This is sorta like fan fictoin at first but then it changes to a story made of little bits of stuff I have, but overall it's pretty orginal. (The Story line, stuff like that.) It reloves around two heroes named Maximus and Zaheeth(ZAH-heeth). It's a collectoin of adventures.

If you're wondering what the Fanfic stuff is, Look Here:[1]

It's Medeival.


Part oneEdit

The man ran toward the soilder. The soilder raised his sword, but too late. The man had already slashed the soilder's black armor encreasted with a Sliver Dragon and crossed with gold swords- the encreastment was NOT silver or gold though. The soilders encreastment was slised in half and his black tunic stained wih blood. The Man who killed the soilder raised his shinning sword at seven more soilders charging at him, and decaptaited one, gutted another, and slashed at the rest killing them. The dark catsle battlements they were at seemed more menevolent because of the man's presence. More soilders poured out of the opening of a tower, and they fell over dead in an instant, a slash of the man's sword. The man thought he needed space, so he leaped off the battlements into the sandy feild. Dozens of soilders chased after him. The man killed each one of them.

"He's assualted a soilder. Let's not give him mercy and turn him to a Gladiator." an elite soilder spoke to his underling." The elites, a force stronger than the regular soilders, had thicker, stronger armor and weapons. The creast WAS silver and gold on their chests.

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