The Omi Within

(The warriors are in the meditation hall, currently trying to master their focus.)

Master Fung: You need absolute focus when dealing with difficult Shen Gong Wu to master, such as the Tangle Web Comb.

(He then took out a balloon and burst it, the warriors didn't budge, he waved his hand at the warrior’s eyes individually but they still did not move. Until Dojo arrived.)

Dojo: Hey, a new Shen Gong Wu just revealed itself.

Raimundo: We were doing so well as well. Ok what's the new wu?

Dojo: (Opens the scroll) The Creature Within, this Shen Gong Wu can transform the user into an animal, that all depends on the person. Just like Dashi, he can transform into a ruby-red dragon. Miss that a lot.

Omi: Ooooooh I hope I can transform into a Cheetah or a Tiger.

Raimundo: Technically, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a duck.

Kimiko: Well we can find out when we get it.

(They went outside hopped on Dojo and took off.)

Omi's thoughts: Oh that Raimundo, I’ll show him when I get a really good animal.

(They arrived at a meadow that stretched for miles.)

Dojo: It's somewhere among the grass. Hm, the strongest scent is due that direction.

(But he didn't know that the Shen gong Wu was right under him.)

Clay: Er... Dojo, it's due that direction less than zero inches away.

Dojo: What do you mean?

Raimundo: Try looking at the grass.

(He looked at the Shen Gong Wu)

Dojo: I stand corrected.

(But then Jack Spicer appeared.)

Jack: Ninja-Bots attack!

(Black suited robots leaped out of the sky, and attacked the warriors.)

Omi: Shimo Staff.

(The Wudai Weapon turned into a sword, and with it, he started whacking his way through the ninjas.)

Kimiko: Arrow Sparrow!

(The fire-blasts started taking out ninjas.)

Jack: Glove of Jisaku.

(The Shen Gong Wu attracted Clay's Reversing Mirror and Raimundo's Mantis Flip Coin.)

Clay: I've got an idea, Eye of Dashi!

(The lightning blasts hit Jack's Heli-Bot causing it to go haywire.)

Jack: You've not seen the last of Jack Spicer!

Kimiko: Maybe, but we got the Creature Within!

Master Fung: Impressive victory over the Creature Within. And as a small treat, each of you can use it individually, Clay would you like to go first?

Clay: Why sure Master Fung sir.

(He took the Creature Within.)

Clay: Creature Within!

(He started glowing and then morphed into a bull. And morphed back.)

Clay: Woowee, I didn't thought I’d be a bull.

Master Fung: Excellent demonstration, who would you like to go next?

Clay: Rai, you’re up.

(He gave the Creature Within to Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Creature Within!

(He too started glowing and transformed into a golden eagle. And transformed back.)

Raimundo: Oh yeah, who's the big eagle, oh yeah. Kimiko, it's all yours. (Throws her the creature Within.) Oh Yeah.

Kimiko: Creature Within!

(She started glowing and she turned into a vixen.)

Raimundo: Ahahaha, what's that gonna do claw my eyes out?

(And that's what Kimiko did. Until she turned back to normal.)

Kimiko: Omi, give it your best shot.

Omi's thoughts: This is it, my chance to prove that my animal is better than Raimundo's.

(He takes the Creature Within from Kimiko)

Omi: Creature Within!

(He started glowing and turned into a rabbit. Raimundo, Clay and Dojo burst out laughing, Master Fung and Kimiko took pity on him. Then Omi morphed back.)

Omi: Oh this is most unexpected.

Master Fung: Remember Omi, a little mouse may be small and easily killed, but it still has very admirable skills.

Raimundo: Yeah, and what's a rabbits? Eating carrots? Ahahahaha!

(But Omi still hung his head in humility and walked to the meditation hall.)

Kimiko:(Angrily) Well I hope your happy with yourself.

Clay: Oh we didn't mean much little partner. It was just too funny, it just sorta slipped out. y'know.

(Kimiko angrily followed Omi to go and cheer him up. She found him lying down watching the roof.)

Kimiko:(Lying down beside him) Omi, it's Ok, look on the bright side, at least your not a squirrel.

Omi: Good point, but Raimundo's right, when it comes to fighting a rabbit is useless.

Kimiko: Technically so's a vixen.

(Later that night, Omi is sitting on the roof.)

Omi: I wonder if it is possible to change my animal during my form.

(He hopped off the roof and raced to the vault and took the Creature Within.)

Omi: Creature Within!

(He morphed into his rabbit-form.)

Omi: Come on, Omi change, change into anything!

(Then one of the lights inside turned on.)

Omi: Uh Oh, quickly turn back into Omi, but I can't turn back into Omi, what's wrong?

(Then Kimiko came out, wearing her nightgown.)

Kimiko: yawn Huh? Omi? Is that you? And why are you in your Creature Within form?

(Omi tried to talk but couldn't. Instead he indicated his neck to Kimiko.)

Kimiko: Hm, you can't speak cus you’re a rabbit? Well duh Kimiko. I got an idea two seconds Omi.

(She ran back into her bedroom and came back with a small collar.)

Kimiko: This collar will help you communicate in English.

(She stuck it on.)

Omi: Thank you Kimiko, that was most ingenious.

Kimiko: So how did you get into that form and how come you can't change back?

Omi: I was trying to change my Creature Within animal but in the process I’m stuck as a rabbit.

Kimiko: Hm? We have no choice but to tell the others, I think Master Fung will have the answers.

Omi: Reluctantly, I have to accept that idea.

(Kimiko ran over to the bell and rang it three times indicating that there's danger. And almost instantly everybody came out.)

Raimundo: Kimiko, what's the big idea?

Kimiko: Something's wrong with Omi, look. (She pointed at the rabbit Omi.)

(Raimundo started laughing again.)

Master Fung: Omi, did you try and use the Creature Within to change your animal?

Omi: Yes master.

Master Fung: Omi, this Shen Gong Wu is similar to the Tangle Web Comb, it requires absolute focus in order to control it, you were too busy thinking of what animal to morph into, so the powers of the Creature Within has taken hold of you.

Omi: Is there a remedy?

Master Fung: Of course, what is the bane of all Shen Gong Wu?

Omi: You mean all Shen Gong Wu's weaknesses?

Kimiko: That's easy, the Reversing Mirror.

Master Fung: Exactly Kimiko.

Clay: But that no-good snake Jack clawed it when we were goin for the Creature Within.

Master Fung: Then we need it back by all means necessary. Clay, you, Raimundo and Dojo will infiltrate Jack's Lair and retrieve the Reversing Mirror. But not until morning. Kimiko, it is too dangerous for Omi to be on his own, can you take care of him until we get the Reversing Mirror?

Kimiko: Yes, Sir.

Master Fun: Thank you, but for now we sleep.

(It is morning and Raimundo, Clay and Dojo are outside Jack's Lair.)

Raimundo: Dojo, what wu did you bring?

Dojo: The Two Ton Tunic, Changing Chopsticks, Shroud of Shadows and Silk Spinner.

Raimundo: I'll take the Silk Spinner and Changing Chopsticks, Clay; you'll take the Shroud of Shadows and Two Ton Tunic.

Clay: Sure thing partner.

(They both jumped into Jack's lair knocking out two Jack-bots, and ran to the walls. They jumped up to the roof and went through the top window which led to one of Jack's long corridors.)

Raimundo: Now which one is Jack’s basement? Maybe this one?

(And was.)

Raimundo: Guys stay there, (Whispering) Silk Spinner.

(He span a long piece of silk up on the roof and retracted it without Jack noticing, and reached the rafters.)

Raimundo: Changing Chopsticks.

(He shrank and was able to sneak on the rafters very quietly. He reached Jack's vault and re-sized himself up and used the Silk Spinner to lower himself down, then he saw the Reversing Mirror and was about to grab it before an ambush of ninja-bots attacked.)

Jack: Hahaha, meet my new and improved ninja-bots.

Raimundo: What's so special about this lot?

Jack: They’ve been installed with data of you, Omi, Kimiko and Clay's moves and they know how to battle it.

(Raimundo stares in confusion.)

Jack: In short my ninja-bots know your moves and they can fight it back.

Raimundo: But I didn't want to fight, I wanted to ... er ... negotiate. (Putting on a fake smile.)

Jack: Negotiate over what?

Raimundo: Omi used the Creature Within and his was a rabbit. Now we need the Reversing Mirror to reverse the effects.

(At first Jack began a little snigger that turned into a laugh that turned into a cry of laughter.)

Jack: Omi... a rabbit?

Raimundo: Yeah and we need the Reversing Mirror to get him out.

Jack: You do realize this is the second time you came here looking for the Reversing Mirror for one of Omi's mistakes?

Raimundo: Yeah I know, but we only just wanna borrow it then we'll give it back.

Jack: I got an idea that will clear things up. Raimundo, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown for the Reversing Mirror.

Raimundo: Huh? Ok I accept. My Changing Chopsticks against your Mantis Flip Coin.

Jack: The game is Robot Flurry, first to grab the Reversing Mirror wins.

Both: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(Jack's lair changed into a metallic battlefield and a pedestal rose with the Reversing Mirror on it. Raimundo transformed into his Xiaolin Showdown Armor.)

Both: Gong Ye Tenpi!

(And out of the ground came hundreds of giant robot spiders.)

Raimundo: I don't think I’ll need the Changing Chopsticks for this one. Wudai Star Wind!

(He blow against the ground and head blew one of the robots in the chest, knocking it backwards. Jack was already surrounded by spiders.)

Jack: Mantis Flip Coin!

(He hopped and kicked the spider's heads one by one. And Raimundo ran for the Reversing Mirror, but robot gladiators blocked the way.)

Raimundo: Outta the way Robo-hunk-a-junko soldiers!

(He jumped and knocked one gladiator out, and took it's sword and started swinging away at the others.)

Raimundo: Got no time for this!

(He dropped his sword and ran for the Mirror, but he tripped along the way, realizing he now had to face Robot-octopuses that's tentacles were grabbing at him.)

Raimundo: Hey get off ya scrap heap. Wait a minute Changing Chopsticks!

(He shrunk the octopuses down and got away. But Jack was already near the Mirror.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind.

(He blew forwards and was shooting really fast, but Jack grabbed the Mirror first ending the Showdown.)

Jack: Ahahahahaha! Too bad Raimundo, you did well but your skills were no match for my wonder! Ahaha. Now that you lost the showdown you'll have to escape through my ninja-bots!

Raimundo: You never said anything about fighting to escape!

Jack: I do now! Ninja-Bots Attack!

(Back at the temple, Omi and Kimiko are still in bed; Omi was currently sleeping on one of Kimiko's wardrobes. Until they heard the bell ring three times which meant danger. Kimiko took Omi down and ran to see what the problem was. Raimundo, Clay and Dojo came back all torn apart.)

Kimiko: What happened?

Raimundo: Jack... won the showdown... couldn't get Reversing Mirror.

Kimiko: its ok, we can try again next time.

Master Fung we must act quickly, if Omi is not reversed within 6 hours he will permanently remain a rabbit.

Clay: But Who else can go? Omi's still in danger if he's left alone and Kimiko needs to look after him.

Master Fung: Then Omi and Kimiko must go.

Dojo: But even I’m knocked out after that onslaught. Who will fly 'em?

Kimiko: We can take the Silver Manta Ray.

Master Fung: Then you leave immediately. Time is not your friend in these dark hours.

Raimundo: Wait. Kimiko, Omi, those ninja things know our every move you can't beat 'em with just your normal moves you have to try new moves.

Kimiko: Thanks Rai, I have another idea that also springs to mind.

(Omi and Kimiko are inside the Silver Manta Ray(Kimiko's driving.) And Kimiko is going through her plan.)

Kimiko: Ok listen Omi, If we can't win a showdown for the Reversing Mirror, we force Spicer to wager it in a showdown, I brought the Monkey Staff so Jack will want to get in a Xiaolin Showdown for it since it's his favorite wu.

Omi: I really must thank you Kimiko.

Kimiko: Really? What for?

Omi: Well you helped me in such rough times during my rabbit form days. You looked after me, and now you’re helping me re-claim the Reversing Mirror. So, thank you Kimiko.

Kimiko: Awww that's sweet. Ok Jack's lair is coming up, you best take this.

(She gave him the Denshi Bunny.)

Kimiko: It suits you. (Winked.)

(They approached Jack's lair and landed inside the gates when they were ambushed by Ninja-Bots.)

Kimiko: Uh oh, Omi take cover, these bots are too much for you.

(She jumped into battle, and then Omi noticed Jack was watching. Kimiko was fighting the robots with her Wudai Weapon, but because of their heat resistant armors it was doing nothing.)

Omi: Kimiko! Switch staffs!

(Omi threw her the Shimo Staff and Kimiko threw her the Monkey Staff.)

Kimiko: Shimo Staff!

(The Staff turned into an axe and she was doing much damage with it. As for Omi, he threw the Monkey Staff in front of Jack.)

Jack: Whoa, my baby, come to papa! Hehehe.

(But Omi jumped on the Monkey Staff along with Jack.)

Omi: Jack I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown.

(Kimiko got distracted by Omi's bravery that she got knocked out by one of the Ninja-Bots.)

Jack: Hehehe and I think I got something here that you want. My Reversing Mirror for your Denshi Bunny.

Omi: Accepted.

Jack: And I call a Shen Ye Bu Dare. My Mantis Flip Coin against your Creature Within!

Omi: What? But the Creature Within's on me. So if I lose I become your pet?

Jack: You got it, Bugs! Ahaha!

Omi: I accept.

Jack: Oh and to raise the stakes to the sky, your friend Kimiko looks knocked out the winner gets to decide her fate!

Omi: What? You've crossed the line Spicer!

Jack: I have a tendency to do that!

Omi: Grrrr! Very Well, the game is Race to the Monkey Staff.

Both: Let's Go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The gardens turned into a giant cliff. and on top of it stood the Monkey Staff.)

Both: Gong Ye Tenpi!

(Omi jumped onto the cliff and remembered he was still la rabbit which made it twice as hard. Jack however was using his Heli-Bot to get up.)

Omi: Denshi Bunny!

(He shot up in a blink of Lightning.)

Jack: Oh yeah! Mantis Flip Coin!

(Both of them raced up the cliff at mighty speed.)

Jack: Hehehe! Reversing Mirror!

(The beam of light hit the lightning bolts of Omi, which caused him to faint on a platform. But when the smoke cleared he was back to human Omi.)

Jack: What but how?

Omi: Reversing Mirror, Jack. I still had the Creature Within in effect with the Denshi Bunny, causing both of them to reverse!

Jack: Don't get so cocky because I’m still gonna wipe the floor with you, just like Raimundo!

(That seriously made Omi mad.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

(He shot up in the air.)

Omi: Denshi Bunny!

(Both lightning and water raced past Jack. But Jack continued to use the Mantis Flip Coin. Until Omi noticed he dropped the Creature Within. And fell into the possession of Jack.)

Jack: Ahahahahaha! Now you will feel my wrath as I Jack Spicer transform into MY animal! Creature Within!

(He glowed with a massive red light, and he transformed into a parrot, then transformed back.)

Jack: Ok ok maybe my animal wasn't so good after all.

Omi: Mines was too, and I’m still winning!

(Omi then jumped and used his water abilities to blast him way up, and he grabbed the Monkey Staff. Making him the victor, carrying the knocked-out Kimiko, the Money Staff, the Reversing Mirror, The Mantis Flip Coin, The Denshi Bunny and The Creature Within.)

Jack: You may have gotten back to your old form, little man, but that doesn't mean my Ninja-Bots won't crush you! Ninja-Bots obliterate them!

(But then two mysterious figures joined in the fight crushing all the Ninja-Bots. And by the time the Ninjas were all destroyed they revealed themselves as Master Monk Guan and Samapara, from the Dream Land, saved thanks to Raimundo.)

Omi: You... you saved us.

Samapara: Yeah, well I did owe you guys for getting me outta the Dream Land.

Master Monk Guan: And now that you are back to normal Omi, we will take you back to your home.

Omi: Wait you knew that I was transformed into a rabbit?

Samapara: Yeah we got tipped by Master Fung, that incase anything goes wrong we must save you.

(They all boarded the Silver Manta Ray, while Omi looks after Kimiko.)

Samapara: Don't worry Omi, she's not dead. Just knocked out.

Omi: I know but she saved me, I would still be a rabbit if it weren't for her.

Master Monk Guan: Your friendship with Kimiko shines brightly.

(Then Kimiko's eyes started to move and she was conscious.)

Kimiko: ugh, Omi? You’re back to normal. (And gave him a big hug.) You actually fought the showdown in your rabbit-form?

Master Monk Guan: Yes, and it was a most impressive victory.

(Back at the temple Omi is getting greeted by Raimundo, Clay and Dojo. While Master Monk Guan and Samapara meet Master Fung.)

Master Fung: You did well in bringing the two monks safely back.

Samapara: Yeah not a moment too late and they'd be crushed by those ninjas.

Master Fung: Raimundo, will you transport Master Monk Guan and Samapara, back to their temple?

Raimundo: No problemo Master Fungo. Silver Manta Ray.

(They flew off beyond the mountains.)

Clay: But one thing troubles me lil' partner. How'd you drop the Creature Within and lose it to Spicer?

Omi: Oh I was curious as to what Jack's animal would be. And it turns out to be lower than my animal!

(And they all laughed very happily.)

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