Chapter One: That Nagging Feeling at the Back of your MindEdit

The tunnel was dark and damp. As I rested my hand on the side, I could feel a cool damp slime. "How long is this tunnel, anyways?" I asked Jason, our guide. "It runs across the sea of thoughts, about five hundred miles." Oh, great, I thought. A pitch black, slimy, damp, cold, hard as rock tunnel that goes five hundred miles under a sea the size of an ocean! "Look on the bright side," said Kacey, my best friend since 2nd grade, "After five hundred miles of pitch black slimy rock, we have to eventually reach the light at the end of the tunnel." That might have made me feel better, if it wasn't for what Jason had said next. "Actually, we've sorta had to, um, remove the light at the end of the tunnel, um, yeah." I stopped "What?? Why??" I said, starting to raise my voice. "Budget cuts." Jason said. Well, I thought, It's not like this could get any worse. In a normal stroy, right after that line, something bad might happen, or i might have said "Boy, was I wrong." But thankfully, nothing worse happened. Because at the time, nothing worse was possible. But something did happen. Something big. Something I will tell you about after I explain how I got into this situation. It started only a week ago, but that one week felt like an eternity.

I was in school. More speciffically, I was in the 7th grade reading class, the first class of the day. And also my least favorite class, because it was tought by my least favorite teacher, Mrs. Jay. I had just walked in the door, when the bell rang. I sat down in my seat. "Kaylean Mingly," said Mrs. Jay "why are your clothes in rags? You do not really think that is acceptable clothing for school, do you?" This prompted some small snickers from the back of the class. I'm a boy, you see, but my parents, who are always in a rush, named me before I was born, expecting a girl. I was a boy. Most of the kids call me Kayl, but Mrs. Jay insists on calling me by my full name, because she "desires to treat all with respect and dignity." Yeah, right. Anyways, back to the story. "I'm not sure," I said. "I got onto the bus in clean clothes, then..." I tried to remember what had happened. "...I walked to the school in this." I gestered my shirt. I had this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that something was missing, but I wasn't sure what. "You're telling me that you got off the bus halfway to school?" Mrs. Jay said. I looked at her. "Um, yeah." I replied. She looked at me. Well, since you're obviously leaving somthing out, you can think about it in detention. I looked at her. he punishment hadn't really set in. I was still thinking about what she had said. I didn't get off the bus, I though I just walked... That didn't make any sense. The rest of the day, I just thought about this. I still had that nagging feeling, but I decided I would actually do what Mrs. Jay said. I would think about it in detention.

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