Part One: The Global Alliance

On my first five days of training I kept hearing the same words 'The Enemy is Hell' I never realised how right they were. It's the year 13,458 and I've found myself fighting for dear life in the middle of an enemy Warship, and I can't help but say to myself "This is nothing like the simulations!" It's my final day of training, after all I'd been through I thought this would of been a piece of cake, it looks like I've made yet another mistake that has cost my life. I ran down the corridor, laser in hand, hoping that it's the way to the engine room, I vowed to myself that I'd make it through this and if my name isn't Private Nagrom Haunter, I will get out of this alive if it's the last thing I do!!! I look down the corridor, another dead end, Dammit! I look up at the roof, and glanced at the air-vent. I put my M67 Assault Rifle in my back pack, and grabbed my pistol, not realising that it was out of ammunition, I climbed into the air vent. I was one step closer to finishing my last training course, I climbed through the air vents looking down below as I passed other air vent exits, some rooms were empty, some weren't. I stopped as I heard chatter in one room, I listened closly to what they said "...hate him so much! What the hell does he think we are? Crash Test Dummies?". "Don't worry, the Human is weak, he is only a rookie. A Human like him cannot possess knowledge of Midnight"

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