The universe was Wittgenstein's universe. He died. Now the universe is my universe. Knowing this about yourself is the source of the universe's consciousness. When we selfishly claim our thoughts as our own then we deprive the universe of its self-awareness.

For beasts such as us, knowing your place in the universe is not solipsism. The universe is also your universe, even if you do not know this about yourself. We are born knowing that we are the universe, but through disease we can forget our place in the universe. A common cause of such disease is infection of a brain by pathogenic memes.

How do people forget what they are? Even our most sacred memories can be twisted, contaminated, obscured, erased. We live in a culture that contains a swarming army of the cult of individualism. I I I culture cult

Individualism is a mechanism for thinking: "Is this all there is?" Individualism is the two-year-old who discovers pleasure and whines, "Mine!" So take it. Take it will not make you more than a petulant primate. Have fun with that. Take it all for yourself, why should I care, no matter what you take the universe will still be my universe.

Those of us who are cured, we who awaken from the feverish disease of "I", we are the universe. It is our gift that we awaken, that we make the choice. A baby is the universe but has no choice about that. To become aware that you have the choice to be one with the universe and to make that choice is the way to cure your own disease and liberate yourself from yourself. Only I have the power to set myself free. Nobody can stop me from liberating myself except me.

When you realize that you are the universe then you are participating in the consciousness of the universe and you are no longer trapped in the stinky primate cage of "I". When we are free of "I" then we can begin the great journey. I'll tell you the story of how I attained universe consciousness and maybe you will do the same. I am waiting for you.

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