This is a collection of short stories based on the ficticous terraformed moon Madrugada (formerly Triton, Neptune's largest moon.) For more info please see these pages, and enjoy; w:c:conworld:Madrugada - w:c:conworld:Category:Future World Next-Gen - w:c:conworld:Category:UFSA (FW Next-Gen)

Ghosts of AsuncionEdit

This story is about the Asuncion Spaceplex Massacre, and a girl who sees the people who died. Please refer to this page for more info about Asuncion Spaceplex; w:c:conworld:Asuncion Spaceplex

I was lost. Lost in the forest and scared. I learned in schol that they hadn't put any bad animals here yet, but I was still mortified about the dark. The warm, tropical air danced on my skin as the wind pushed forward, as to escape from somthing. I could only stare in disblief at what I was seeing. Was it a ship? No, my father said all the ships have the flag on them. If it wasn't a ship, then what was it. I looked closer, and saw. A flag I knew so very well; the Allied States was on Madrugada. I thought this was UFSA only territory, but then again, it could be tourists. But why would tourist need rockets... I wondered. Then, as if an angel had come to save me, my mother pulled up in her car, her face a wreck.

"Marcia!" She yelled. I was so happy to see her, that I was about to cry. She ran up an hugged me saying I scared the everloving crap out of her. That didn't bother me though. I was worried about the ASA ship. When I looked back at it, it was gone.

The ride home was the worst. My mother kept on talking in her car about why she got so terriied, and that I should never run off like that again. Then silence as I only stared blankly ahead. I turned and asked her, "Mom, did you see that ship?" She looked at me like I was crazy, and only said "Did you hit your head?" I looked at her with a blunt stare, and that was the only words spoken before utter silence. When we arrived at the house, I noticed that dinner had been eaten, and I was left out. I ate what mom saved me, and went to shower. After putting on some comforting clothes, I searched on the internet about the Allied States Space Authority, and their locations. The only one in the Neptune orbit was a company called "EcruFox" who owned a space mining platform at the offense of the UFSA. I didn't think much about the run in, until later that week.

I was walking home from school one day, and I saw a giant peice of steel flying. I looked closer in disbelief, and then noticed it was also on fire. Then, I noticed it wasn't flying, it was falling. It soon hit the ground with a massive boom, and the ground zero? My home, where my brother, mother, and father were waiting for me, so we could go get my birthday dinner. I was broken. I was empty. Following the crash, what seemed like millions of smaller vessels soon stormed the atmoshpere, and they all held the banner of the Allied States.

I ran home to see what was going on. Bright flashes of explosions rang around, and the ground started to melt. I was sinking. Sinking into a pool of death. When I could see no more, I looked around. It was dark, and there was blood everywhere on the walls. A horrible screeching noise rang down the hallway. I look behind me, and a deformed child was running at me. It had a face like a spider's. I ran and screamed for help. No awnser. The monster caught me, and dragged me to a window. He pushed me out onto it, and broke the glass. Empty, as space was.

I woke up on a cold metal floor with red lighting gently pushing back the darkness. The noises that came from the musty air the was choking me. Wherever I was, a loud screech continuously pierced the silence every ten seconds. Glowing eyes glared at me from across the room, and I was paralyzed by the moment. A huge crashing sound came careening down from the ceiling, as the sound of millions of shards of metal bombarded my ears. I screamed in perfect harmony with the monster, who looked enraged by the sounds. The monster bolted towards me, and began to throw me around the dark, musty room. I quietly loathed for death's tender embrace. A shudder ran down my spine as the monster gutted me with its twisted, long, and sharp fingernails. The oozing, warm liquid blanketed my skin and I slowly fell asleep on the bed of Thantos.

I didn't know where I was. It was completely dark and silent, with barely any signs of other monsters near. I wasn't on the musty, cold metal floor of the lower decks of the station. I wasn't on the carpet with the flashing lights of the upper decks. I was on a floor with no feeling, an air with no temperature, a land with no name. I closed my eyes and just wished to be home, I wished I could have my life back on Madrugada and not have to endure this torture. My wishes did not come true. I lie there on the floor, waiting for something of happen. Something to set me free.

I stopped counting how long I had been there. I never became hungry or thirsty, tired or fully awake. I just lie there. Will it last an eternity, or will it last no much longer. Either way, I decided an eternity it had already been. I wanted it to end. I just wanted to be home. I wanted home. Home.

I lie there. My wishes unanswered. My home never to come. My life never to end.

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