underway at the Peterson & Sons bank. A safe, hard-line telephone was transported to the front of the bank, left, and after 2 minutes, was picked up by one of the 4 suspects. Captain Michael Collins then released this statement: "The Cumberson police have successfully contacted the hostage takers, who appear to not be very aggressive, an advantage toward us, and the negotiations are currently under way. This ordeal is currently reaching the one hour mark and Cumberson police said they are not rushing the negotiations in order to protect the hostages. As always, LiveAction will keep you informed on this delicate matter.

-Chris Dunkle


Interview 3:

Name:Timothy "Sharks" Lucas

Time: 10:40

Location: Cumberson Police Station

Interview Conducted and Prepared by: Detective Jonathan Polsk

Detective Polsk: Mr. Lucas, for the record, can you state how you are pleaing.

Mr. Lucas: N-not guilty.

Detective Polsk: Is there something wrong Mr. Lucas?

Mr. Lucas: N-no, its j-just that sometimes when i get n-nervous i st-st-studder.

Detective Polsk: Don't view this as an interrogation, I'm not trying to get you to admit to anything, just trying get all the facts correct.

Mr. Lucas: Oh please, there's one girl dead at the bank, you're trying to figure out who it was.

Detective Polsk: Mac blamed Kink for the shooting.

Mr. Lucas: O-Oh no, M-mac just did it cause he's scared. T-that kid gets frightened easily, he would spit out the first name in his head.

Detective Polsk: Can you enlighten us as to how your plan went wrong Mr. Lucas?

Mr. Lucas: It started out fine, we simply entered with firearms drawn, makin sure no one was gonna get hurt, we separted men and women, women we put in some cubical and the men left in the lobby. We never planned on that women gettin killed. Anyway so our plan was to-. I think I've said to much.

Detective Polsk: No, no, please go on Mr. Lucas

Mr. Lucas: You can let Booker tell you, he was the brains and financier of all this. Let him explain how his "fool proof plan" was somehow undone.

Detective Polsk: With this interview about to conclude, is there anything you would like to state Mr. Lucas?

Mr. Lucas: Yeah, that the plan was genius, as mad as I am Mac messed it up, it was a good plan. Would've left you pigs in the dark.

Concludes: 10:44

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Text From Hostage Hardlined Phonecall:

Call Made At: 3:33

Date: 5/8/04

Call Made By: Hostage Negotiator Carl Bender

Bender: Hello? Who am I speaking with?

Suspect: ........Who is this

Bender: Hostage Negotiator Carl Bender of the Greater Washington DC Area Hostage Relief Squad.

Suspect: Do you know what I want Mr. Bender?

Bender: What is that?

Suspect: For you to shut up right this instant. And listen. Listen carefully. We want a way out of here, we know you have the resources. We want 3 trucks lined up behind the bank, unmarked, the drivers will never leave the cab. We will put the money in one truck, the hostages in another, and we will occupy the third.

Bender: How soon do you need the tr-

Suspect: Did I not tell you to shut up? You are not a good listener Mr. Bender. The truck drivers will then be handed directions as to where to take us. Do I make myself clear?

Bender: Yes but we're gonna need time.

Suspect: You have one hour.

Call Ended: 3:35


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4:00 p.m. LiveAction Update

From Cumberson VA, hostage negotiations have been completed, and instructions have been given to police. Nothing has been released officially to the press, and nothing is allowed in or out of the 1 block perimeter set up by police. SWAT teams however, have been placed around the building although there are no signs of entry, or preparation of entry.

-Chris Dunkle


Interview 4:

Name: Joseph "Booker" Shrapner

Time: 11:00 am

Location: Cumberson Police Station

Interview Conducted and Prepared by: Detective Jonathan Polsk

Detective Polsk: Mr. Shrapner, for the record, how are you pleaing?

Mr. Shrapner: Not guilty on all accounts.

Detective Polsk: All other members of the party that took over the Peterson & Sons bank say that you are the mastermind behind this project. Would you agree?

Mr. Shrapner: Every crime needs planning, I've had my run ins with the law, I grew up in a hard neighborhood, if anyone was to set up this, it was me. You think Sharks or Mac couldve done this? Or Kink? Haha could you imagine?

Detective Polsk: Mr. Shrapner, who killed Victim # 9?

Mr. Shrapner: Wouldnt you like to know. Next question.

Detective Polsk: For your sake, and the police, could you please give us an insite into why the plan went awry?

Mr. Shrapner: Fuckin' Mac, I give the kid one task, one task, and he can't even do that, and we all get nailed for it.

Detective Polsk: Enlighten me

Mr. Shrapner: Aight well it all went down like this

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