Long ago, there was a place called unreality, deep in the realms of Illogica. In that place is a continent called Coloria, A place where colors are used to make a living, to live. And here is the tale of one Color Alchemist who changed the way people looked at grey for the next Millenia.

Chapter 1: BrownEdit

Alchemist Andy Brael was experimenting with brown, a color which was a shade of orange. He was trying to isolate it as a seperate color, by destroying the orange part of it. "Destroy a component, but kepp the color," he said to himself. He carefully removed a stringy substance from the brown solution, when a knock at his door came, causing him to drop the stringy subtance into a vile of azure. "Great" Andy said to himself. "who is it?"

"Proffesor Tolk" said the voice.

"come in, come in," said Andy.

"I have come to pick up the box of Muenth I asked" said Tolk

"Here it is" Andy picked up a box off of his shelf and handed it to the proffesor.

"Thank you" Tolk replied. When the proffesor left, Andy turned to his worktable. The Azure solution was now a shade of Pure grey. He studied it for a moment, then took a drop of it and put it into the brown solution. The brown instantly became a shade of light azure. "Opposites" Andy wispered. He then took out some viles and solutions from various shelfs and drawers, saying to himself "A near perfect inversion solution, but not quite ready." He took out a large cauldron and a smaller beaker, saying "First half needs a warm rainbow, plus a pinch of darkener" he poured into the beaker what looked like a mixture of all the redish-orangish-yellowish colors, plus a black powder. he took out a second beaker, pouring in whjat looked like all of the bluish-purplish-greenish colors, and a white powder. "Mix to halfs at heat measuring equal parts ultraviolet and infrared," He Put in the cauldron what looked like a burning ice cube, and lit a fire that appeared to be freezing under it. he then poured in the two beakers, and watched.

The entire solution turned a shade of Pure grey. "Perfect" Andy said, "Thank you Brown, thank You" In his hand he held a form of completely isloated brown. A bottle of brown powder.

Chapter 2: A Gathering of Old FreindsEdit

Kael 4some looked at the paper on Color Alchemy he had bought at the marketplace. "I wonder if I may be able to help Andy Brael?" he said to himself. "Not without me, you won't" said a voice. Kael looked up and saw his brother, Wan, looking down on him.

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