by Fell Skyhawk


"Kessel, this is the Millennium Falcon..."

"Yes Falcon, we have been expecting you, please land in docking bay 21 East."

"Thank you Kessel," Han responds, "Well that was quick."

"Well we were invited," His wife Leia responds.

HELP, Leia hears.

"What?" Leia asks, not realizing it was not Han who was speaking.

"I didn't say anything."

Leia hears Luke walk up behind them. He goes and sits in the chair next to her.

"Did you sense that," he started to ask and saw the confusion on his twin sister's face, "It was a cry in the Force, comming from the Maw. Han ask Kessel if they can wait, we need to check this out."

"Alright, are you two going to tell me what this is about?" Han asks, knowing the answer.

"We're not entirely sure."

The approched the Maw carefully, as they navigated the small safe zones created by the multitudes of black holes.

"There, see it, on the edge of that hole!"

"Yes, I see it, it's some sort of escape pod, I'm not sure what we can do about it." Han replies.

"I can do something, it will be hard, but I think I can take it out of there using the Force, however with the time dilation I'm not sure how long it will take."

So Luke uses the Force to haul the pod out of the black hole's grasp. He is all of a sudden aided through the Force by his sister, and then by another presence, the man in the pod. He pulls it out and they bring it aboard. Inside is a fourteen-year-old boy, with dark brown hair and brown/green eyes.

"Thanks," he says as he is helped out by Chewbacca. "Wow, Luke, you've grown, and Leia, you too. Yoda and Obi-Wan said you had but wow."

"And you are?" Han asks.

"I am Fell Skyhawk, though they might remember me as Felly Skehuwk since I knew them when they were mere babies. And, now you're wondering how; I showed myself to them using the Force and they thought I was their imaginary friend."

After they accomplished what they needed to do on Kessel they returned Luke with Fell to Yavin 4. There he learns with Jaina and Jacen, even though he had learned from the best; Yoda, Obi-Wan, and masters before them. However most of the knowledge he could not retrieve as it was stored in his "luminous being" and not in the physical brain. So he had adventures with them, several of them. Until... To be Continued.


... a few months after they had found him something happened. It started when Jacen had stayed at the Jedi Academy with his uncle, while Jaina and Fell had gone back to Curacant. This was because Jacen had talked to Luke and they were setting up a surprse party for Fell whose birthday was comming up. While they were in the Solo residence Leia needed something brought to Lando who was staying at that time on Curascant. Because Fell was getting suspicios and both he and Jaina were getting restless; because there was nothing to do, Leia figured she whould send the two of them to take the package to Lando.

"So, you two are up to taking this for me."

"Of course, were Jedi remeber." Fell replied.

"Well not yet, however we are training to be," Jaina said with a smile.

"Ok, you two stay out of trouble."

"Come on, US. Please, like we ever get into trouble."

"Ok, well be quick, dinner is in an hour."

"Well then, What are we waiting for?" Jaina retoricly questions.

So they walked through the halways and the outside platforms and bridges that led to their destination. In one building however they heard several footfalls of droids.

"Somethings not right, Jaina stay alert

"What, what is it."

"A funny fealing in the Force."

"A funny fealling, wow never heard of a funny Force fealing before. However while I havn't heard of it I do feal it to."

They run to a side passsage and duck inside. They then watch as several gold plated HK, Hunter Killer, droids pass by led by a rusty colored one. Fell gasps as he recognizes the model from before he ever got caught in the black hole. He turns to Jaina and tells her breifly what they are. They follow them via the side passage and Fell using the Force listens in on their conversation, which he had started from when they first passed by.

"Report:We spotted the target and with him was a young female meatbag." One of the gold ones said. "Inquiry:What shall we do with her?"

"Responce:Kill her," The rust one, obviously the leared, responded. "Sarcastic Reply:Or did you think we were going to give her flowers and pat her on her head?"

"Inquiry:And the target?"

"Aggitated Responce:Capture him like our orders say."

Fell then turned to Jaina and told her what he heard.

"So what are we going to do?"

"You are going to take the package to Lando"

"No way...

"eh, and there is nothing you can do as you have no weapon and I am not sure I can take them on with my sabers with me. However we do know they whant me alive but they will try to kill you, if your not there they may forget about you."

"Alright!" Jaina angrily wispers to Fell.

Fell, then, walked up behind the droids and turned on his sabers. Jaina stayed and watched, even though she knew she should get going. Fell and the rust droid talked and then Fell looked shocked, in that moment they hit him with some sort of paralizing dart and Fell fell face down. Jaina felt like screemig but knew if she did she whould be killed. She watched as the rust one picked Fell up and walked out a door that had a window. Jaina ran to it but it was locked, she watched as they walked away and she started punnding on the doors. Fell, who was only anable to move but not unconsious, heard and used what little muscle control he had looked at her. Then Jaina started to forget, she felt Fell's presence in the Force, Bye, Jaina. As she sank to the floor she started to cry. However alittle while latter she couldn't remeber why she had cryed so she got up and picked up the package. Every time she tried to remeber what happened and who she could sware was suppose to be with her, she kept forgeting more about it, if that was possible, so she gave up.

"Hey little princess, where..." Lando greeted her but stoped as he too started to forget, "oh, my package, thankyou, and give this to your mom and tell both your parents hello."

On a ship in hyperspace, heading toward the Maw, sat Fell Skyhawk. "So where are you taking me again?"

"Agitated Reply:To the Maw instilation, like I told you before, and there..."

"All will be explained, I know, but I thought the Imperial Maw instilation was destoryed."

"Explanation:No, not the Imperial Instilation, but the station that created the Maw. It is in Hyperspace, standing still, at the center of the Maw. Small coridors through hyperspace can let someone in."

So Fell sat, knowing no one whould come and get him. He had made sure of it to insure his freinds safty. He had left a sort of Force program that whenever Jaina was near someone who knew about Fell the program whould cause a blocked out portion of her brain to lock the information and anything having to do with Fell away and cause the program to replicate itself in their minds. It was a Force tecknique he had remebered from his time in the black hole. So he sat, waiting to find out what was next.

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