A diary from the year 2025 written today, by Jon D

This story is based on non-fictional (in other words, real) characters that I know and the events are fictitious. All characters that I did not know of were fictitious and any coincidence to real life is incidental.

0 GenesisEdit

I came home from primary school on the 6th of October, two days before my brother’s birthday. I opened the mailbox and saw an envelope addressed to my dad regarding me, from Brisbane State High School. Instantly I felt a rush of exhilaration and melancholy. Exhilaration because this letter could change my life; melancholy because if there wasn’t what I wanted inside, I would be dead.

This was an entrance letter to one of the best high schools in Brisbane. I opened the envelope. The feeling I had was more intense than I have ever experienced on anything – sweaty hands, heart in my throat. I read, a message from the principal. I had been accepted in the school. The feeling of excitement intensified instantly.

This was the end of a chapter in my life. The next chapter starts off with day one of high school. I knew this was very different from primary school. I hated primary school. I had hardly any friends. This was good news for me as I could start over again and do better (But, Esther Lee and Wendy Pei…those bitches, wrecking my life). I knew one thing: High school friends are much more important than any other 10 primary school friends combined. It helps even more if they were already your friend from primary school.

1 The friend who left, the end of a life chapterEdit

Danny. He left at the end of grade 8 and went back to Korea. He left us two words, ‘Promise 2012’. Everyone was baffled by the two words. We found it irregular, but really powerful. Soon later he told us it meant that he was leaving and promised he was coming back in 2012. Amy was a good friend of his too.

High School was a somewhat strange yet entertaining experience socially, but great academically. I received an OP1 with my subjects of Physics (which I didn’t use in the QCS Test), Maths B, Maths C, Chemistry, English and Geography. I received a scholarship to Oxford University in England for Dentistry and Geography, though I dropped geography as I needed time to do something else.

The dentistry course was very challenging, as a course of 7 years at UQ was crammed into a 2 year, 7 month course. The holidays went from January to early April. This gave me a chance to return to Australia to visit my family. 2011, then 2012 holidays. I had to go back as I had the job of picking Danny up. I arrived at the airport and my brother was there. The next day I borrowed his car and picked up Amy at her house. Already discussed 5 years ago, Anthony and An-yi were already there drinking Coke. We waited for Eugene and Carrie to arrive on the Beenleigh train, then Andrew Ha arrived on the Mitchelton train. Eugene, Carrie, Anthony and An-yi went on Anthony's car, and Andrew, Amy and I were on my car (soon to have one more person, named Danny). Everyone had a can of coke and we set off to the airport.

20 mins the trip there took. Parking was easy and we walked up the escalators to the arrival hall. 5 mins later, there he was. 5 years since he left us, 19 year-old Danny came out with the same pair of glasses he had in 2006. Then, us eight teenagers left the airport.

2 The memorable 3 weeksEdit

Danny, Amy and I stayed together the 3 weeks and visited old friends like Andrew who became an assassin with Nandank as his sidekick, Mike who developed his company MIKErosoft, Anthony who married An-yi, and some others which I can’t seem to remember. Frances and Carrie were both hittin' on Eddy (for some reason). The first week he booked into a hotel in the city. The second, he stayed in a nearby hotel, Travelodge. The third week, he and Amy stayed at my house for 3 nights and we were at Amy’s for 2 nights. Most of the time we were talking about life without him and how was his in Korea. They also asked me about how I went in England, and congratulated me for receiving a scholarship.

Everywhere we could go to in SEQ we went. Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Sea World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Movie World, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Island are some of the countless places we went. Dreamworld brought back memories of grade 8 when we went there.

Last day of Danny’s get-back and I was supposed to receive my salary that day for a part time job I did with dentistry. My boss was very nice to me and he gave me a $6000 salary with a $3000 pay rise, and $1000 for the money I needed to be with Danny. My boss was a Buddhist, and he believed strongly in Ethics. He is a philanthropist.

I suddenly had an idea. I was going to buy a plane ticket to visit Korea with Danny. Danny was really excited by that idea, and he said if others would go as well, that was going to be better. Amy was the first that came to both our minds. I offered to even buy her a ticket but she said she was busy so she didn’t go.

3 The trip to KoreaEdit

Danny and I caught Raffles Class on Singapore Airlines and went to Singapore for a day and I took him around the country-city. On the way I stopped by to check on our house in Singapore my dad bought 20 years ago.

Next stop, Shanghai, I took Danny to visit the place and meet some friends, including my own grandparents. There wasn’t much to do in Shanghai and so, we went straight to Korea. There we played for a week and I visited his parents, visited some landmarks and ate Korean cuisine. After the week, I said goodbye to him and made a direct flight to London.

4 The end of my courseEdit

2013 Christmas. I flew to Danny’s home in Korea and celebrated Christmas with him. Making a direct flight back to Australia, I was expecting it to be really hot, but to my surprise it was pretty cold for summer. Max. 23 Min. 12. I had finished my course and I had a Master already in Dentistry. I visited my family, then my boss. Ironically, just as I was about to tell him about my decision to move to Singapore in the future, he was having a celebration party because he was moving the company to Singapore.

This really surprised me. I told my boss about my decision to move, and he was absolutely pleased with it. He said he’ll even provide my accommodation and travel. I thanked him and packed up. The house we own in Brisbane now belongs to my brother, and my parents decided to move to China. They bought a nice apartment and will live there. I will move to Singapore.

Danny made a phone call to me one day and said, every year we do an alternative visit sort of thing. I visit him for Christmas one year and he does the same next year. At the same time, I decided to visit my brother during mid year and my parents for Chinese New Year.

5 The Real Country ChangeEdit

Danny’s work contract had expired in 2014 and he decided to move to Singapore along with me. He already applied for an English-Korean translation service in Singapore. We lived together for a while.

3 months later, Amy and her long time boyfriend Chino was having fun at Sentosa Island off the coast of Singapore. I went there heaps of times when I was a small boy. Danny and I were at Sentosa that day, and suddenly I asked him, “Is that Amy and Chino there?” He replied, “Oh my gosh! That is them!” We walked up to them and they recognised us. This led to a series of chain events. We played the whole day. Danny and I stayed at the hotel room next to theirs and the whole month I spent taking them around Singapore as I have had 5431000 times more experience about Singapore than them.

Every night we would either play cards, talk and chat, surf the net, watch movies and TV. One night, I said, “Amy and Chino, I reckon you should stay here in Singapore. You have known a lot about Singapore through me and possibly Eugene so, yeah.” They talked about it and decided it was a good idea.

3 months had passed since we had any contact with Amy and Chino. It was on a hot Sunday afternoon when Danny and I were playing Hannibal on our Wii3G (This will be the only mention of technology in this book, I hope). While we were busy moving around in the sensor vests, the doorbell rang. I strolled to the door and saw Amy and Chino standing out there, looking tired and enthusiastic at the same time.

“Come on in, guys!” I said, “Is something up?” “Nothin’, just a bit tired from the flight.”

It was 5 o’ clock in the afternoon. I asked them if they wanted to go to a restaurant for dinner, or MacDonald’s or something. They felt like eating at home, so I decided, “Why not?” Everyone cooked their own dish, and we ate rice with chopsticks. While eating, we chatted and talked about what we should do in the future. I already lived in the house and have my own furniture. Danny stayed with me, and luckily, I had a separate bedroom. I stayed in an apartment in Pasir Ris, with great views around the area and 3 bedrooms. I slept in a room with Danny. I bought a queen size bed especially for Amy and Chino ;). At night we watched some TV, played on the Wii3G and mostly talking.

6 First working week with Amy and Chino & Amy’s birthdayEdit

Amy and Chino stayed at home and did some cleaning while Danny and I left for work at 6 am. I worked as a dentist at the National University of Singapore Hospital, and Danny worked as a ___________. Amy and Chino went around shopping and bought some food and beverages and mostly general items like toilet paper, stationary, etc.

The same procedure went through for the whole week, as if we’re programmed to do so. Except on the Friday, at night we dined at Crystal Jade Restaurant, unfortunately I did all the driving. We had a long dinner of Noodles of Longevity and some Chinese delights. Arriving home, Amy prepared some drinks and snacks as we all played together as team JCAD on Hannibal. If we’re tired, we rest and had a drink. Playing until 3.30 am, finally we were beaten by ‘Gha Vinters’ from Azharia, Capital of Mongoon, of Planet Kimble Centauri Ix. 5 hours passed on earth, and 2 minutes had passed on Kimble Centauri Ix.

We went shopping on Saturday, and I secretly snuck out to buy a cake for Amy. We spent the whole day at Orchid Rd Shopping. While Amy was preparing dinner we made a little surprise for her as it was her 21st Birthday. After dinner, we offered to clean up and left Amy alone watching TV. 8 o’ clock. She turned the TV off, yawned and went to the dining room. “Happy 21st birthday to you, Amy” We shouted. Danny started blabbing, “On this day 21 years ago, a girl named Amy was born…she was a dis…grace.” Chino and I pushed him away, and said to Amy, “Amy, this is the first and only and last 21st birthday of your life, so cherish it well!” She was so happy she burst into tears, and she did look innocent and cute.

7 The first tripEdit

We decided that during the mid year, we’d go back to Australia and visit the people we left there. It was not as cold as we expected it to be, but it was quite dry. Stayed for 2 weeks at different people’s houses every couple of days.

Leaving Australia, we headed for China and stayed at a hotel for 2 weeks and visited some famous landmarks in Beijing and Shanghai. Not long after, Taiwan was our destination and we visited Amy’s family, and saw the Taiwan landmarks.

Straight after, we left for Korea and went to a place I’d never thought people would go to. North Korea!! I heard that one of our old friends Andrew Ha had assassinated the Kin Jong Il dude and all his heirs. In fact, he got rewarded and respected by the North Koreans desperate to go outside the country. He earned a position as ‘Master assassin for crazy politicians’. When we touched down in Pyongyang, we saw everywhere, golden statues of Andrew Ha doing a wavy thingy, his sidekick Nandank at a ratio of 100:1 size beside him, and we could see all these random North Koreans hailing the statues!!

But most of the time we were in Seoul and Incheon, eating Korean food, visiting Korean landmarks, learning Korean and lots of other stuff.

I soon thought, “Life is so perfect. My good friends live with me, we have all the time to talk, my job is very successful, I have a great boss, everyone is so happy, and I am too so happy.”

Danny told me about a very good department store which sold electrical at half prices of those in Australia. So, he took us there and we bought about 1 million won worth of gadgets (that’s about $1300 in Australian Dollars) like a PS5 for Danny, a 300GB iriver video for me, Zelda Legend for Amy and a high-speed photocopier for Chino (65 pages/min).

We visited Danny’s house where his mum prepared a heavy and dense feast (lots of flavours packed in to a little piece of food and a lot of food packed onto a small table, though it had 5 boards stacked on top of each other) for us, mainly Korean foods. My gosh it was the best food I’ve tasted in Korea. We left and thanked his mum at 8.30 and set off for the hotel. I slept in the same room as Danny and Amy and Chino slept in another room. Upon arriving, I ran into room 2087, grabbed my pyjamas and showered. Danny watched TV while waiting. Amazingly, Chino was having a Shower at the same time in room 2088 and Amy watching TV.

After we all finished showering, Danny and I ran into their room, grabbed a pillow each and started hitting them. They picked up their weapons (pillows) and started to hit us back. While playing, I was feeling very glad that after almost 10 years after parting with Danny, we were back to doing things we would’ve done when we were younger, and having a great time. Chino was tired after about 10 mins and shouted, “STOP!!!!” We all laughed at him and sat down on the beds. The air-conditioner was too cold and we couldn’t control the temperature so we grabbed the blankets and wrapped ourselves in it while watching TV.

Tomorrow at 6 am, we had to get to the airport to board the plane back to Singapore at 7.45. So, we slept at 11.30, which was pretty early for three 22-year olds and a 26-year old (Chino)

8 Back to square twenty-oneEdit

It was 16th June when we got back. I hadn’t realised it was my birthday until we arrived home at six o’clock. They were putting down all the luggage before turning around and shouting, “Happy Birthday Ding!!” I was so touched, as no school friends have said happy birthday to me because every year my birthday was in the holidays.

They decided that we’d go out to the Lake of Fortune Buffet Restaurant in Chinatown. Finally, I didn’t drive – Danny did. After the buffet, we drove to the harbour side where coincidently, there were fireworks on. We had a perfect view of it. Together, they cried out “Ding, this is the first, the only and the last 21st Birthday of you life, so cherish it well!!” I reckoned it was the best birthday I ever had. They made a video call with my parents, my brother and my cousin and they all wished me a happy 21st birthday. I felt so emotional, I cried for the first time in 10 years.

Still recovering from the emotional outburst from my birthday, we were playing Zelda Legend on Wii3G. Apparently, nothing can read a Wii3G disc, as it rotates sidewards, top-wards, length-wards a full 360 degree like a ball in side – it’s like an electronic ball if you look at it that way. Chino and Danny were acting sarcastic about it, and they said, “If you buy one disc, why don’t you just make a ball and coat it in silver and copy paste the information on it?” I punched them on the arm and told them to stop fooling around.

Ding. My nickname since start of time. Can’t they think of anything fresh like…I don’t know? Dingbat? Actually that’s already one. Err…Anthony calls me that. “Message……Message……Message……Message!!......Message!!!!” I smashed my hand down on my alarm clock. 5.30 am and I woke up to get ready for work. Staring out the room, there was a ray of light coming from the kitchen. Danny woke up at 4 just staring at the refrigerator, wondering what to eat and bring for lunch. I walked to him sleepily and said, “One and a half hours staring at a frickin’ refrigerator? Why don’t you open it?”

At six, we dressed up in our suits and left the house. “Did you bring enough money to buy your lunch Danny?” I cried. I finally realised there wasn’t anything in the fridge because we had been away. How stupid! Leaving a note behind telling Chino and Amy (next time I’ll refer to them as Chamy) to buy some groceries, I walked down the stairs to the lift with Danny. We lived 83 storeys high up, and it took about a minute for the stairs to go to the ground floor. Of course, when we had visitors in, there were electronic blinds that made them look like windows and that we lived 3 stories high up. This made them feel a lot safer.

9 The Wedding for Chino’s birthday presentEdit

Chamy suddenly, decided to have a wedding the next Saturday at Gold Coast. A lot of our high school friends were invited. Amy’s family, Danny, Anthony, An-yi, Carrie, Andrew, Eugene, Mark, William, all the siblings of VIPs were also VIPs, Chino’s friends and family and I. Gosh, we had to fly all the way back, and do the enchilada, then fly back, and they left to have their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Back to the wedding, after touching down in Brisbane, we spent an hour just waiting to collect our suits and Amy’s dress. O.O Like usual, I was the chauffeur and they rented it with their money, but my service was free. Danny sat in the front with me. We could hear Chamy laughing and talking in the back, and told them to keep it down. Danny played some Eminem and I played F.I.R.

Arriving at the Gold Coast, all the VIPs and invitees were already there, helping to the food and drinks. I walked out of the limousine with Danny, and all we heard was, “Where is the bride?” and laughter. Chino stepped out, and positioned himself ready for the vow of life.

Waiting for Reverend Andrew Ha to come, suddenly he swooped down in the distance, landed on his jet ski and rode over in time.

We took our seats, and Andrew Ha was the man who said the words that would join Chamy together. 10 minutes later, “I hereby pronounce you two husband and wife!” a round of applause came and it did last quite long. Finally it was over…

The flight back was just as boring, waiting an hour at Changhi airport terminal 2 to collect our suits and Amy’s dress.

We got back and it was July 31st. It was the eve of the groom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Chino! Afterwards, they left for Hawaii on their maiden honeymoon… So, Danny was stranded with me for the week and we had to do all the housework and shopping on the weekend.

10 Amy’s PregnancyEdit

Chamy returned from Hawaii a week later, so Danny and I picked them up from the airport.

I was waking up on National day, 9th August to find Amy vomiting at 4 am. This had never happened. Absolutely dazzled, she looked so sick that I had to stick to my common sense and take her to the hospital. I asked Chino if he wanted to go along, but he said it was alright.

Arriving at the hospital I worked at, and I knew the place like the back of my palm, I walked her straightaway to the clinic. There, one of my colleagues Dr Lee Siew Tam was on a night shift coincidently, and I asked him if he could just check on Amy. 10 minutes later, he came back to the room bearing news: Amy was pregnant. We both felt strange and happy at the same time.

Quickly I drove home, and it was sunrise. I walked Amy up, and ran to Chino and screamed, “What did you do to Amy? Taking advantage of her on your honeymoon? SHE’S PREGNANT!!!!” “WHAT?!” Chino yelled back. This woke Danny up. “What the hell is wrong with you guys screaming at this time huh?” “AMY IS PREGNANT!!” I yelled with Chino. “Holy Shit! Chino! You naughty boy!” “See, Danny and I think alike!!” “Whatever!”

That was over…and we had breakfast of soybean milk and dough sticks. Saturday morning – shopping day. We went to Pasir Ris shopping plaza for the morning and I suggested bowling in the afternoon. For lunch, I made a delicious meal of cereal with toast and coffee as we didn’t feel like eating anything special.

To the bowling. Chino player 1, Danny player 2, me player 3 and Amy player 4. We played for 4 rounds. Chino was hoping for the perfect start, and he hit 1 in the first and gutter the next. Danny started to show-off by using a towel and professional equipment, and he bowled a gutter ball, and the next ended him with an impossible split. I did better, with a 4 and a 5. Amy, surprisingly, hit a strike and a 7. This gave her a massive lead. She finished with 148 points, while I finished with 99, and Chino and Danny drawing with 49 each. The next round Chino finished the highest with 153. Danny, Amy and I drawing on 140. 3rd Round was me all the way and I hit 3 strikes in a row, finishing with the highest of the day with 179, them 3, Chino- 100, Danny- 132, and Amy- 135. Last round, and finally Danny won with a score of 131, while Chino had 124 and I drew with Amy at 116. Totals- Amy 544, me 542, Danny 452, Chino 426.

All feeling tired, we booked a table at the restaurant of the club. We all had a toast to Amy’s pregnancy and Chino’s luck and wildness.

Chino applied for a job, and so Amy became a housewife.

11 The new arrival (not the baby)Edit

Amy had been looking for a job, and I helped her look for one. Then, she found an empty spot as a psychiatrist. She handed in a resume and began work the next week. Her boss, a lady by the name of Madam Yap Ni Su had a job as a psychiatrist in Pasir Ris, and she decided that since putting out an application notice for someone to take her spot as the owner of Psycho Psychiatrists©.

This began, and no one was there to do the cleaning and shopping. We all thought of it…Carrie, who became a maid after not being eligible for an OP, and she was a friend from High School. I called her, and she decided to fly here to help look after the house and maybe, Chamy’s kid.

The first week with Carrie here, she wasn’t sure about things and broke the toaster. Things went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

Until October the 6th. I was exercising in the park with Chino and thought, “Holy cow it’s Danny’s birthday today. What do we do?” I talked to Amy, Chino and Carrie about it, and they agreed it was best to buy him some basketball stuff, and some Eminem stuff. I bought a basketball worth $102, Chamy bought 10 Eminem CD’s worth $170, but received a discount and got it for $150, Carrie bought him an Eminem poster worth $45.

Together we gave it to him, and hand-made a cake with a basketball theme to it. It was like eating a cake, and like eating a basketball. He tried to bounce it, but we stopped him and I gave him the one I bought. “Play with us sometime!”

He did teach the girls some, but Amy always had a break after a while. As for the reason, I won’t mention it.

Chino, Danny and I had shooting contests all the time. Amy was recording the scores. A successful 2 points gives 3, successful 3 gives us 5, unsuccessful 3 gives 2 and unsuccessful 2 gives us 1. A swish adds 1, if the ball is nowhere near the board, no points. In the end, Danny finished with 488, I had 432 and Chino had 416.

12 ChristmasEdit

Carrie and I – “It’s so heavy!” Me – “My car will get dirty!” Danny – “It looks pretty sexy!” Amy – “Help me guys!” Chino – “You’ll know that it was worth the workout when we eat it! Ha Ha!!”

It was a turkey we bought, for Christmas, and at 20kgs, it was the largest turkey I ever saw. We were out shopping for Christmas presents, decorations, gifts and food. Amy did the presents, Carrie and Amy cooked and we three boys just watched TV.

A lot of our gifts were mailed overseas, at the quantity surveyor, aka Chino’s expense. Computer equipment for Eugene; Racist terms for Andrew; Diet programs and DIY braces for Mike; Violin books for Nandank, Frances and Eddy; How to get along well with your husband for An-yi; How to get along well with your wife for Anthony; USB Graphics Calculator for Mark; 101 gift ideas for William, and more gifts for our families.

No one cared, as we used our hands to rip the turkey apart and sent it to our mouths for processing. There was also a potato salad and for dessert, sunflower seeds and Ice Cream.

I bought another Wii3G controller for Carrie – no need to worry about the amount it can take (up to 50). Together, we played baseball as a team, Chemical Elements JC2AD. Pity no elements are shortened to J, A and D. Our team smacked 10 home runs from 11 people (Amy missed a swing). This allowed us to progress through the ‘Baseball World Cup Wii3G version’ League final. We were up against this apparent one-man team from Iraq. Sounded like Andrew Ha as the name was AHTerroristAkaMastaAsasin4CrzyPoliticians. Great, he was a reverend, now he’s an assassin. Reading the name made me laugh my head off. I truly realised the size of my 92” or 230 cm Liquid Plasma Display.

13 New Year, the arrival of the Andank assassinsEdit

“10……9……8……7……6……5……4……3……2……1……0…2015!!!” Everyone screamed for their lives, hearing that 2015 was finally here…the year where everything starts…over again = (. Partying on like nothing else, we sang like rock stars in front of a mosh pit, danced like the people in the mosh pit and drank like there was no tomorrow, or the world was about to end. Watch The Hitchhikers’ Guide to The Galaxy (2005) for details.

This was the New Year, and everyone seems to be fascinated about the fact we gave each other red packets at Chinese New Year, so we started handing out purple packets (I thought it was Elton John who started the trend) to everyone in the household.

That night, I was actually calling Chino next door with my phone because I wanted to waste credit. “I got a question for you...really important...what do you want to eat tomorrow?” “Hold on (Cough, cough) Amy is on top of me.” “Oh gosh...” “How about noodles?” “Probably not.” “A big fat steak?” “Maybe. Anything else?” “Blood Sausage?” “No thanks.” “Chicken Rice?” “That’s decent. We’ll have that the whole day tomorrow. Every second. Pre-order 20kgs for me would you? Oh, and 20 Chickens!” “Whatever. Nighty!” “Night!” A sigh of relief: finally the food is sorted out. Drinks? Entertainment? Sort that out tomorrow.

We received a phone call the next day, from the Andank Assassination Squad. We heard that Andrew and Nandank had teamed up and became a squad. Nandank, funnily was his sidekick. They were coming to visit us. I saw them from my bedroom window on their pogo sticks. They bounced up, deployed their parachutes and tried to come in through the kitchen window. Unfortunately, they missed, and the rubber padding outside the house (used to kick robbers out) made them fly back 700m or so.

“Holy cow, the Assassins are here! I’m gonna pick them up…they had a little accident…”

I drove over to them, and I found them partly conscious, so I dragged them into my car and drove them home. “You alright Andank Assassins?” “No worries, but I’m worried if there are any traffic lights nearby. Are there?” “Dude, we're in a car! No jaywalking anywhere here!” “Oh, ok.”

Arriving home, they said Hi and Nandank did his wup, wup thing and Andrew did his wavy thingy. “Where is the toilet? We made a vow. Thou shalt sleep in toilet only.” We all laughed hard at that.

14 Chinese New Year, 10.1928 personsEdit

7.1928 persons. Chino, Danny, Me, Amy, Andrew, Nandank, Carrie, and the 0.1928 person, Maeve, Chamy’s-to be daughter. From memory, I remember An-yi and Anthony had a boy called AJ Lin (AJ is Ao Jie or Anthony/An-yi Junior). He looked very cute and he was now almost 3 years old. Nevertheless, we still wanted them to come over for the Chinese New Year of the Sheep. This added another 3 and became 10.1928 persons.

They did come over in 2 days, and on the day, we watched the satellite TV from Korea, China and Taiwan at the same time. Had a massive pillow fight party and food fight. AJ slept on the sofa, so did Danny and I, who was AJ’s godfather, while his parents slept on our beds.

They stared at our calendar, thinking that there was still some time for them to holiday in Singapore, so I called SIA, and renewed their return ticket to a week later. During the week, we 10.1928 persons did the most shopping I ever did at Orchard Rd. From furniture to food, jewellery to jollybean tofu.

15 The new arrival (Yes, the wait is over!!)Edit

May 17. 10 pm. Excessive pain has started to scare Amy and all of us. May 17. 11 pm. Rushed to hospital, and put in ICU. May 17. Midnight. Carried to surgery room. May 18. 1 am. Still waiting outside Surgery room. May 18. 2 am. Waiting May 18. 3.42 am. Nurse runs out with Chino. “It’s a girl!!”

A great sigh of relief spread through us and the surgery room. We rushed in and saw a little baby, 64 cm long, 3.2 kg. Chamy smiled to us and thanked us.

“No problems whatsoever, internal organs check, reproductive organs check, waste organs check, brains check, face check, physical check, umbilical cord chopped off.” The nurse read. Maeve started crying. “Ooohhh!!!”.

This was it. Chamy has now succeeded in human breeding: they passed the test!. They joined An-yi and Anthony in the ‘I have a kid of my own’ group of people, as well as about 2.73 billion other people.

Carrie was appointed as Maeve’s godmother, and Bryan godfather (Who’s that? A dude from Singapore, went to our high school and my primary school.). It was already pretty tough being AJ’s godfather. Wonder what Maeve will do?...

Pity, Danny and I were left buying the new clothes, nappies, food, etc. for Maeve. $25 per week was spent on it.

16 The visitors from SingaporeEdit

Danny and I decided to take a break from Life, and go back to Australia to visit peers. My brother picked us up from the airport. Danny stayed at our house. I was bored the next day, so I suggested since it wasn't holidays why don't we go back to High School and visit.

Mr Loxton had become principal from popularity, and he was a great tour guide. There we saw people we never met before, as the graduating class of this year were in gr.7 when we graduated. We strolled around the school, and relinquished the times we spent at the school.

We walked to my brother's Toyota MS-5 Sportiva. It really shone in the light with its silver paint. Inside was absolutely like a high-tech car. The 15.1 audio speaker system had a 1TB memory so my brother just literally dumped music onto it. The windscreen had LCD odometers, etc. running through it. Everything had a bluish tone. Of course, this was nothing compared to my Audi 9XC-15. Almost identical to the car used by Spooner (Will Smith) in the movie 'I, Robot', my car boasted a 2TB storage and 19.1 audio speaker system. Also, electronic window tinting, auto drive, air-conditioning that adjusts to body temperature, 11 ms time window demisting, and so much I could go on for centuries about the good things about my car.

I wanted to drive the car, and I looked at the N2O button on my brother's steering wheel. "This looks pretty!" "Don't you dare!" "Too late!" "WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" "Holy Shit Ding, Chill! Just cos nos is legal, doesn't mean you can scare us with it!" "Whatever."

It was true. N2O had been permitted (10g tanks which lasts about 200m to 600m depending on your speed) in cars on minor roads where there isn't any cars in a 300m radius, or a Highway or major road with no cars at least a kilometre ahead of you.

17 Death of HenryEdit

Danny and I returned. "No deaths Assassins?"

Ironically, Henry Zhao heard about us living in Singapore, and was on a world trip trying to commit suicide. His wife had left him, he lost his job, he was bankrupt and he just wanted to die. He stopped over.

Me - "WHOA, Look at Henry guys!" Amy - "What happened to you?" Henry - "Yes I know I look sad." Andank - "No, you've gotten so fat." Danny - "Fatter than Ding" Me - "Shut Up" Henry - "Yeah, I had nothing to do after Grace left me. I lost my job, I was bankrupt and I wanted to die." Chino - "You can start a new life with us." Henry - "No, I already signed my death note." Maeve - "AAHH!"

So, Henry wanted to die in 5 days, so I decided we'll show him around Singapore. Now, it became 9 persons touring the country, again. Henry ate like a pig, slept like someone addicted to caffeine (aka he didn’t sleep), and lived life until that tragic day, 31st July.

"Goodbye this cruel world and my friends."

The others were watching him like an escapologist. Chino, Amy, Maeve, Andrew, Nandank and Carrie. He dived out the kitchen window. I was coming home from shopping, and I bought an inflatable mattress for Henry.

"Holy, I forgot he was gonna die today!! 31st July 2015"

Quickly, I took out the mattress and pumped it with the electric pump.

"I want to see it from the 83rd floor! HENRYYYY!!!!"

He smiled at me and screamed, "THANKS FOR THE LAST WORDS, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT LIFE, DING!!!" Too late. Henry fell face down on the mattress. He burst it and died upon impact.


I cried on him, the tear drops falling on his stomach. I ran up and headed straight to my room. "He couldn't even wait for me to get to the 83rd floor??" Thinking about it made me even more depressed.

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